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  2. sorry for who might see this, I can't remove the post or edit out the code
  3. <iframe frameborder="0" src=";bg_color=1a1a1a&amp;fg_color=f8f8f8&amp;link_color=f94000" width="552" height="167"></iframe> I made a free exploration/photography sim game in unreal engine 4. I wanted to showcase my environment art work in a way that was interactive and fun to explore. I hope you guys like it, if you have any thoughts or feedback you can leave it here! steam - itch -
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  5. Geek squad support laptop computers are getting to be more and more popular right now, and now are sometimes the only sort of computer found in a household. This is due to the fact that at the same time potentially they are becoming more and more economical, their processing power is growing to the point where they're as strong as desktop computers from just a few years ago. Geek squad tech support is one of the leading company for each office and enterprise shoppers. We offer you services from the expertise and experienced professionals. Our specialists promise you to deliver fast, economical and efficient facilities for all of your digital and technology-based issues.
  6. Can I have all that assets to make game ?
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  8. Just came back on this forum anyone out there that remembers me?

  9. Hey all, I keep getting stuck at a loading screen when trying to access the server with the link I have donated and am attempting to get on. Thanks!
  10. im unable to access the site that you have listed unfortunatly. unsure why it just says that it cannot provide a secure connection
  11. Supporters can get whitelist access to the server Support here No steaming or recording of LSM while it is in this closed beta stage
  12. Hi recently discovered this mod via a live broadcast on FB and being a fan of dayz ect and a longterm fan of GTA i thought id give it a go however it says the server is whitelisted am i able to get on the list? please let me know what details i will need to provide
  13. Welcome to the zombie apocalypse the world has gone to shit and life is tough . Here are a few hints and tips to buy you another 5 minutes of life on the zombie infested island of Los Santos. Press ENTER to access your inventory Use items in your inventory by selecting them with the arrow keys and using E to use or equip Cars can only be fueled when in the drivers seat using the step above and selecting the fuel in your inventory Aircraft are rare but usable but they require the separate fuel Naptha Kerosene ESC opens the map icons are explained top right screen Zombies are mostly slow apart from the odd sprinter be careful you can take damage just by them touching you (Avoid contact) Press E when over a body to search for items Rags stop bleeding Bandages Medkits Painkillers regen health Reputation can be gained by killing enemy factions Bandits are heavily armed approach with caution but if you can kill them you can collect their weapons Neutral factions and patrols will turn hostile if you open fire near them or even have a weapon in your hand Faction strongholds/bases have stores you can trade items differing per store ( you have to be at least neutral to trade with the faction/group Patrols around the map can be stopped by killing 20 npc's (Roadkill's don't count) Supply drops spawn around the map and can be collected by finding and opening them There are no rules apart from no hacks/cheating so do not expect people to RP "TRUST NO ONE" If you die your loot will be dropped and represented with a skull on the map this will be visible to everyone and can be looted (20min despawn timer) You have a limit to what you can carry outfits and the bag sold at stores will increase what you can have on you OVER ENCUMBERED drop items and weight by selecting it and using DEL then arrows to select amount then E to drop On the map Skulls are dead players Bags are dropped loot EXTRACTING is the only way to disconnect and keep your gear , find extraction points on your map, Push E at extraction to save and exit Re connecting after extracting will spawn you on a boat just offshore with a small amount of fuel You will have to re equip your gear when re joining (working on a fix) Survivor settlement has some nice loot if you look around Attachments can be equipped to relevant weapons when holding them The gasmask will protect you from the radiation zone effects Scavenge the wasteland for food, water and supplies by pressing the E key (Trash bags are collect-able) (collect gas from barrels) (Aircraft fuel) (Water barrels) (engine Rebuild found in Garages and Hangars) (Loot car boots) (Working cars can still have a small amount of gas) (More gas) (Lootable) (Use the mapkey to find zones and avoid hotspots)
  14. wow que increíble se ve este proyecto me gusta mucho, me gustaría que colocaran los requisitos mínimos para que sirva el proyecto , digo no creo que corra con un i3, de resto me parece increíble sigue haciendo un trabajo ha si es magnifico
  15. neat, I guess? I don't know what I'll get out of here I wont get out of discord but eh.
