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The official development blog for Warfare 1944.

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Closed Alpha Release

Closed Alpha Release

Hello Drakelings! Welcome to the first development blog for Warfare 1944! A lot of hard work has been put into the game during the first month of production after Bluedrake’s reveal (give the first 10 minutes of this video a watch if you haven’t already), and we are excited to recap our progress for the month of May, as well as showcase new content and features that will be coming soon. In May, not only were our games revealed, but we also began a massive onboarding process where we have
Prototype Roadmap

Prototype Roadmap

Welcome to our first official development blog of 2018! The past eight months have been a crash course in improving our infrastructure, expanding our network, and generally improving our understanding of how best to build and maintain a successful development community.   Improved community systems, functions, and infrastructure.   We're excited to have ever improving development infrastructure. Since last year, we've spent considerable time expanding our development, c



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      By Bluedrake42,

      Hello Drakelings!

      Welcome to the first development blog for Warfare 1944! A lot of hard work has been put into the game during the first month of production after Bluedrake’s reveal (give the first 10 minutes of this video a watch if you haven’t already), and we are excited to recap our progress for the month of May, as well as showcase new content and features that will be coming soon. In May, not only were our games revealed, but we also began a massive onboarding process where we have received over 400 applications from the community to help with development from programming, 3d modeling, animations, level design, beta testing, and more. A huge thank you to everyone that applied and wants to support these projects!

      Please keep in mind, Warfare 1944 is still in its’ pre-alpha stages, and you will see a mix of early assets, designs, and systems that are subject to change and be improved over time—our goal is to be as transparent as possible and let the community get a glimpse of what goes in to game development at all stages of the process.

      Warfare 1944 will be available to purchase here on Steam on July 7, 2020 for the price of $9.99! You can still get your hands on a key to Warfare right now through our Patreon[www.patreon.com], where your support can also get you keys to various other Drakeling Labs projects right now, such as Operation: Harsh Doorstop and Iron Armada, and various other perks and benefits.



      What is Drakeling Labs?

      Before we begin we feel that it is important to outline the goals/objectives of Drakeling Labs, give a brief rundown of all of our projects and the core framework that they are built upon (OHDCore), and explain where Warfare 1944 fits into the picture and why it is our primary focus right now. Here to do this is the owner and studio lead himself, Bluedrake42:














      Utah Beach


      As it stands, Utah beach is largely complete as far as layout and design goes, and most of the work that went into the map in May was building out the countryside and more inland regions beyond the beach, as well as bringing in new assets such as modular building pieces, and new trees and foliage assets. Now that the overall blockouts and positioning are more or less finished, the level designers are currently focusing on filling out these later stages of the map with more detail (towns, villages, and general countryside where the US forces will advance after taking the beach, further pushing into Normandy). Enjoy some development screenshots and timelapse footage of one of our level designers laying the groundwork for some of the various towns/villages and countryside of Normandy:

      2d6ec13afa1ecf60dc37782552343593f7bf1b2b.png a023ab8d91b8fbe89fc73de5417763b8f73f153f.png fd466cb6810329efb25a75e5461fe714ab51ce04.png 3bd49f512fa07596e9311a1b0b4a98eb54646494.png e208d8136f31fb119e7cea96b98b4a3d06cd22fd.png






      Carentan received much of the same treatment that Utah did during May—blocking out and expanding into the regions surrounding the city, making detail passes, bringing in new assets, and of course optimization work. Currently, the majority of detail is in the city itself, which players will find complete with enterable buildings (every building can be entered), propaganda posters, backyards and alleyways, and more.

      cb74e94f9a15a059a002edcbadf91dc8a96049e2.jpg 1d50e882fd4992b10182f58c07b3c93f5515913a.jpg df7050ddc5c3d283b31addee5b897373f27e8a1c.jpg 82cdbb2fd67e06a98d79ca6c7747818f6bb78b59.jpg 4b0a7418e26d9a5bb6960526898bc502d42179da.jpg





      Wake Island


      Wake Island is a brand new map that was just started in May. It marks the beginning of our work on the Pacific Theater, and it will be our testing grounds for features like naval and air combat (when ships and planes are ready to be deployed—see below for some WIP images of both), as well as swimming.

