SMOD: Tactical 1.0 (Final Release) 1.0.0

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This is the very rare... final release build of SMOD: Tactical 1.0. This build was leaked by one of the original play-testers of the modification after the original creator went missing for over six years. I've decided to make this build public since I believe it is what the original creator would have wanted.

A quick disclaimer... this modification is very difficult to install. I would recommend joining our Discord and talking with our other members to discuss how to install this modification. You will need to have Counter Strike: Source, Half Life 2, SMOD: Standalone, and Source SDK Base 2006 all fully installed. This file that I have uploaded is merely the SMOD: Tactical modification, and not the full SMOD installation.

I may create another internal release that is much easier to install (which includes all the dependent assets) but since these include copyrighted Valve material (such as Counter Strike and Half Life 2 assets) it cannot be publicly distributed. Perhaps if someone is interested... they could create a new version of this modification which replaces all Valve assets with new original assets. If this happened... we could release an installer version of the modification.

Anyways... after a long time, here are the files. There are still a few bugs and missing features... but I have to admit, this is the most complete and stable version of the modification I've ever played. If anyone needs help with installation, feel free to join our Discord. Additionally, if there are any developers who are interested in possibly continuing this modification (or updating it to work with the latest version of Source) let me know.

Happy modding.

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