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Hey Connor, I was sitting here the other day and I couldn't help but think... you do a lot of "war documentary" videos according to youtube, right? and the advertisers don't like that their ads are being played over your videos, RIGHT? so, isn't there any kind of loophole that you could do, maybe a disclaimer that you could put at the beginning of your videos that simply says "This video is for entertainment purposes only. No actual human beings were hurt in the making of this video" or something to that effect, therefore making it LEGALLY not a "war documentary"?

As I said in the FB message to you, I am not a person who knows legal jargon, or even good English sometimes even though I am from the middle of nowhere here in the US, so I don't know if this would help by its self, but I think it could set the groundwork for something in the future.


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Youtube would have to care enough to let something like that matter. This isn't a legal issue, its simply the fact that Youtube has control of their platform and can do whatever they want. I'm getting demonetized simply because the system is inaccurate, and Youtube doesn't care enough to fix it for channels like mine.

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Well damn... At least I tried. Thanks for responding. If I knew how to edit videos or even had access to video editing software, I would try to make videos of your caliber and see if they did the same thing just to try my idea and see if it worked. Lol! 

Anyway, I'm going to keep trying to come up with ideas for you man. I'm that kind of thinker.

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Honestly, I think that YouTube is slowly going to become an outdated and dead platform. 

Vid.Me is quite rapidly becoming a viable candidate for people like you @Bluedrake42.

Depending on what route the Vid.Me folks choose to take I might suggest doing an entire change of service in a few years time.

The fact that the advertisers and YouTube themselves are choosing to demonetize you without even TRYING to look at your videos and see the amount of people viewing your videos and the community you have fostered, and that you continue to build.

If they could open their eyes for a second and do some research, rather than look at a tag and be biased off the get-go, then maybe they would realize that they have an ample opportunity for honest business.

I am going to do some research and see what I can dig up on some advertisers and their target audiences.

We can form some plans of action regarding this issue, and we WILL fix it.

That's all I really have for this little ramble right now.


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I just sent this to YouTube.

Hopefully this does something, even as little as enlighten them on an issue that is all over YouTube.


So, I wanted to talk about an issue that seems to be becoming ever more prevalent in the YouTube of today.


I follow a streamer/developer known as his alias Bluedrake42 (Connor Hill). I have noticed that the people here at YouTube have many of his videos labeled and tagged as, "War Documentaries," which in fact they are not. He is a gamer and a musician, not a documentarian.

I have also noticed that the subject aforementioned has been being demonetized for such improper labeling. Advertisers don't feel they will reach the proper audience being as they have not seen his videos, only that they know what they are labeled as.

I implore you, whoever reads this, to please look into the videos that he creates and do (to the best of your ability) everything that you can to fix these falsities.

The community that this man has fostered continues to grow and become all the more connected. I know not if anyone has sought to fix these underlying issues throughout other channels as well, but I suggest that as a service you help people earn what they have worked for.

I appreciate you, whoever is reading this, taking your time to read this and hopefully even helping the issue stated.

Thank you,
Taishon Hallmark


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