      Our level design team made quick work of this map in just a few short weeks following the reveal announcement, creating new foliage and tree assets, new modular building pieces/sets, new bunker assets, new lighting work, and more. There is still a lot more work to be done with this map, however basic functionality is there and the map is fully playable and coming together nicely (although at the moment we are testing with US vs Germans since we are still working on the Japanese faction! More WIP images of this can be found below, we hope to have the proper faction in very soon).

      3754b8a1b69f0820a9e9f155023e4e727659b46b.png e6e0dcdfb5b36b1280c19442d4823c56660ff529.png c8ab6e33f61134a23943fcd3f253f41058a107c9.png 0d069ce543788645340428d56c48b4ab7592666e.png 8414a2697682a0a273f893591c065166809f4623.png





      Shooting Range


      We also created a basic shooting range space that is available for players to play in a singleplayer environment in order to experiment with the various weapons and mechanics, as well as a sample of the vehicles in their current state (vehicles are only available in singleplayer right now, as they need more work to be networked properly and added into a multiplayer environment, however we wanted players to at least be able to experience them in their current state—you will find that we are still working out some kinks with the physics, and there are certain things you can do with the vehicles that we feel could be exploitable in a multiplayer environment).

      Our goal is to have all three of these maps as complete as possible by launch, however, if there are some unfinished areas we will still leave them open for players to explore, but will be sure to keep the map capture point layouts consistent with what is more finished and ideal for gameplay. All maps will continue to be worked on and polished throughout development.





      Objects and Models




      Naval Ships

      One of our most anticipated features for Warfare 1944 is naval combat. We still have a long way to go before we will be able to bring these ships in, however, our 3d modeling team is already laying the groundwork for this to happen by creating a series of ships from landing craft, to destroyers and aircraft carriers, and even submarines. Below you will find images of our current WIP ship models:

      5bb9bd7f61d11e9ee8fd077912729a484eceb046.png 7be83412655585c523160bc01c41a85544332f2e.png ac21174cd281cabd5aa01e8f6989eb5400f9ecd8.png b33b003f471d439a6998d8d248ebb897a8dc7062.png a35562bbd0c73752a2a143338f61da1baf700d60.png 68655259a0a5df455bf57b2915a2e33f0d5aa524.png 7a9d703e284d1178ccccfcdef87d16f668fe5641.png
      Kamikaze-class destroyer, Paterson-class destroyer, USS Intrepid, German U-Boat 505, USS Aaron Ward, US APA-159 Landing Craft, Daihatsu Landing Craft





      We currently have several airplanes being modeled and prepared for when we start implementing air combat into the game. Just like ships, there is still a long way to go before planes are added, but we are still taking steps early to have some assets ready to go for when we begin bringing this feature in. Some more WIP images of our airplane models:

      1ca90a2b3f9e47c485c39419517035f3ce4149f3.png a96fab664c967707a0f61fd7556fbaf4ebdeb948.png

      US Corsair, Mitsubishi A6M Zero





      Armor and Other Land Vehicles

      We already have a fairly wide variety of armor pieces and ground vehicles modeled and being prepared to be brought into the game. Right now, the US jeep and the German kübelwagen are the most complete/functional, and when the underlying systems for vehicles are more polished and complete, players can expect to see a wide range of options to play with. More WIP images:

