Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the old one, not EA)

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If anyone owns Star Wars Battlefront 2 v.1.1. (will already be on 1.1 if you have the steam version) and wants to play multiplayer, just download gameranger and add Rykurrad (or just play with other people), would be great if we got a nice little community running there, maybe even get dedicated servers for 64 player action.

If your still on 1.0 (due to cd version), I can add the files needed to update the game by yourself on this forum if aynyone needs them.

Would be cool to get this running.


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Many don't even know the online is still up but many don't want the hassle of the whole files this game sounds still be alive and it sucks want to play farcry 4 anyone?

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The mods for it could make it even more fun.  I've been following one for the Mass Effect universe but haven't taken the time to check it out in-game.  Such could add more incentive for people to play if a following develops for the base game though.

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