  16. So I just found this and Absolutly love the the videos I have found. However, when I download following the process of the copy and download way I just get a file that is unusable. It has no specific type (EX = .rar or .zip. or .jpg etc...) Its just random numbers and letters. When I try to extract it I can't. I use a windows 7. Is that why? Thanks for your time
  17. The company was purchased by Intel in February 2011 and became part of the Intel Security successfully. McAfee primarily develops security software tools for personal computers and more recently for mobile devices. | The company was purchased by Intel in February 2011 and became part of the Intel Security successfully. McAfee primarily develops security software tools for personal computers and more recently for mobile devices. | Microsoft Office is an office suite that wires a level of expert report and database applications, servers and affiliations. This wide system of exercises and affiliations gets a huge measure of adapt abilities for the clients to play out their unmistakable assignments that are key piece of their business, scholastic and work. | |
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  21. Unser PFC Forgotten Hope Mod D-Day jährt sich zum 10.mal 2019, wir haben ein Jubiläum mit euch gemeinsam zu feiern!!! Wir freuen uns euch zum kommenden D-Day Event einladen zu können. Das D-Day Event startet am Donnerstag, den 6. Juni 2019 um 18 GMT+1 Der Server bietet für 128 Spieler gleichzeitig Online Platz. Zum Event benötigt ihr keine Anmeldung oder Registrierung, seid einfach dabei und nehmt euren Clan oder ein paar Freunde mit! Video Forgotten Hope Appetizer: Hol dir die: -=PFC=- D-Day Mappacks Zum einsteiegen in die Modwelt von Battlefield 1942 benötigst du diese Dinge als erstes: 1.) The Basic: Download 2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7: Download Mappack 1.rar Mappack 2.rar Entpacke die Map falls nötig mit "win.rar" (file ending .rfa) und copy und pastet diese in euren FH Level Ordner wiefolgt: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\ oder Mappack 1.exe Mappack 2.exe Die Community stellt ein kostenloses Download tool zur verfügung, mit dem ihr alle Forgotten Hope Map Dateien Automatisiert auf euren Rechner laden könnt ohne selbst installieren und Downloaden zu müssen: PFC-Toolbox Download Hier sind ein paar Bilder für die Retro Shooter Fans, leider können wir nicht alle tollen Features, der Mod einfangen,daür habt ihr die Gelegenheitz selber auf entdeckungsreise zu gehen. Jede Map bietet euch etwas anderes: Following servers will be available for the D-Day Event, on which we run the same D-Day maps by chronological order: including brand NEW! maps! Falls der Link nicht geht, könnt ihr den FTP: Text auch Copy und Past in eure Adresszeile eures Browsers einfügen, dann seid ihr auf der sicheren Seite: put it in your Searchline into your Browser + Map.rar! Hier wird gespielt: Server Name: FH/RANKED Server IP: Ein paar coole Features für eure Forgotten Hope Mod,in Sachen Sound und Textur Paket haben wir füreuch geschnürrt: BLOODY SCREEN + LOW HP: Download Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here) Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst ♫ + Texture Patch: Download Alle Maps könnt ihr hier auch Manuell runterladen, dann habt ihr immer die passende Map zum passenden Event: PFC Custom Maps: Download Filefront Custom Maps: Download Autor/Dev/Leader: -=PFC=- Grabbi Quelle: Einen haben wir noch. Eine Woche vorher erwartet euch ein weiteres spannendes Battlefield 1942 Event, die Interstate 82 Jungs aus Amerika laden ein, mit den Action Autos die Parcours der Battlefield 1942 Spielerwelt zu erobern. Hier erwartet euch jede Menge Retro Spass: Interstate 82: Download Autor: GoodDayToDie! Quelle:
  22. Is the Offworld Industries team any easier to work with now? Cuz they seem like pretty nice people......... Around a year ago I watched a video wherein Bluedrake mentioned why he was ceasing to cover Squad development and then a couple days later for related reasons why he was not covering Post Scriptum. So this begs the question: has anything changed for the better in developer drama land?
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  24. unable to remap keybindings or reach any kind of settings. kinda poke around until you find out what different buttons do. game looks great, just hard to control.
  25. Found that if game seems to lock up at start up just ALT TAB out then click back and your ingame. Has worked for me everytime so far.
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