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Star Wars Mod -- By Mustafa

Contains: New E-11 blaster to replace rifle and character is changed to storm trooper from regular orange character. The planet also comes with a compass on it (I am hoping that everyone uses the compass to make navigating easier).

Installation should work like the regular IA installation: extract folder, run the game, done. 

Feel free to add anything you want to the mod and make sure you post it on this thread so other's can use it too. I will post any more changes I make to the mod here as well.

Here is the link for download:



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10 hours ago, Mustafa_Shams said:

Gonna start making a clonetrooper suit and rebel soldier soon. And I need to remove the .bat files

How about an Astromech droid? A round guy with one leg sticking out in front and two in the back kinda.... man I wish I could draw

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