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    Hello,I'm Rigbey and I'm an administrator on FCV PR.Recently myself along side some =DRK= members have had the idea of oganising project reality scenario events that aim to create an immersive gameplay and introduce new players to the game.We're curious to what you think of this idea,and if you want to contribute with the organisation of the event please post your ideas either here or on https://discord.gg/ABdp5 Thank you.
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    Hello, When I was first invited to help with the server I thought why not. I thought this was a few guys starting their own server. Apparently It's more than that. A Clan starting a server for a new game. It might be a bit selfish to say that I'm a good leader. I don't like thinking that way. It's what people tell me but even writing it makes me feel like an douche. I feel like I need to prove it. So here are some things in which I have been in the position of a leader or manager. Probably the biggest one is OlarFest. It was supposed to be a small music festival. We were thinking something like an audience of 1000 people. Give or take. It was supposed to be fall of 2017. My role in that was to find possible sponsors and ask them if they wanted to sponsor the festival. The idea kind of died out since a lot of information we needed from the artists was not available at the time. And then we got into other projects so sadly this never became a reality. I've also been working at ABB for two weeks. For free. Because work experience will get you far in life. I'm interested in photography, photo editing, video editing, coding, web design and gaming. Those are the things that might somehow be useful for this project. And I don't know where to put this so I'll just say it here. I'm pretty darn good at math. I got into the top 100 in a national math exam. - Most sincerely, JH275 PS: I just realised I didn't read the template.
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    You could of at least let us finish the round lol.