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Development Blog #2 [June 2020]

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Hello Drakelings!

Welcome back, this will be our second devblog covering the work done for Warfare 1944 in the month of June, 2020. If you missed our last devblog, you can find it here.

To get started, we would like to recap the results of Warfare’s launch, which took place on July 7, 2020. Launch day went fine, although the issues during the beginning that caused the game to not show up or be downloadable (which were due to certain factors that were out of our control and had to be corrected by Valve) unfortunately set us back a few hours as we worked to get it corrected.

Issues aside, launch day was about as we expected otherwise: we are releasing the game in quite an early state, and we are fully aware that the game is not yet in a place where it is going to attract a lot of attention or retain player’s interest for extended periods of time. For us, Warfare is only in its introductory phase, meaning it is likely to mainly attract early adopters (i.e. those that want to get in early and are not just interested in the game but also how the development evolves over time). Because of this, we are not attempting to generate a lot of traffic or hype outside of our own local networks to advertise the launch, as we don’t believe right now is the appropriate time to do this with so much work that still needs to be done. There will be a time and a place to do this (a growth phase), and once the game hits that point, we have a lot of plans for that. Until then, we are just focusing on developing the game and getting the remaining core features/systems in, and continuing to build the core community, which is one of the most important and vital priorities for us and our vision.

With that being said, roughly one week later we have sold over 900 copies, which continues to increase each day, and we have been holding around a 90% positive review rating with over 60 reviews—for the project being at the stage that it is in, we certainly see this as a success, and we are excited to grow the projects alongside the community and see where it takes us. Thank you to everybody that has purchased a copy so far (and a big thank you to those that went and left reviews on the game), it is certainly a tremendous help to the team, and is helping us reach our goals faster!

Now let’s get into the good stuff:




Most of the work that went into maps in June was in the form of general polish and optimization, and making detail passes to fill them out more. The level design team has also already gotten started on the next Pacific theater map: Guadalcanal.







We only have the landscape heightmap blockout done so far (the image above), and there is still a lot more work to go before it will become ready for playtesting, but we wanted to share with you our plans for the next expected map to be released. As usual, we do not typically provide dates, but it shouldn’t be too long before we will have the first versions ready for a playtest.





Utah Beach

b00eea43335654a4dfa2a98a46189bc2eb618bd8.png cd489a9f17d05f7afe03178fc861ec95cae8aba5.png ce5d8694fea9d2688024a0688fb2e27f1038474c.png






158bf7c4af7bbde6e749b7c6d9c96e4db7850723.png 72684c898b1101c8ef8b95670a3828c2965b3a19.png





Wake Island

381f7638c25a3c9b944385f713bf63ca1daac622.png 688f730286cffce20df7ea1f2a670bdcebcad0ef.png 4538980298536097bd53a98259783986c232cc65.png 617f771de370d206949eda0920d56b5f756fbd38.png 0ab3a2afa450bdc30e87ee7406ec255795ba2cd6.png 823812cb67f52ccca8c3e3a52a2d8f209ee53a9c.png 994c156aa3df32702cb20d89723906771f50b6c3.png 68c75eed283ead7357667e08822b5dc58877a09d.png 2a1e1efadfb52ef81bccb3362196d21b7821570a.png 7f3e15f691640cd4efe5cb6c4e1e8d7e0c7f1479.png





Objects and Models

In the month of June, there was mainly a lot of wrap up work on finishing models, as well as some texturing work to models that we showed off last month.





Naval Ships

The USS Saratoga and the Japanese Hiryu aircraft carrier models have been completed, and are now waiting for textures, custom collision, and the mannable static gun emplacements to be placed and set up. Needless to say, there is still a lot more work to go before this and the other ships will be playable, however we are well on our way. The Daihatsu landing craft is also now fully textured and has collision, however it is not yet driveable.

35ef48bf29d2d9e79ddc7d9bfecfb700a9bbddbb.png bde1263c3600874cce95878545637b6bf6142663.png 382e912f48804a514e5bec7ae05c6ff983cf8e6e.png 90017ee25405930505c4a2f2fa5c609a54ef2cac.png ce01288e451fe27c23817be6278057408a92faf6.jpg e33bbff0f315ce1ae4b95d6a9ef3425772ac9352.jpg
Daihatsu Landing Craft, USS Saratoga, Hiryu Aircraft Carrier






The Corsair F4U and A6M Zero that were shown last month have now been textured. No more to report for aircraft right now—these are still a ways away, and these models will be used in our first testing grounds for implementing flying mechanics.