      120087507087ed3a33df45f15d24ba076690e992.png d4734c0bf6e8aaa68b38305adbb13aab2a8d7a29.png b47528e3a38a69ffcfc793fb7eb99407c38d02fc.png 4a23c9f5f9513866fc8fd2f7388b906309d65a6b.png f74d494bbfd8353b50430b5a226e381d09e7bf63.png aca43e8b80b96bc59288e6d21da1f8f565a29a21.png e0c5c844c667c56287f1af54ba68e3bce452dd7e.png e889d4b88cd60d56158746c78c4560d0be02fb52.png
      US Army Jeep, US Sherman Tank, US Army G-506, US T17, German Wehrmacht Kübelwagen, Wehrmacht Panzer IV, Wehrmacht Schwerer Panzerspähwagen, Wehrmacht Opel Blitz, Japanese Type 3





      Japanese and Russian Factions

      A lot of work has been done in May to start preparing for the introduction of the Japanese and Russian factions. We will likely see the Japanese faction coming in first, but once again we are already getting started on creating assets for the Russian faction so that we will have a solid base for moving forward with creating maps to fit the Western, Eastern, and Pacific theaters of war. We have compiled a list of our current completed and WIP models for both:









      bb28c87188a332a8d207d1f148b08699618b8f6d.png 57d4631f9be8e0302b287baa27a34b7bafaac26c.png
      Arisaka Type 38, Type 4 Rocket Launcher, Type 100, Typ 96, TT Pistol, Ppsh-41



      Static Guns and Emplacements

      Some more WIP images of static guns and emplacements to be used on land, on the deck of a ship, etc.:

      eaca99c8404ed7f37fb503b33b7f63f8f8ac3565.png a505877af23cef8e6858581d23ebcf8c5a55c489.png

      5-51 Cannon, M45 Quad-mount Turret






      Our animation team has been hard at work pumping out animations for many of the weapons and tools that we shared above. We have compiled a list of them for you to check out:


      We couldn't upload all of the animations due to the larger file sizes, you can see the other animations here[imgur.com]!





      Upcoming and WIP Features

      In addition to all of the maps, models, and animations, our programming team has been working on some of the core systems and features that will be implemented soon. These include, but are not limited to:






      The first iteration of grenades has been recently added into the game. Right now, the US and German factions have their own lethal and smoke grenade variants with basic functionality—players can equip and throw each grenade, and all grenades have basic physics that allow them to bounce, be banked off of walls, etc. (this will be further polished and refined over time). Here are some images of the models and in-game use:

      0f33a2cb93fce0b23dde3db293e104f8aab772a6.png 3e38177cb3594893b4f668363966f6d947b4d818.png 8291f92797399a23f2925ecb027e58958a1b320c.jpg 29bf57cbade493822fea2bdbdd61759612ee1fa5.jpg

      b71b49e2fb9f0ab7f56bbb930409ae337bbaa328.png 8d40c24ceff07595dca3853593b779947491ac5b.png

      Stielhandgranate 24, Nebelhandgranate 39, Mk2 Grenade, AM-M8 Smoke Grenade, Smoke effect in full bloom, Explosion Effect





      Rally Points

      Soon the squad leader roles will be able to deploy rally points, which will allow their team to respawn outside of the captured flag points. At the moment, players can respawn on the forward most captured point, however, once rally points are added, players will no longer be able to spawn right on the front line—instead, they will be able to spawn one capture point back, or on a squad leader’s deployed rally point (similar system to how other games with rally points.






      Ammo and Med Bags

      The ammo and med bags are more or less completed, they just need to be programmed in. Right now, all available player classes and kits have increased ammo, and health regenerates over time—these are placeholder measures that we have in place until the ammo and med bags come in. These tools will be incorporated into the Rifleman and Medic classes when they are ready.






      Suppression Mechanics

      We are also currently working on our suppression systems, which will be coming to the game soon. We do not have any WIP screenshots of this to share yet, but the goal that we would like to accomplish for suppression is making it so that players vision becomes obstructed when shot at, but in a way that allows them to still react and return fire. In line with suppression, we will also be adding in a tracer effect to give players more feedback about what direction they are getting shot from, since this is currently an issue due to a lack of these systems. We will share more later on when we have something to show.





