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  5. Bluedrake42

    cigarrello application for Whitelist Application

    kk I'll check as soon as I can
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  7. cigarrello

    cigarrello application for Whitelist Application

    I believe my msg has been sent. posted on the drakelings page
  8. Bluedrake42

    cigarrello application for Whitelist Application

    Could you go ahead and message our page? Just to confirm you're the account owner
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  10. Bluedrake42

    ziele application for Whitelist Application Go ahead and leave a comment here really quick, so that way we can confirm your account.
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  13. Mabs

    Youtube's Future

    I remember spending hours downloading videos from websites, P2P programs, or direct transfer through mIRC. Things that were only just a couple hundred megabytes was a huge ordeal to share between people. That's why game demos was such a big deal since it wasn't recorded video but keytrokes. We went from spending an afternoon to download a two minute 144p video to streaming HD 1080p movies and webcams in real-time.
  14. Mabs

    Flat Earth Society

    People have to be allowed to ask questions. The fact that some people want to silence Flat Earthers is frightening. Holy crap Bluedrake is woke af!
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  16. Ive been subscribed to BlueDrake for quite a long time and noticed he has his own game dev portion to his channel that seems open to the community to assist and share/teach. I thought this would be a decent addition. In my free time I have started making an Unreal Engine tutorial series that revolves primarily around C++ to combat the amount of blueprint tutorials found online. As of now this tutorial is aimed at beginners who have a basic grasp on C++ and are looking to get started applying their knowledge to Unreal Engine 4. If anyone here is familiar with me on the Arma 3 forums (gokitty1199), I have created roughly 7 hours worth of video tutorials and this new Unreal Engine series is aimed to follow a similar pattern as my Arma 3 series. Please give suggestions to assist in the quality of the video as well as any mistakes caught Thank you. Hopefully this will at least help a few people get their hands dirty.
  17. Bluedrake42

    Warfare 1944 Art Test

    Version 1.0.0


    A small showcase of the new work in progress Warfare 1944 art style being developed by Drakeling Labs.


  18. Hi, my name is Meandia and i am an amateur game developer from Greece. I came here after stumbling upon one of DRK's videos, i found the things he talked about really interesting. Now , i want to talk about my latest project, Casus Belli (a game name i thought about a year before battlefield devs did). Casus Belli is my own twist of an army survival milsim. What i am looking to do is develop my game either in Unreal or Unity (i started in unreal but deleted my project halfway through because i started it as a battle royale and could not adapt it to the style i believe fits it best), using spatialOS this could be one of the first BIG scale multiplayer games. What my idea is, is making a simple first/third person mild RPG. I'd love for people to tell me their opinions and suggest anything that could help, i am currently stuck on some multiplayer aspects. For some more information about my project you can visit the website or simply PM me. I'm happy to be a member of this community, looking forward to contributing more!
  19. Jamokin

    Bluedrake 42 on Klean's stream

  20. GoodDayToDie

    I'm tired of buying the exact same game

    Thanks for the video!
  21. Cman1800

    Bluedrake 42 on Klean's stream
  22. Jamokin

    Bluedrake 42 on Klean's stream

    What was the premises of the interview wasn't able to watch it in all
  23. =DRK= D_Glazed

    Iron Armada Downolad

    You can get it on steam or through the store , but i would just wait for now it may be released for free or at a heavy discount
  24. iCEW0LF

    Flat Earth Society

    Eagle snatches kid not fake movement!
  25. shane archibald

    Iron Armada Downolad

    Hello, I used to subscribe but due to life I can't afford it now. Is there a way to redownload iron armada or would I have to re subscribe? Thank you.
  26. =DRK= D_Glazed

    RitziLauda application for Beta Tester

    Can you PM me the e-mail you signed with so i can match you up plz
  27. RitziLauda

    RitziLauda application for Beta Tester

    I received the NDA signed by both parties. I did use a different Email address for the NDA
  28. =DRK= D_Glazed

    BeardedDapper application for Beta Tester

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