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Los Santos Muertos

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Welcome to the zombie apocalypse the world has gone to shit and life is tough . Here are a few hints and tips to buy you another 5 minutes of life on the zombie infested island of Los Santos.

  • Press ENTER to access your inventory 
  • Use items in your inventory by selecting them with the arrow keys and using E to use or equip
  • Cars can only be fueled when in the drivers seat using the step above and selecting the fuel in your inventory
  • Aircraft are rare but usable but they require the separate fuel Naptha Kerosene
  • ESC opens the map icons are explained top right screen
  • Zombies are mostly slow apart from the odd sprinter be careful you can take damage just by them touching you (Avoid contact)
  • Press E when over a body to search for items
  • Rags stop bleeding  
  • Bandages Medkits Painkillers regen health
  • Reputation can be gained by killing enemy factions
  • Bandits are heavily armed approach with caution but if you can kill them you can collect their weapons
  • Neutral factions and patrols will turn hostile if you open fire near them or even have a weapon in your hand 
  • Faction strongholds/bases have stores you can trade items differing per store ( you have to be at least neutral to trade with the faction/group
  • Patrols around the map can be stopped by killing 20 npc's (Roadkill's don't count) 
  • Supply drops spawn around the map and can be collected by finding and opening them
  • There are no rules apart from no hacks/cheating so do not expect people to RP "TRUST NO ONE" 
  • If you die your loot will be dropped and represented with a skull on the map this will be visible to everyone and can be looted (20min despawn timer)
  • You have a limit to what you can carry outfits and the bag sold at stores will increase what you can have on you
  • OVER ENCUMBERED drop items and weight by selecting it and using DEL then arrows to select amount then E to drop
  • On the map Skulls are dead players Bags are dropped loot
  • EXTRACTING is the only way to disconnect and keep your gear , find extraction points on your map, Push E at extraction to save and exit
  • Re connecting after extracting will spawn you on a boat just offshore with a small amount of fuel
  • You will have to re equip your gear when re joining (working on a fix)
  • Survivor settlement has some nice loot if you look around
  • Attachments can be equipped to relevant weapons when holding them 
  • The gasmask will protect you from the radiation zone effects


Scavenge the wasteland for food, water and supplies by pressing the E key327917635_Garbagebags.PNG.ebc36dc29e1eac4afb3fe9fea24b4529.PNG
 (Trash bags are collect-able)
(collect gas from barrels)
(Aircraft fuel)
(Water barrels)
(engine Rebuild found in Garages and Hangars)
(Loot car boots)
(Working cars can still have a small amount of gas)
(More gas)
(Use the mapkey to find zones and avoid hotspots)

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