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Currently, we have no ban appeals process. All bans are practically permanent for the time being.

This is an early experimental test version of the game, meaning many anti-griefing systems are not in place yet. There are a some mechanics in the game which, in their present state, allow one misbehaving player to ruin the fun of everyone on the server, which could amount to dozens of players. We don't have the moderators on hand to warn, evaluate, and offer fair punishment for players, nor the systems in place to automatically dish them out.

To receive a ban, you had most likely done something bad enough for several players to complain to us, wasting our development time as we manually banned you. For this, you will have to wait some time before we will let you back on again.

We realize many of these bans are unfair so you will all get unbanned eventually. We do not yet know when.

This policy is also subject to change as we update the game.                                                                                  

* BAN list was cleared on the 11/01/17   Anyone banned before and up to this date can now play again.    If you are banned after this date read the above message.

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