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    Very good work boys very good work indeed
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    Welcome everyone to the Harsh Doorstop February roadmap update! Harsh Doorstop Pre-Alpha v0.01 Welcome to Harsh Doorstop's first development update, showcasing what we've accomplished, and what we're next looking to complete. Harsh Doorstop is an open source, and free development project... meaning we intend to cut costs, and incorporate affordable third-party material whenever possible. Our goal is to create an enjoyable, modifiable, multiplayer, team-work oriented platform for our community... developed affordably, and available for free. A strong reliance on third-party content makes this possible. Our core development team consists primarily of programmers and gameplay designers, orchestrating assets either purchased, developed in-house, or donated to the project. If you wish to contribute to the project, try to stay active in our primary development channels. Pre-Alpha v0.01 Video Showcase Enjoy the first video showcasing in-game footage of our initial framework. This framework showcases fundamental systems functioning in a multiplayer environment, including multi-passenger networked vehicles, true first person mechanics, large-scale detailed terrain, and elemental match management systems (round reset, factions, scoreboard, and match time.) Initial Features & Functions The first versions of Harsh Doorstop focus primarily on building fundamental systems needed to support a full game. Things such as multiplayer support, networked vehicles, true first-person perspectives, and basic infantry weapons. These systems are going to be continuously improved and polished throughout the lifespan of the project, and lay the groundwork for more advanced features in the future. Our current priorities revolve primarily around polishing vehicle integration (including network smoothing, physics balancing, and player interaction detailing) implementing new player animations (being custom developed by mistwalker) and balancing for realistic gameplay (which will better showcase our framework's potential for tactical gameplay.) Upcoming Features & Updates Subsequent versions of Harsh Doorstop will focus primarily on implementing wider variety of content, as well as establishing a pipeline for importing regular third-party content, and building an intuitive user interface for more seamless clientside game management (right now you launch the game and connect to servers through .bat files.) Importing third-party content. Building a reliable pipeline to regularly import third-party content will have major impacts on content release frequency. Unlike other commercial titles, Harsh Doorstop is openly embracing the idea of utilizing community developed content already available for Unreal Engine 4 on the open market. Using this to our advantage will allow us to implement large quantities of content at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time, keeping our project free to the public, but still content rich. Upcoming Content These assets are not free without a studio license (the above assets are created and licensed by Hum3D studio) so we will need to purchase (and fully convert, animate, and import) each asset for use in Harsh Doorstop. Each asset (depending on complexity) costs anywhere between 300$ and 1000$ after completion. To cover these expenses, we will be running small community fundraisers as we continue development of the game. With consistent funding, more assets can be purchased, imported into the engine, and released in Harsh Doorstop... allowing for constant new content available to the community (as long as our budget allows for it.) For those still skeptical on the feasibility of importing third-party assets into an existing Unreal Engine 4 game, here is an example of an identical model (purchased from Hum3D) imported into a playable build of Unreal Engine 4 by our team. We converted this into this User Interface Overhaul The current version of Harsh Doorstop has only a placeholder (or otherwise entirely absent) user interface for player interaction. However our developer @Ethik has been building an entirely overhauled menu, interface, and heads-up-display for Harsh Doorstop. This will completey rebase our game's accessibility, and player experience. The new menu systems should allow all players to easily navigate through dedicated hosted servers, manage video settings, as well as communicate with other players, and manage in-game inventory items. Here is the prototype radial menu working in-game Release Date Unlike other commercial titles... Harsh Doorstop has strictly adopted a "when it is done" development mentality. In fact we go beyond that... since this is a community developed game, we have also strictly adopted a "you can help us get this done faster" mentality. This means if you see an issue, or a feature you want, you can be the person to fix it, create it, or donate it. We only will finish this project as fast as the community comes together to help us. If you are interested in contributing, please ensure you INTRODUCE YOURSELF on our official Harsh Doorstop project forums. List your skills, your region, your experience, anything at all that could be useful to helping us finish our project. If you have no skills developing in Unreal Engine 4, you can still help us by FINDING US TALENTED DEVELOPERS TO RECRUIT or HELPING US PURCHASE UPCOMING ASSETS. However for today, that is everything to update you with! Thanks so much for your support everyone, and we all look forward to seeing you on the Harsh Doorstop battlefield! If you have any questions about the project, be sure to visit the forums and Discord! See you soon! - The Harsh Doorstop Team
