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Hexd0m application for Beta Tester

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  • To begin, please CLICK HERE to sign our standard non-disclosure agreement.
  • Are you currently over 18, and capable of signing legal documents?
  • Do you have any development experience?
    Not really but happy to help!
  • Do you have any game testing experience?
    Yes was in first wave beta tester for games like ....
    Red Orchestra 2 heroes of stalingrad + Rising Storm
    Rising Storm 2
    still avid tester for Star Citizen
    Squad second wave tester early backer (before all the shit happened)
    plus more but i can't remember .
  • Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab?
  • Are you familiar with managing Github/Gitlab issue tickets?
  • Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab code repositories?
  • Do you currently have Git management software installed and configured?

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