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Warfare 1944

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Warfare 1944 is a World War II tactical shooter. The game is being developed by the studio Drakeling Labs in partnership with MicroProse Software, Inc. Built using the OHDCore framework for Unreal Engine 4.


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Be warned, while the SDK is free as in price, it is not free as in freedom.

*Update: This critical review appears to have unfortunately been censored. Here is evidence: https://web.archive.org/web/20220424172214/https://www.operationharshdoorstop.com/file/3-ohdcore-mod-kit/

According to the EULA Drakeling Labs has complete control and ownership over not only of this SDK but anything you create with it, and they can revoke your access at any time for any reason. While this project is interesting compared to mainstream games, it does not sufficiently address the problems that Bluedrake42 outlines in his criticisms of the mainstream titles and does not guarantee your freedom to use and modify this software or even what you create with it.

Read it for yourself, skip to page 11 in this document for the part relevant to the SDK. https://drakelings.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/sdk-eula-tos/

 I hope it is improved soon...

*Update 2, this review was censored twice, here is evidence: https://web.archive.org/web/20220510013318/https://www.operationharshdoorstop.com/file/3-ohdcore-mod-kit/

I have also made a post here further explaining the situation:


Link to review
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