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Pre-Alpha Update Released



An update has been released for Warfare 1944 (v0.8.6.0).

Projectiles/Hit Detection

  • Projectiles have been completely reworked for an improved experience.
  • First iteration of improved hit detection system for projectiles. Client shots should register a bit more consistently on the server.
  • Optimized bandwidth usage and server replication performance of all live and newly-spawned projectiles.
  • Further bandwidth usage and server replication performance optimizations for fast-moving/bullet-like projectiles.
  • Improved synchronization between client and server projectile instances.
  • Resolved issues with smoke fx/amount of smoke from an active smoke grenade being out of sync for clients that were not present in the area when the smoke grenade had initially activated.
  • Reduced lifespan of smoke grenade projectiles that would remain active long after the smoke fx had finished.

Click here to view this development blog post on Steam.


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