=DRK=Vac's Admin Application!

=DRK=Vac's Admin Application!

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In-Game Name: =DRK=Vac

Steam ID64: 76561198091846088

Date of Birth (Age): Feb 18th 2001

Country: United States

Time Zone: Mountain Time

Spoken Languages:  English

Time Playing Squad:  672 Hours (adding my main account and old account)

Why do you want to be a part of the admin team (100 word Min):

I want to be apart of the squad FCV admin team because, I have been a member of FCV members ever since the FCV PR server came out and I loved the community to this day I still do love the FCV community. Since I am on about 24/7 till school starts ill still be on often that I will keep people from Disrupting Others Fun on FCV servers. I also like to encourage people to play on FCV servers so I will tell people to seed it when its empty most of the time. I've seen how great the FCV Admins are so I want to contribute to that by helping Newbies on the server out when they are not on, Then keeping the server clean of trolls that ruin everybody's fun and Enforcing the FCV server rules for example, Only squads with APC in the name can have APC's and same with the Logis.


Why should we accept you (125 word min.):    I think You guys should accept me because I usually enforce rules on the server  aka tell people them even when I'm not an admin and I help new people on the server out by telling them how to play/how to be a squad lead by playing down HAB's and FOB's. I will Keep the people that troll/teamkill/intentionally explode team vehicles, off the server when other admins aren't on and are on. I always have fun with the people that play on the server to make sure they comeback to FCV servers and make FCV servers the main servers they play on. I am respectful of others and I respect the admins on FCV servers on any game and I respect anyone that plays on FCV not to be a dick and drive them off. I try to offer a fun/competitive experience in the server and other servers so they people that play have a good time and comeback to squad FCV so we can grow the FCV/draklings community and be the best squad server there is out there. Also I want it to be the most enjoyable and I think I can add to that.

Why this server over others:  I find this server and the people on this server way more fun and experienced.

Other admins you have played with:  I have played with slammed, TacticalHippy, MissToxic , Wicca

Anything else?  I have Over a 1000+ hours on PR 200 of those are on the FCV server and I have 59 hours on my main account for squad since v0.1 alpha launch I'm a backer and the other 613 hours are on my 2nd account and a couple hundred hours on arma 3 too and I was part of a realism unit for arma 3 called 3rd ranger battalion.

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Your application has been DENIED!

You have been DENIED for the following reason(s):

Not fitting our admin standards


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