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n-Game Name: Elliah

CD Hash (Identifier): 9c692432fc9e3fc129619d68784d7ae2

Date of Appeal: 05/04/17

Date of Infraction: Don't remember

Administrator on Duty (if Applicable):

Additional Information: Hello I would like to appeal for my unban on one of your servers in PR. I was banned probably because of crash of my chopper on La Drang. The problem is that admin did't even allowed me to explain myself when it happen i just got banned without any warning. I haven't done that on purpose I was born to be a pilot in CAS a lot of people i play with can confirm that. I crashed a heli just because i had a lag caused by many members of my family using internet at this one specific moment what pumped up my ping and caused a problems with flying a chopper.

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pressed enter by mistake lol

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