4e6a513198e9d775c882209e4a56cbe53d2e2229.png 074e9ed5be4fe5c622285be1339c9667555de6f0.png
Corsair F4U, A6M Zero





Character Models

We have begun getting a couple new variations of the US faction created: the Marine Corps and the Army Airborne 101st/82nd paratroopers.

85bc76f5c305f201710528dda6bde14778fd5c89.png 1f0af8caedc47b92924c45d63e829d01f8e2e6e6.png 53a3a4484937235e18d64e34de45b260c37954cc.png 2418b304a10395f6ed8df1a3fe6850bd5a2be201.png

The Japanese models have been textured and just need to be rigged, then they will be ready to play.

83113b745e325c423583f19175af4d0cff1aad77.png 2a7f1551e7e729cd60a6ae6ea89666584b95746f.png

The German soldiers are also getting a retexture soon:

731f364bcacbb3930892b734622252ab6f9e0102.png 63db689b032ba2331f8d712c779f3e28d4dac111.png






Work has continued on Russian and Japanese weapons. Mostly new models have been made, and the Japanese bayonet has received a texture:

e55b7474832d8dce0bdb9416e25b0ca1abcfcc21.png c75af22839c25d177bc483a964ff9e745131891e.png 39f044915032ce5a1daf047360ab50d18b8856a2.png b9a8021310897998fd7a711ae7beb0d34a46d767.png 59c7cf7ac3b569e19a57010e111a0b73db065850.png 622854b8c4027ce76eb856dd059effc9ab378a49.png
PPSh-41, F1 Grenade, Entrenching Tool, DP-27, FN-40 Bayonet, Japanese Bayonet





Static Guns and Emplacements

We got a bunch more static guns and weapon emplacements modeled and ready for textures. One of the 5” US battery guns has received textures, which you will find featured in-game on the Wake Island map.

823812cb67f52ccca8c3e3a52a2d8f209ee53a9c.png 7f3e15f691640cd4efe5cb6c4e1e8d7e0c7f1479.png e7c096c7d525be4fc22341a6f004c7eb3d508744.png fb095a92855d57720a6825a7b1f0422edd3746e3.png a55a73684199731c7e580cb76859fefaa0d8abed.png 269ed6f24b62b83cec74d99755400ec5389c4c94.png d02ad2704d8c79fa53eea004fcde993be35875a5.png 66ce0f0fe419045cfe8c6c94b2d10be2f17ae1e6.png f942c8d29d144e35deb4f028c794465afbbc5cf7.png ad5bd80aa6c2315708dd6e4e2a7f85ddc7fec9e1.png e03fe8c9b09b75d172f736e5c5ffae69f67fc0c7.png 4e5d6ef3bbfec58ec834f45b1bc522176e60a711.png d60a561638d88746a50a6b908271fbcc56e657c0.png
5 Inch Battery, Type 86, M2 Browning, Saratoga AA Gun , US Torpedo Launcher, US Depth Charges, Patterson Battery, Type 96





Misc. Props

Just a couple more miscellaneous props: a Belgian Gates model, and a US radar trailer prop has received its final textures.

388212ad7757b049933b8bdab682490450a8acdd.png c86b27267ae297adfe6ba49127410aa4edbef554.png





User Interface (UI)

Soon we will have an update to the overall UI experience: text chat and VOIP indicators.





Text Chat and VOIP Indicators

Pretty straightforward quality of life features—now you will be able to utilize text chat to communicate with other players in your match (complete with filters for squad/team/global of course). In addition, now you will know when you and others are talking, with indication for whether or not you are talking in local/squad/command nets (availability of nets may vary later on in the game once we start bringing in rally points, radio bags, etc.—we are discussing internally a number of ideas for various radio/communication systems that we will share later).

d6b2f74fef74ba3d42ee3d9aa6f08787a46fa836.png fa330ab737e9bc4e11209548887612f11c35ee5e.png





Flag Capture

Soon you will be able to better understand the capping mechanics when you are on a flag. This setting is subject to change based on how the server owner may tweak this parameter, but by default flags in Warfare require a minimum of 3 players to cap (unless there are less than that many players on a team). This is done to reduce frequent back capping—if you can coordinate it with 3 or more players, we feel you should be able to recap a point, but if you are a lone wolf sneaking behind enemy lines to recapture a point when nobody is looking, we feel that this is largely disruptive and counter intuitive to the team-based gameplay we would like to encourage.