      Player Classes and Kits

      The current kits and classes that are available are Non Commissioned Officer (i.e. Squad Leader), Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, and Medic. Planned/WIP classes that will be added later are as follows: Grenadier, Anti-Tank Rifleman, and Specialist. You can also see some of the new UI work that has been done for them here:

      1d364d1f5d114fdbb425b04492de526dbafcc1c3.png e4115311292ad72b5ea2614481c09a7b09a195cf.jpg






      Work on audio continues. Right now a lot of the audio in game is a mixture of final and placeholder sounds, and there is a lot of work to do to bring in better, more complete sounds, ambient noises, adjust volume levels, make further adjustments/tweaks to distant sounds, and so on.





      Tools for Server Owners

      At launch, server owners can expect some basic tools and amenities for moderation and running their communities, such as: RCON and admin tools, text chat, and map cycling. Giving server owners the tools they need is very important to us, as we feel this is often overlooked with many modern/recent games—we fully intend on adding onto this list and building an impressive suite of admin tools as development progresses.





      Operation: Harsh Doorstop

      And now to move on to a bit of news about Operation: Harsh Doorstop. We will be conducting playtesting for O:HD soon, we just have some preliminary work that needs to be done to bring the game up to speed with a lot of the backend work that has gone into Warfare 1944. We will make announcements when playtests begin over in the DRK Community Discord[discord.gg], or Bluedrake’s YouTube channel so be sure to stay tuned there for more information! Once we have more to share, we will be creating another devblog similar to this that is catered towards O:HD, so be on the lookout for that.






      May was the first month that our Patreon was started, and so far things have been going very well—in the month of May we had a total of [# of supporters], which has been a tremendous help in allowing us to make these games. Our Patreon is a great way to support our projects, and get access to the various games that Drakeling Labs is developing, as well as check out our prototypes and tech demos that we work on behind the scenes to learn about new technologies and development tools that could find their way into OHDCore and our games.

      Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, we could not do this without you! If you believe in our projects and are interested in helping out, please check out our Patreon and consider supporting: https://www.patreon.com/drakelinglabs. We are constantly looking for ways to bring more value to our Patreon tiers, so be sure to keep checking in to see what we have to offer over time.

      That wraps up our devblog for May! There was a ton of information to share, and we hope that you found this informative and have a better understanding of what our goals and objectives are. We look forward to sharing more with you later—be sure to check out the links below to stay connected!

      -Goomes, Lead Community Manager








      Click here to view this development blog post on Steam.



    2. Iron Armada

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      By Bluedrake42,

      We're still here. Working every day since our last development blog, the Iron Armada development team has been toiling away working towards the ultimate release of our game. This newly released version is the pre-release for our first non-early access release of the game. There will still be some bugs, and a chunk of more work to be done... but with your help, we are now nearing the first completed version of Iron Armada.

      If you would like to read more, you can visit our website to read the full development blog.[drakelings.bluedrake42.com]

      What is included in this new version of the game?

      Single-player missions and autonomous drones. Players can now construct and fight against autonomous drones in offline single-player modes. These drones also work in multiplayer matches, meaning that cooperative and PVPVE modes are also entirely possible.


      Pressurization and airlock mechanics. Players now need to ensure that ships are airtight. Ships can be damaged and entire decks can be depressurized. Players can survive off of emergency oxygen reserves for limited amounts of time... but managing a ship's hull integrity is now of new importance.


      Advanced logistics and docking mechanics. Players can now store resources in tanker ships, and transfer resources to other ships using docking bays. Docking bays can also be used to tow other ships, or even house fighters when the fighters are not being piloted.


      Torpedoes and advanced weapon mechanics. Players can now construct torpedo bombers, and fire slow (but powerful) physics-driven rocket weaponry. Additionally new explosive, armor penetration, and weapon deviation mechanics will continue to make combat even more interesting.