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    Welcome everyone to the Iron Armada February roadmap update! Iron Armada Pre-Alpha v0.1.3 Welcome to Iron Armada's first proper development blog! In this article we'll cover what we have already accomplished, what has been released to the public, and what we are next looking to complete! Iron Armada is a completely original game, written from scratch in Java by our community developers. If you want to be more involved with project development, make sure you follow the development channels below! If you wish to follow the project, try to stay active in our primary development channels. Successful Greenlight Campaign Iron Armada is going to be on Steam! After a successful Greenlight campaign, we have already begun the process of registering our application on Steamworks, as well as adapting our current game-build to function with Steam's infrastructure. Thank you so much to everyone who helped us make our campaign a successful one, and we'll hopefully have Steam keys available for our active supporters here soon! Our official Greenlight trailer Current Features & Functions The current version of Iron Armada includes our core features, that serve as the foundation of the game, and will be constantly improved over the lifetime of the game. These features currently include full multiplayer gameplay, with multi-crew ships, large fleet faction battles, ship-to-ship boarding, resource mining, and ship construction. Current game features. Upcoming Features & Updates The current features of Iron Armada only scratch the surface of the game's gameplay potential. Over the coming months, we are expecting to begin releasing some of our more advanced features... that we feel will begin completely transforming the game. New features such as ship exteriors, multi-blocks, advanced power systems, new construction methods, rebalanced infantry combat, overhauled weapon effects, overhauled damage effects, and more... will likely turn Iron Armada into an unrecognizable experience. To illustrate some of these upcoming changes, we have prepared the following documents explaining future features. Following development blogs will delve into deeper specifics for each upcoming feature, as well as game re-balance, as development progresses. We're excited to talk in detail about each specific feature seen above, such as ship customization, new infantry equipment, new weapon types, new engine variants, and more. So make sure you FOLLOW FUTURE DEVELOPMENT BLOGS released on our forums! Release Date Iron Armada has a strict "when it is done" development mentality. However, we have already released the public pre-alpha testing build... so hopefully that will keep you entertained until the official Steam release! We are currently working with Steam to adapt the current game to their distribution systems, and we're hoping to have our first Steam keys available to active supporters in the coming month. However for today, that is everything to update you with! Thanks so much for your support everyone, and we all look forward to seeing you on the Iron Armada testing servers! If you have any questions about the project, be sure to visit the forums and Discord! See you soon! - The Iron Armada Team
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    I think the wrong application? Try the beta tester application
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    Ive been subscribed to BlueDrake for quite a long time and noticed he has his own game dev portion to his channel that seems open to the community to assist and share/teach. I thought this would be a decent addition. In my free time I have started making an Unreal Engine tutorial series that revolves primarily around C++ to combat the amount of blueprint tutorials found online. As of now this tutorial is aimed at beginners who have a basic grasp on C++ and are looking to get started applying their knowledge to Unreal Engine 4. If anyone here is familiar with me on the Arma 3 forums (gokitty1199), I have created roughly 7 hours worth of video tutorials and this new Unreal Engine series is aimed to follow a similar pattern as my Arma 3 series. Please give suggestions to assist in the quality of the video as well as any mistakes caught Thank you. Hopefully this will at least help a few people get their hands dirty.
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    really early in development, but not a whole lot is out of the question
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    Reuploading the multiplayer mod at the request of a few others. In order to host a server that others can see, make sure you open ports 9100-9105 for UDP on your local router firewall. Our community has hosted a new master server for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Unzip these two files into your root Dragon Rising directory, and browse other player servers in the LAN browse section in multiplayer. If you like this modification, please consider making a donation, or becoming a supporter here. We need to pay monthly bills to keep the master server active, and your support helps us do that. IMPORTANT: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising's servers are NOT dedicated. Every server you see is hosted by a PLAYER. This means that if you connect to games from Australia, and you're in Canada... you're going to have a bad time. The dedicated server files were never released for this game... in fact some of us think they were never made at all. This means you should try to play on servers within your local area... with low ping. If you don't, you might just ruin the experience of both yourself... and everyone else in the game. Private matches will probably help avoid this. If you have any issues, make sure you report them HERE. Keep in mind Dragon Rising is no longer supported... which means we cannot always guarantee a fix. However we will try our best, and hopefully others with experience in the game will watch these forums. Dragon Revival with Executable.zip
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    Thought I drop-in and and say hi, this looks good drake, while it still is clearly very early alpha I can see this being quite a nice game for those who wanted more out of the likes of FTL. Good job on working towards getting twitch features in the game, it will be interesting.
