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    So I deiced to mod the game by changing some art assets. Why? I didn't like something looked. I most likely will mod more in the future and I know this is still early in dev. Any ways I will show you what I did. Link to the Album Download So all you have to do is extract the folder over the main game. I also included an icon if you want to make a shortcut look better. The icon is located in the bin folder.
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    I was bored so after playing around with the IA files a little I edited the image of the planet to add a compass on it so you can actually navigate effectively. Instructions on download: Download the images-nopack zip file. Extract the zip file and you will get the images-nopack folder. Go to the location of your Iron Armada folder and follow this path: IronArmada-0.1.3\data\client. Then replace the images-nopack folder with the newly downloaded images-nopack folder in the client folder. Link for images-nopack folder: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5L3ma_ppWgpVnlNbmtIVXdianM/view?usp=sharing
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    Welcome everyone to the Iron Armada February roadmap update! Iron Armada Pre-Alpha v0.1.3 Welcome to Iron Armada's first proper development blog! In this article we'll cover what we have already accomplished, what has been released to the public, and what we are next looking to complete! Iron Armada is a completely original game, written from scratch in Java by our community developers. If you want to be more involved with project development, make sure you follow the development channels below! If you wish to follow the project, try to stay active in our primary development channels. Successful Greenlight Campaign Iron Armada is going to be on Steam! After a successful Greenlight campaign, we have already begun the process of registering our application on Steamworks, as well as adapting our current game-build to function with Steam's infrastructure. Thank you so much to everyone who helped us make our campaign a successful one, and we'll hopefully have Steam keys available for our active supporters here soon! Our official Greenlight trailer Current Features & Functions The current version of Iron Armada includes our core features, that serve as the foundation of the game, and will be constantly improved over the lifetime of the game. These features currently include full multiplayer gameplay, with multi-crew ships, large fleet faction battles, ship-to-ship boarding, resource mining, and ship construction. Current game features. Upcoming Features & Updates The current features of Iron Armada only scratch the surface of the game's gameplay potential. Over the coming months, we are expecting to begin releasing some of our more advanced features... that we feel will begin completely transforming the game. New features such as ship exteriors, multi-blocks, advanced power systems, new construction methods, rebalanced infantry combat, overhauled weapon effects, overhauled damage effects, and more... will likely turn Iron Armada into an unrecognizable experience. To illustrate some of these upcoming changes, we have prepared the following documents explaining future features. Following development blogs will delve into deeper specifics for each upcoming feature, as well as game re-balance, as development progresses. We're excited to talk in detail about each specific feature seen above, such as ship customization, new infantry equipment, new weapon types, new engine variants, and more. So make sure you FOLLOW FUTURE DEVELOPMENT BLOGS released on our forums! Release Date Iron Armada has a strict "when it is done" development mentality. However, we have already released the public pre-alpha testing build... so hopefully that will keep you entertained until the official Steam release! We are currently working with Steam to adapt the current game to their distribution systems, and we're hoping to have our first Steam keys available to active supporters in the coming month. However for today, that is everything to update you with! Thanks so much for your support everyone, and we all look forward to seeing you on the Iron Armada testing servers! If you have any questions about the project, be sure to visit the forums and Discord! See you soon! - The Iron Armada Team
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    I like these dev blogs, they're a great idea