      Voice communications, squad mechanics, shipyards, and more. This update includes a significant number of additional features not listed here. To read more make sure to visit our website development blog!

      Remember that this is the beta release for our upcoming full release of Iron Armada. Issues are still expected, and bug reports are much appreciated. However we hope that you will enjoy the new features that we have worked hard on, and once Iron Armada is fully completed... we hope you will appreciate the time we've put into building this game.

      Hopefully I will see you on the battlefield again soon.

      - Bluedrake42

      Click here to view this development blog post on Steam.

    3. Los Santos Muertos

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      By Bluedrake42,

      Welcome everyone, to the first full release of the Los Santos Muertos modification. After two years of development work, Los Santos Muertos is now finally moving beyond the beta phase. This does not mean that we are ceasing development... however this version of Los Santos Muertos is the most stable, feature complete, and expansive version of the modification that we have released.


      Welcome to Los Santos Muertos



      lsmreleaseblogss2.thumb.jpg.90d8885e9997c3068f12006bd3a8e42d.jpg lsmreleaseblogss1.thumb.jpg.866ba6b7c7c7e6244f7b6e440f3fcac5.jpg




      Let's talk about the newest version of Los Santos Muertos. In Los Santos Muertos you can play as six distinct factions, or as a renegade survivor unaffiliated with anyone. You can purchase a wide variety of vehicles from faction vendors... or scavenge and repair vehicles from the wasteland. You can trade with vendors... or loot random supply caches discovered throughout the world. Bases allow players a place to save vehicles, save gear, and save their character. The Los Santos Muertos unique extraction system means players can't disconnect to avoid combat or to avoid losing their gear... so every engagement is high risk, but also high reward. Players who enjoy playing Escape from Tarkov, DayZ, or other multiplayer survival games will enjoy the unique blend of competitive and cooperative gameplay offered in Los Santos Muertos. The full list of changes will be listed below.


      • Los Santos Muertos 1.0 Changes
        • Added functionality to Radios. When a Radio is equipped... all friendly faction members who also have a radio equipped can see your location on the map. However... non-friendly players who have a radio equipped can also see your location (and your alignment) but only at short distances. This will be useful for linking up with other faction members, and also identifying what the alignment of other radio-equipped players are. This is essentially a basic IFF system... but is entirely optional, since the radio can be equipped and unequipped at will.
        • Added finite ammunition to all vehicles for every ammunition type. Every vehicle now has limits to the number of rockets, bullets, grenades, shells, or other ammunition types that it can carry. Vehicles can be rearmed by purchasing each individual ammunition type at faction vehicle chop-shops. Most faction bases sell a selection of different vehicles, with more advanced vehicles being randomly available. This random advanced vehicle chance resets each real life day.
        • Added a tutorial to the base game. We think this will help a lot of new players learn the game much more quickly. It can be easily opened, and explains most of the base mechanics of Los Santos Muertos.
        • Expanded high-tier bases with more garages and more storage space. This should make high-tier factions worth the risk of joining. Currently high-tier factions are more strict about rules of engagement... however now these factions offer more facilities to members. This should make both low-tier and high-tier factions worth joining... depending on each individual player's play style.
        • Countless bug fixes and balance changes. This includes everything from custom base borders (which fixes faction NPCs spawning way outside base perimeters... YAY NO MORE BANDIT HIGHWAY OF DEATH) to fixing the fact that keys were somehow able to open every single door. Obviously I'm sure there are still bugs that remain... but we feel confident that we have fixed most of the obvious and game-breaking ones. If you find any additional ones... make sure to report them on the forums!


      Hopefully you all are enjoying our modification. If you are, consider making a donation to keep development going. You can donate on our DonorBox page here: https://donorbox.org/lossantosmuertos. We are currently working on a standalone project, and if enough support is garnered... we may be able to make our next survival project on a standalone game engine.