Upcoming and WIP Features

The following features and content are what are on our immediate priority list to get done:





Server Admin Tools

Warfare launched with dedicated server files, which are available for anybody to download and set up a server whenever they want. If you are interested in starting a server, please refer to our server setup guide. Warfare servers are RCON compatible, which has functionality for basic commands and parameters for server owners and admins to get started with moderating.

Proper admin tools are extremely important to us, and are a top priority right now—if server owners don’t have the bare minimum tools they need to take care of griefers, cheaters, rule breakers, etc., what good are any of the new content and game features that we are working to include? With that said, here is our plan and approach to server moderation and giving server owners the options to run their servers and communities as they please:




  1. Server owners will have the option to enable a "VAC Block" which will not allow any VAC banned players to join the server. This is a passive alternative to enabling "VAC Secured" which is an active anti-cheat measure that will come in future updates.
  2. Server owners will have the option to enable "Vote Kick" feature which will allow community members to self-moderate. We know that a feature like this can be prone to abuse, which is why we're planning on giving server owners the option to use it... with the following twists. VAC Banned (or game banned) players will not be able to participate in or start votes. Administrators can permanently revoke any player's voting privileges at any time. Players who are kicked a first time will be kicked for an hour; a second time will be for a day; a third time will be a permanent ban until an administrator reviews the case. Players who initiate votes that are lost will lose all voting privileges for an hour on the first loss, a day for a second loss, and a week for a third loss.
  3. Players will be able to view a server's ban list from the server information panel. You will be able to review all players who have been banned, when they were banned, and the reason why.
  4. Players will be able to view how many administrators are active on a server from the server information panel.
  5. Server owners will have the option to enable a whitelist system, and only allow whitelisted players to join a server. This will be useful for private events, or exclusive community servers (think SquadOps).
  6. Players will be able to see which players are administrators by viewing the player list. Additionally, any administrator who has used any command will be visible through the player information panel. If an administrator is actively using any administration tool (such as spectate) this will also be shown next to their name in the player list.

As always, these ideas are subject to change, and we will continue updating and experimenting with additional ideas regarding community self-management and anti-cheat measures based on the community’s suggestions.




Keybind and Control Customization

A much requested feature, keybindings and control customization will be coming soon.





Server Map Cycling

In the current server files, map switching can only take place when a server owner or admin inputs a command to switch to another map. Soon, maps will be put on a rotation and will cycle upon the end of a round (the order of which will be defined by the server owner).





Japanese Faction

The Japanese faction will be added into the game soon. All of the work needed to make them playable is basically done, meaning implementation is very close. Now we will finally be able to run a proper Wake Island match!





SDK Version 1.0

I don’t have much information to share with everyone on the SDK just yet, but it is now on our priority list to release a first version of it to the public so the community can begin altering things, creating mods, etc. There will be more to come on this later.






We are also working on our first pass/iteration of bots. At first, they will be very primitive and basic, and won’t do anything too impressive—this will be the first step of many towards implementing full fledged bot support that will be capable of being used in not only singleplayer, but also coop and multiplayer game modes.

To start, we are thinking about bringing them in with a basic wave based survival mode in the shooting range, where they simply charge and attack you (they won’t be good for much more at this point), and you can fight them for as long as you can survive. This will also be a good way for players to practice with all of the various weapons in the game. Let us know what you think about this idea in the comments section.





Operation: Harsh Doorstop

We began conducting O:HD playtests in June, although the game is still currently “out-of-date” (i.e. it has not been brought up to speed with a lot of the improvements and updates that have been made to the OHDCore framework with Warfare). While Warfare is receiving most of our attention right now, there is still work going on behind the scenes with O:HD, and I figured we should share some teasers here for those that read to the end since there is no dedicated O:HD devblog yet.

Right now, there is work going into a total of 3 maps: Khafji, Muttrah, and Fallujah. You will find an image of a blockout for Khafji below, as well as some material samples and grass that will go into the world environments:

8c65ff94c043610c2764ece641b183247e162c9a.png e9d3bad57e970528841698059a5f347c639b6547.png

We will likely have our first official O:HD devblog next month with much more to share, so keep an eye out for that!

That’s all for now, thank you to everyone that took the time to check out our progress updates for the month of June. As always, be sure to keep an eye on all of our other platforms (linked below) to stay up-to-date on Warfare 1944 and our other projects!

-Goomes, Lead Community Manager







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