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Pre-Alpha Update Released



An update has been released for Warfare 1944 (v0.8.1.0).


  • Team Auto-Balance feature now moves players based on time spent on their current team by default rather than moving players arbitrarily (favors least time when choosing).
  • Removed some CVars that players could modify to allow for an unfair advantage.

Server Administration


  • Added "ForceTeam" and "ForceTeamId" console commands for admins to use for switching individual players between teams manually.




  • Added new Mid and Far Gunshot Audio.
  • Added Mid and Far Grenade Explosion Audio.




  • Adjusted Culling Distances for all assets to accommodate for Low Quality Settings.
  • Optimized Terrain Tile Level Bounds for performance.
  • Moved Water Blueprints from Main sublevel to the level they reside on.
  • Increased LOD distances for foliage.
  • Removed normals from all Terrain LODs.
  • Reduced all Terrain LOD Texture sizes for performance.
  • Optimized Terrain LOD Materials.
  • Assigned Terrain tiles to a smaller streaming distance for performance.
  • Fixed several floating props and foliage.
  • Fixed floating hedgerows and mounds.
  • Fixed floating fences.




  • Adjusted Culling Distances to accommodate for Low Quality Settings.

Wake Island



  • Adjusted Culling Distances for better performance.

Firing Range



  • Adjusted Culling Distances on all assets to accommodate for Low Quality Settings.




Click here to view this development blog post on Steam.




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