      Donate to Los Santos Muertos


      However... until next time, I hope I see you in the wasteland. It has been an honor to work on this game, and see so many people enjoy it. I am hoping this is only the beginning... and if you stick with us, I'm hoping we will be able to take the game much further.

      Long live Los Santos Muertos




    4. Project Reality: ArmA III

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      By Bluedrake42,

      In previous versions of both Project Reality & Project Reality: ArmA III... bases have been static, with fixed positions, and fixed assets. This means starting from the same bases, assaulting the same positions, with the same assets... every time. Boring. We intend to change this... by developing an entirely new asymmetrical, dynamic, and player driven form of base construction... that deeply impacts the entire enduring engagement of each missions, based on each team's early-game decisions.


      If you wish to follow the project, try to stay active in our primary development channels.

      SuperButtons.png SuperButton2s.png


      Introducing Forward Arming & Refueling Points

      ArmA is a big game... and big games deserve big features. We've been working to redefine how forward outposts function in ArmA to compensate for the gigantic terrains and asymmetrical environments players encounter. Our solution... the Forward Arming & Refueling Point... your new universal deployment point for Project Reality: ArmA III operations.

      A deployed and fully upgraded F.A.R.P.


      Forward Arming & Resupply Points allow teams (with combined effort) to fully define the forces available to them, while supporting your entire team on the front-lines. These constructible forward bases not only allow a team to fully support vehicles on the battlefield... but also serve as deployment positions for team assets... including tanks, helicopters, light vehicles, and more.

      Varying stages of F.A.R.P. deployment


      F.A.R.P. bases are deployed from deployment vehicles (available at other upgraded forward bases.) Each forward outpost has expansion points (or nodes) that can be used to expand each base's functionality over time. These nodes can be upgraded to serve as vehicle respawn points, offer repair/refuel/rearm services, expand base defenses... and more.

      Heli Spawn.gif
      A player deploying a F.A.R.P. node into a helicopter deployment pad


      These nodes are permanent when deployed, or until F.A.R.P. is destroyed by enemy forces. Each node only serves a singular purpose, and only serve as respawn points for the vehicles it deploys... vehicles are not purchased in Project Reality. If the vehicle dies, it will respawn at the F.A.R.P. node it was deployed from after a fixed respawn delay. With this system, each team can ultimately create proper forward operating bases, that supply and maintain entire motor pools for a team.

      A variety of deploy-able nodes available at constructed F.A.R.P.s


      These permanent nodes change the entire combat environment for each operation, with each team able to decide what assets THEY need for the given operation. This system should create exponentially greater variety in team engagements, allowing each side to adapt to any given situation... as long as resources and deployment times allow.


      Base Construction Mechanics

      For the curious, here is an in-depth outline of the current F.A.R.P. deployment process. Please keep in mind that all these details are subject to change, our system is still a work-in-progress, and we are preparing to change our designs based on player feedback from future scheduled playtests.

      A simple mock-up of a deployment vehicle deploying a new F.A.R.P.


      To deploy a new forward outpost, a deployment vehicle must spawn at an established F.A.R.P. and travel outside of the outpost's construction radius to establish a new starting base. These deployment vehicles are spawned from "Deployment Vehicle" deployment nodes that can be built at established bases. If no deployment vehicles are available at forward bases, a permanent deployment vehicle node will always be available at each respective team's starting base.

      A simple dissection of forward outpost nodes and hubs


      When deployed... each F.A.R.P. has only five expandable nodes. These nodes cannot be sold or undeployed... and are permanent when upgraded, unless the F.A.R.P. is destroyed by enemy forces. Players will need to build multiple forward bases to have a variety of assets, supplies, and deployment points to engage from.

      Stages of forward outpost construction and expansion


      As the forward outpost naturally expands, the central structure also automatically expands with it. When newly deployed, a forward outpost only exists as a single deployable cargo outpost. However when the forward outpost successfully constructs three fully developed nodes, the central structure automatically upgrades to a tier II cargo headquarters. Lastly when the forward outpost successfully constructs five fully developed nodes, the central structure fully upgrades to a tier III cargo tower.

