Meet and greet to meet people to squad up with in squad or PR

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I am definitely down with some Squad action. I have only seen it reviewed/demo'd etc. LOOKS amazing. Have yet to play. I heard someone describe it as a good game for pure operator mentality. Slow and methodical. Proper Call Outs, etc. That actually made my ears perk up a bit. From what I am seeing in streams (not really BD's except when he is saddled with first time dumbasses who are panicky) people are running around with no situational awareness and just getting everyone killed. Blue and his boys seem to have it together. For me, proper call outs and tactics are important...I guess it's RPing but I wouldn't know any other way to play, nor would I want to. I am in for Squad and I'll friend you in STEAM. My user ID is Tophiate btw. Have to take a look at my gaming budget for this week. Wanted to grab ARMA 3 but it's fucking $40....so it may have to wait for a sale.


What is OR?


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