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    Also, in case I did not mention it anywhere....that mod kicks ass...like for reals. It is well thought out and executed. Nice work.
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    Hello, I just started playing in FiveM and encountered the los muertos ZombieRP server. Connected and played for about 30-35 minutes, died a few times and then got banned violating server rules??
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    Welcome everyone to the Warfare 1944 April development blog! Drakeling Labs in 2018 Welcome to our first official development blog of 2018! Hopefully this will mark a regular increase of development blogs following into the year. The past eight months have been a crash course in improving our infrastructure, expanding our network, and generally improving our understanding of how best to build and maintain a successful development community. Improved community systems, functions, and infrastructure. We're excited to have ever improving development infrastructure. Since last year, we've spent considerable time expanding our development, community, and legal platforms. Now we're happy to have automated applications, improved development issue tracking, and expanded legal infrastructure. For those of you who have followed us for years, you'll know how important this is to us... and how much security, peace of mind, and time these improvements will save our development teams. If you wish to follow the project, try to stay active in our primary development channels. Introducing Warfare 1944 For our first major development blog of 2018, and after months of work, we're incredibly excited to reveal our Warfare 1944 project! Warfare 1944, being built on Unity, is the perfect project to round out our development résumé. Our community now has active projects in every major concurrently popular development platform, including Unity (Warfare 1944,) Unreal Engine 4 (Harsh Doorstop,) and Java/LibGDX (Iron Armada.) This gives us the golden opportunity to explore (and connect with) each respective development community we work in, finding new talent, ideas, and opportunities everywhere we go! Screenshots from our first multiplayer event in Warfare 1944. Version One, Roadmap As with all our projects, we like to keep our first playable humble and our long-term ambitions high. However this means that, as always, our first prototype will be simple... and will serve as a baseline build for us to modify into the full game we all want to play. Version one is currently planned to include: 12 Weapons Currently we plan on implementing the M1 Garand, Karabiner 98k, M1 Thompson, Maschinenpistole 40, Sturmgewehr 44, Browning Automatic Rifle, M1 Bazooka, Panzerfaust, Luger, M1911, Stielhandgranate, and MK2 hand grenade. 2 Maps Our first two maps will include a traditional "Normandy" beachhead style map, and a "Carrier Assault" style map using our newly developed aircraft carrier. Naval vessels will not be command-able in our first playable build, however we think our "Carrier Assault" map will give players an idea of what naval combat can look like in future builds. Advance & Secure Naturally our community is rooted in Project Reality, and we have no intention of releasing a tactical shooter without our beloved Advance & Secure gamemode. The first version of Warfare 1944 will include a simple version of this gamemode, that is balanced for infantry. All planned weapons for Warfare 1944, version one. Long-Term Roadmap The current feature list is still only scratching the surface of what we have planned for Warfare 1944. However more importantly, we build all our games to function like a platform... just as much as a game. So our long-term features plan to incorporate systems for user creation, workshop support, and beyond... just as much as we plan to incorporate new content and mechanics. Assets currently being rigged, animated, and developed into fully functional pawns. Plans for drive-able vehicles, command-able naval vessels, one hundred player servers, and more are all on our roadmap. We already have a significant amount of experience developing similar systems for our other games in the past (for instance Iron Armada's multi-crew ship system) so while difficult... we expect over time (and with the community's support) all these things (and more) will slowly make their way into our game. Beyond our currently published long-term roadmap, we plan to keep our more unique plans for the game discreet. Copying other games nowadays is easier than ever before! So we want to make sure the ideas we are most proud of, we keep confidential until release. However... for anyone interested in participating, make sure you file a beta tester application here. How To Participate Obviously the only limiting factor on how much we can create, is largely dependent on the help we receive from the community! If you are interested in helping with development... make sure you file an application in the following forum! Beyond this, if you are interested in being a part of the upcoming public beta... keep an eye on our official channels! Our public beta will be released through our website when finally available. So if you don't already have an account, make one as soon as possible! Otherwise... thank you so much everyone to your ongoing support, especially our monthly supporters who keep our community lights on. I hope many of you are proud of the work that we have done, and how far we've come from a simple server community. If you want to continue following our progress, and our story... make sure you follow these official development blogs by signing up for our direct notifications and you will always stay informed! Until then, I hope to see you on the battlefield! See you soon! - Everyone at Drakeling Labs
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    Will there be mortars in the future?