      Showcase of possible expansion node combinations for different deployed F.A.R.P.s


      Nodes are deployed using credits generated over time by deployed forward outposts. Each F.A.R.P. generates its own resources over time, which can be used to deploy nodes, deploy ammunition supplies, repair supplies, infantry equipment, weapons, and more. There is no other way to generate resources for a forward outpost, so defending long-standing forward bases is important to long-term mission strategy. Additionally resources spent on expensive expansions (such as close air support, main battle tanks, and more) may have serious consequences compared to purchasing cheap early-game expansions (such as light vehicles, transport helicopters, and beyond.)

      All forward outpost hubs offer supplies and logistical assets depending on their tier
      Powered by R3F Logistics


      Finally, all forward outpost hubs can supply infantry squads with supplies, ammunition, logistical assets, and even armed emplacements in exchange for generated resources. Each advancing tier of a deployed forward base unlocks more powerful equipment and supplies available to infantry squads. Tier I forward outposts only offer basic fortifications and logistic equipment, such as sandbags, crates, and barbed wire. Tier II forward outposts offer more useful supplies, such as ammunition and medical supplies... greatly decreasing the amount of supplies needed to be flown into the area, and turning a tier II forward outpost into a local resupply hub. Tier III forward outposts offer advanced equipment, such as anti-tank emplacements, thermal sighted turrets, anti-aircraft launchers, anti-tank mines, and mortars.


      New Development Repository

      Unfortunately we have recently experienced a serious security risk when using Github while working with previous developers of Project Reality: ArmA III. We witnessed a highly damaging abuse of repository administration permissions, that allow contributing developers to delete, transfer, or otherwise deface parts of our repository without authorization.

      Unfortunately while using Github, this issue is virtually unavoidable when working with large teams. It is a problem similar to giving twenty of your friends the password to your Facebook account, and waiting to see which friend ultimately presses the "delete account" button... even when nineteen don't. This incident caused serious setbacks for our development progress, and we have since spent considerable time finding and building preventative measures before continuing development on Project Reality: ArmA III.

      In response to this, we are proud to finally reveal our new code repository at https://gitlab.bluedrake42.com/

      Our new self-hosted development website, powered by Gitlab


      With this new platform, we'll have greater control over our intellectual property, and have greater chance at thwarting improper usage of repository permissions, as well as having more direct recovery alternatives in the event of catastrophic events. Currently the server runs Gitlab Community Edition on our own web-server in Utah, is backed up by Amazon Glacier services, and provided support for by Liquid Web management services (all services I recommend very highly, and who help me considerably keeping this community alive.)

      We're hoping that now with a new platform to build our products on, as well as new confidence in our web security (although we are always learning and improving <3) now is the best time to continue developing Project Reality: ArmA III!


      Release Date

      As always... we always strictly adopt a "when it is done" development mentality. In fact we go beyond that... since this is a community developed modification, we have also strictly adopted a "you can help us get this done faster" mentality. This means if you see an issue, or a feature you want, you can be the person to fix it, create it, or donate it. We only will finish this project as fast as the community comes together to help us.

      If you are interested in contributing,make sure you join the project forums and Discord server. Additionally if you are interested in supporting our server, and ongoing development, make sure you VISIT OUR STORE to consider becoming a supporter. Additionally if you want to follow development directly, or possibly apply to become a developer for Project Reality: ArmA III please consider REGISTERING ON OUR NEW DEVELOPMENT REPOSITORY!

      Otherwise, thank you so much to everyone for your patience over the past few months, and we're excited to show you some of the incredible things we've been working on! We hope you are just as excited about the future of Project Reality: ArmA III as we are ❤️



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      See you soon!

