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  2. Hello, I just started playing in FiveM and encountered the los muertos ZombieRP server. Connected and played for about 30-35 minutes, died a few times and then got banned violating server rules??
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  4. The following feedback was submitted by Guest using our project feedback form. Game: Iron Armada Type: Bug Report java.lang.RuntimeException: Address family not supported by protocol family: connect at com.drakelinglabs.ironarmada.common.utility.Utils.throwRuntimeException( at com.drakelinglabs.ironarmada.client.screens.ServerBrowserScreen.checkServerStatus( at com.drakelinglabs.ironarmada.client.screens.ServerBrowserScreen.onRender( at com.drakelinglabs.ironarmada.client.screens.IAScreen.render( at at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Window.update( at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.loop( at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.<init>( at<init>( at at at com.drakelinglabs.ironarmada.client.Main.main( Caused by: Address family not supported by protocol family: connect at Method) at at at at at at at at at at at at<init>( at at at at at at at at at at com.drakelinglabs.ironarmada.client.screens.ServerBrowserScreen.checkServerStatus( ... 10 more
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  6. Welcome everyone, to the first full release of the Los Santos Muertos modification. After two years of development work, Los Santos Muertos is now finally moving beyond the beta phase. This does not mean that we are ceasing development... however this version of Los Santos Muertos is the most stable, feature complete, and expansive version of the modification that we have released. Welcome to Los Santos Muertos PLAY LOS SANTOS MUERTOS | JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER | DONATE TO LOS SANTOS MUERTOS DEVELOPMENT Let's talk about the newest version of Los Santos Muertos. In Los Santos Muertos you can play as six distinct factions, or as a renegade survivor unaffiliated with anyone. You can purchase a wide variety of vehicles from faction vendors... or scavenge and repair vehicles from the wasteland. You can trade with vendors... or loot random supply caches discovered throughout the world. Bases allow players a place to save vehicles, save gear, and save their character. The Los Santos Muertos unique extraction system means players can't disconnect to avoid combat or to avoid losing their gear... so every engagement is high risk, but also high reward. Players who enjoy playing Escape from Tarkov, DayZ, or other multiplayer survival games will enjoy the unique blend of competitive and cooperative gameplay offered in Los Santos Muertos. The full list of changes will be listed below. Los Santos Muertos 1.0 Changes Added functionality to Radios. When a Radio is equipped... all friendly faction members who also have a radio equipped can see your location on the map. However... non-friendly players who have a radio equipped can also see your location (and your alignment) but only at short distances. This will be useful for linking up with other faction members, and also identifying what the alignment of other radio-equipped players are. This is essentially a basic IFF system... but is entirely optional, since the radio can be equipped and unequipped at will. Added finite ammunition to all vehicles for every ammunition type. Every vehicle now has limits to the number of rockets, bullets, grenades, shells, or other ammunition types that it can carry. Vehicles can be rearmed by purchasing each individual ammunition type at faction vehicle chop-shops. Most faction bases sell a selection of different vehicles, with more advanced vehicles being randomly available. This random advanced vehicle chance resets each real life day. Added a tutorial to the base game. We think this will help a lot of new players learn the game much more quickly. It can be easily opened, and explains most of the base mechanics of Los Santos Muertos. Expanded high-tier bases with more garages and more storage space. This should make high-tier factions worth the risk of joining. Currently high-tier factions are more strict about rules of engagement... however now these factions offer more facilities to members. This should make both low-tier and high-tier factions worth joining... depending on each individual player's play style. Countless bug fixes and balance changes. This includes everything from custom base borders (which fixes faction NPCs spawning way outside base perimeters... YAY NO MORE BANDIT HIGHWAY OF DEATH) to fixing the fact that keys were somehow able to open every single door. Obviously I'm sure there are still bugs that remain... but we feel confident that we have fixed most of the obvious and game-breaking ones. If you find any additional ones... make sure to report them on the forums! Hopefully you all are enjoying our modification. If you are, consider making a donation to keep development going. You can donate on our DonorBox page here: We are currently working on a standalone project, and if enough support is garnered... we may be able to make our next survival project on a standalone game engine. However... until next time, I hope I see you in the wasteland. It has been an honor to work on this game, and see so many people enjoy it. I am hoping this is only the beginning... and if you stick with us, I'm hoping we will be able to take the game much further. Long live Los Santos Muertos
  7. Yeah we actually just figured this out ourselves the other day. We're looking into it. Thanks for the report!
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    Key bug

    The following feedback was submitted by martyPH using our project feedback form. Game: Los Santos Muertos Type: Bug Report Hi! i just want you to know that there is a bug where all keys can have access to all stores. although it can be abusive its still kind of an advantage.
  9. The following feedback was submitted by Guest using our project feedback form. Game: Los Santos Muertos Type: Bug Report Hi! i just want you to know that there is a key bug where you can access all stores with different keys.
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  11. i can get in again, took a view but its fixed
  12. today i tried multiple times to get in to the lsm open beta server and every time i get the same thing: connection failed. failed handshake to server. what could be the cause of this??
  13. When I want to attach to the server I see the inscription: Connection failed Failed handshake to server - HTTP 502. just yesterday I could play normally and today I can't connect anymore
  14. There have been some issues with the automatic ban system. There will be some changes made to it soon, so I would just be patient until then. Once the changes happen, all bans will be reset. Additionally automatic bans will only last for twenty-four hours. Only administrator bans will be permanent, and naturally automatic bans will be reviewed... and possibly upgraded to permanent bans if the reason is deemed suspicious enough. Unfortunately as you possibly know... cheating in FiveM is a massive systemic issue. Most servers are rendered unplayable because of it. Our anti-cheat system simply scans for player behavior that is deemed "impossible" (such as spawning in items, regenerating health, or other things that are not possible any other way than through cheating.) While most of the time it is likely automatic bans are correct... the automatic system has been known to improperly ban users from time to time. However this is why we will be changing the system here soon. In general... we would rather have a few innocent players be banned, than a few guilty players not be banned... since it only takes one cheater to ruin the server. So TLDR... we'll reset you and your friend's ban here soon enough. Just be patient. Additionally the ban system will be updated shortly after to only ban users for twenty four hours. If you want to help us improve the ban system, then sending us your log files (as well as recapping what happened when you were banned in detail) will be immensely helpful. Cheers!
  15. Hey i was playing with my friends and we were killing zombies. Then me and my homie got banned [Jan] and Smokey
  16. Is there a way do get a crosshair/reticle? This mod is amazing, keep up the great work DRK / LBS.
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    A mod created by the Drakeling Labs team for Maximum Action. Credits include Bluedrake42, PookyThePolak, and Angelfinn. Download the modification, and extract to your Maximum Action installation directory! Installation instructions included in the package.


  18. Hi I can't seem to find it on the marketplace and that link you put doesn't seem to work?
  19. i just wanna try the game, it looked pretty sick.
  20. The following feedback was submitted by ThekingB using our project feedback form. Game: Los Santos Muertos Type: Bug Report So i hop on with my friends and i was running to them then i got ban forever for using hacks i would fix this because the more people i talk to i find out it happens often. With more and more people.
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