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    Visit our Discord channel @Kurzak https://discord.gg/pVj4nqM
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    This is exactly the type of game I would envision building myself. You can bet I will be getting more involved with this community, I am really excited about this project. I hope I might even be able to contribute something to the development.
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    Full Changelog Multi-size ship blocks implemented New blocks implemented Capital ship engine Rocket engine Maneuvering thruster Flak turret Autocannon Gatling autoturret Railgun Small cockpit Large cockpit Large reactor Equipment bay Small armor Small panel Existing Blocks Changed Normal thruster changed to be larger Artwork updated for almost all existing blocks New gameplay mechanics Build restrictions for turrets, engines, and cockpits now implemented. You may no longer build either in front of or behind (or in rare cases both) for restricted blocks. This forces weapons, cockpits, and engines to stay on the outside of the ship, and fixes many previously exploitable designs. The ability to capture enemy ships has now been implemented. If you enter any cockpit on an enemy ship, and the enemy ship has no other enemy crew currently occupying any cockpit on the ship... then that ship turns to your faction. This works for all ships except for core-ships. Crew can now equip their weapons and become marines only at constructed equipment stations. Press "E" while standing over a equipment station to equip a marine loadout. Marines cannot build, repair, crew ships, or crew weapons. Weapon handling for infantry has now been overhauled. Your weapon will be forced to lower into a "low ready" state if your muzzle passes through a wall. This means that longer barreled weapons are less effective in claustrophobic corridors. Marines also now have burst fire instead of fully automatic fire rates. Many blocks (including weapons and engines) now stop functioning when excessively damaged. They need to be repaired to function again. Killing players now grants the killer 50% of that player's resources. This is only a temporary measure to prevent the "tear down and suicide" exploit and will be further changed in the future. Players now have oxygen tanks that slowly expire when in space. Marines have larger oxygen tanks. You can replenish oxygen by walking over any tile that has oxygen, which is currently any ship-tile. This is a pre-requisite for the ship pressurization system we are currently building for the next update. Turrets now rotate smoothly and follow player cursors. Turrets have a maximum deviation, will not traverse through blocks that impede their movement, and will also not fire if a block from the ship it is mounted on impedes its line-of-sight. When a turret cannot follow a player's crosshair, it becomes comatose and awaits for another player's cursor to slave to. Only one single player can now operate a single cockpit at a time. Radar is now implemented for all ships, players must be in a cockpit to use it. Construction is now sorted by categories, press the category you want in order to cycle through blocks of that category. Left click to open the build menu, right click to close the build menu. Repairing is now restricted to your immediate vicinity. A small repair icon will appear on your cursor if you are able to repair. Left click repairs blocks, and right click deconstructs them. New effects Muzzle flashes for almost all weapons Firing animations for almost all weapons Impact animations for bullets impacting blocks Players in space now face the direction they are jetpacking towards Player corpses now appear when players are killed, these quickly fade away New environment artwork Internal and external sprites for entering cockpits and turrets. Now players can go "inside" things. This is a pre-requisite for full interior/exterior support for ships. In the future you will not be able to see inside ships unless you are actively aboard it. Positional sound engine implemented New sound effects for almost all blocks Sound is positional and will decrease in volume the further you are to it Sound is 3D and will be heard from the direction it is originating from A pre-requisite for in-game positional VOIP, bridge-to-bridge hailing, and crew radios
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    @Exonical I'm not sure that this will be available on other servers... Yet... This isn't a mod in the sense that you must download it and then make a server with it. This is all edited in game and used on the server that we do have. It's specifically made for accessibility, everything is server side, no additional download required. Additionally, as Drake stated before that the game mode is built for mods, and if you would like to use a mod with this you would need to have somebody create it, or create it yourself. I'm just here to test and give feedback, but I do like the direction the "Mod" is going, and a lot of progress has been made.
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    Additionally this means if you want to use it with mods... its very very simple. This gamemode is built for mods, but its up to the community to create new modded versions for those =)
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    i cant remember is this a download mod, or server side stuff.
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    i agree lambert. these are a great idea. its a great way to keep us updated on evertything.
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    I like these dev blogs, they're a great idea
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    I'm going to mod you the fuck out of you when I can.