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    5. Operation: Harsh Doorstop

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      By Bluedrake42,

      Welcome to Harsh Doorstop's first development update, showcasing what we've accomplished, and what we're next looking to complete. Our goal is to create an enjoyable, modifiable, multiplayer, team-work oriented platform for our community... developed affordably, and available for free. A strong reliance on third-party content makes this possible. Our core development team consists primarily of programmers and gameplay designers, orchestrating assets either purchased, developed in-house, or donated to the project.


      If you wish to contribute to the project, try to stay active in our primary development channels.

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      Pre-Alpha v0.01 Video Showcase

      Enjoy the first video showcasing in-game footage of our initial framework. This framework showcases fundamental systems functioning in a multiplayer environment, including multi-passenger networked vehicles, true first person mechanics, large-scale detailed terrain, and elemental match management systems (round reset, factions, scoreboard, and match time.)



      Initial Features & Functions

      The first versions of Harsh Doorstop focus primarily on building fundamental systems needed to support a full game. Things such as multiplayer support, networked vehicles, true first-person perspectives, and basic infantry weapons. These systems are going to be continuously improved and polished throughout the lifespan of the project, and lay the groundwork for more advanced features in the future.


      DevLog-Screenshots.jpgDevLog S5creenshots.jpgDevLog-Screenshots2.jpgDevLog Scre3enshots.jpg


      Our current priorities revolve primarily around polishing vehicle integration (including network smoothing, physics balancing, and player interaction detailing) implementing new player animations (being custom developed by mistwalker) and balancing for realistic gameplay (which will better showcase our framework's potential for tactical gameplay.)


      Upcoming Features & Updates

      Subsequent versions of Harsh Doorstop will focus primarily on implementing wider variety of content, as well as establishing a pipeline for importing regular third-party content, and building an intuitive user interface for more seamless clientside game management (right now you launch the game and connect to servers through .bat files.)

      Importing third-party content. Building a reliable pipeline to regularly import third-party content will have major impacts on content release frequency. Unlike other commercial titles, Harsh Doorstop is openly embracing the idea of utilizing community developed content already available for Unreal Engine 4 on the open market. Using this to our advantage will allow us to implement large quantities of content at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time, keeping our project free to the public, but still content rich.

      Sourced Content



      These assets are not free without a studio license (the above assets are created and licensed by Hum3D studio) so we will need to purchase (and fully convert, animate, and import) each asset for use in Harsh Doorstop. Each asset (depending on complexity) costs anywhere between 300$ and 1000$ after completion. To cover these expenses, we will be running small community fundraisers as we continue development of the game. With consistent funding, more assets can be purchased, imported into the engine, and released in Harsh Doorstop... allowing for constant new content available to the community (as long as our budget allows for it.)

      For those still skeptical on the feasibility of importing third-party assets into an existing Unreal Engine 4 game, here is an example of an identical model (purchased from Hum3D) imported into a playable build of Unreal Engine 4 by our team.

      We converted this


      into this


      User Interface Overhaul

      The current version of Harsh Doorstop has only a placeholder (or otherwise entirely absent) user interface for player interaction. However we have been building an entirely overhauled menu, interface, and heads-up-display for Harsh Doorstop. The new menu systems should allow all players to easily navigate through dedicated hosted servers, manage video settings, as well as communicate with other players, and manage in-game inventory items.


      Here is the prototype radial menu working in-game


      Release Date

      Unlike other commercial titles... Harsh Doorstop has strictly adopted a "when it is done" development mentality. In fact we go beyond that... since this is a community developed game, we have also strictly adopted a "you can help us get this done faster" mentality. This means if you see an issue, or a feature you want, you can be the person to fix it, create it, or donate it. We only will finish this project as fast as the community comes together to help us.

      However for today, that is everything to update you with! Thanks so much for your support everyone, and we all look forward to seeing you on the Harsh Doorstop battlefield! If you have any questions about the project, be sure to visit the forums and Discord!


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      See you soon!

      - Drakeling Labs