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    I've been assessing all my options, I think I'll be ready to make a committed decision in the coming days
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    "Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator." Sigh. Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.
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    Welcome everyone to the Harsh Doorstop February roadmap update! Harsh Doorstop Pre-Alpha v0.01 Welcome to Harsh Doorstop's first development update, showcasing what we've accomplished, and what we're next looking to complete. Harsh Doorstop is an open source, and free development project... meaning we intend to cut costs, and incorporate affordable third-party material whenever possible. Our goal is to create an enjoyable, modifiable, multiplayer, team-work oriented platform for our community... developed affordably, and available for free. A strong reliance on third-party content makes this possible. Our core development team consists primarily of programmers and gameplay designers, orchestrating assets either purchased, developed in-house, or donated to the project. If you wish to contribute to the project, try to stay active in our primary development channels. Pre-Alpha v0.01 Video Showcase Enjoy the first video showcasing in-game footage of our initial framework. This framework showcases fundamental systems functioning in a multiplayer environment, including multi-passenger networked vehicles, true first person mechanics, large-scale detailed terrain, and elemental match management systems (round reset, factions, scoreboard, and match time.) Initial Features & Functions The first versions of Harsh Doorstop focus primarily on building fundamental systems needed to support a full game. Things such as multiplayer support, networked vehicles, true first-person perspectives, and basic infantry weapons. These systems are going to be continuously improved and polished throughout the lifespan of the project, and lay the groundwork for more advanced features in the future. Our current priorities revolve primarily around polishing vehicle integration (including network smoothing, physics balancing, and player interaction detailing) implementing new player animations (being custom developed by mistwalker) and balancing for realistic gameplay (which will better showcase our framework's potential for tactical gameplay.) Upcoming Features & Updates Subsequent versions of Harsh Doorstop will focus primarily on implementing wider variety of content, as well as establishing a pipeline for importing regular third-party content, and building an intuitive user interface for more seamless clientside game management (right now you launch the game and connect to servers through .bat files.) Importing third-party content. Building a reliable pipeline to regularly import third-party content will have major impacts on content release frequency. Unlike other commercial titles, Harsh Doorstop is openly embracing the idea of utilizing community developed content already available for Unreal Engine 4 on the open market. Using this to our advantage will allow us to implement large quantities of content at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time, keeping our project free to the public, but still content rich. Upcoming Content These assets are not free without a studio license (the above assets are created and licensed by Hum3D studio) so we will need to purchase (and fully convert, animate, and import) each asset for use in Harsh Doorstop. Each asset (depending on complexity) costs anywhere between 300$ and 1000$ after completion. To cover these expenses, we will be running small community fundraisers as we continue development of the game. With consistent funding, more assets can be purchased, imported into the engine, and released in Harsh Doorstop... allowing for constant new content available to the community (as long as our budget allows for it.) For those still skeptical on the feasibility of importing third-party assets into an existing Unreal Engine 4 game, here is an example of an identical model (purchased from Hum3D) imported into a playable build of Unreal Engine 4 by our team. We converted this into this User Interface Overhaul The current version of Harsh Doorstop has only a placeholder (or otherwise entirely absent) user interface for player interaction. However our developer @Ethik has been building an entirely overhauled menu, interface, and heads-up-display for Harsh Doorstop. This will completey rebase our game's accessibility, and player experience. The new menu systems should allow all players to easily navigate through dedicated hosted servers, manage video settings, as well as communicate with other players, and manage in-game inventory items. Here is the prototype radial menu working in-game Release Date Unlike other commercial titles... Harsh Doorstop has strictly adopted a "when it is done" development mentality. In fact we go beyond that... since this is a community developed game, we have also strictly adopted a "you can help us get this done faster" mentality. This means if you see an issue, or a feature you want, you can be the person to fix it, create it, or donate it. We only will finish this project as fast as the community comes together to help us. If you are interested in contributing, please ensure you INTRODUCE YOURSELF on our official Harsh Doorstop project forums. List your skills, your region, your experience, anything at all that could be useful to helping us finish our project. If you have no skills developing in Unreal Engine 4, you can still help us by FINDING US TALENTED DEVELOPERS TO RECRUIT or HELPING US PURCHASE UPCOMING ASSETS. However for today, that is everything to update you with! Thanks so much for your support everyone, and we all look forward to seeing you on the Harsh Doorstop battlefield! If you have any questions about the project, be sure to visit the forums and Discord! See you soon! - The Harsh Doorstop Team
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    You could always do these people a favour and explain to them the clear benefits of getting a PC. N0VA may not mean to imply PC Master Race, but I am certainly going to. There is no quantifiable metric where a console beats a PC, it's cheaper, the games are cheaper, the graphics are better, our "exclusives" are both more numerous and higher rated. Instead of Bluedrake spending money on a console server, perhaps the console players can sell their consoles and put the money towards the objectively better gaming platform.
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    Drove a transport vehicle fully loaded with my squad over an enemy mine is my favorite. My squad's usually have really fun conversations like "who would you rather". Had my squad mates singing smash mouth at point while driving in a BTR. Head on collision with a logi with another logi and had a conversation in all chat.(Brotherrrr was there) Think my favorite though is 2 Man SPG squad. The amount of shit that I get from the other team is great when it gets used effectively. This mourning, there was a guy in squad chat saying he can't lead his squad unless he has his Boneless pizza. FYI, we lost cause we never got any boneless pizza. Or the infamous last words "DON'T DRIVE ON THE ROADS, ENEMY MINES!" "Ah, we will be fi.......*BOOM* shit......." I wish i can run more marksman squads. Those are always great. Watching the enemy run around when they get sniped by a marksman and a scout to help spot for him. If only specific kits can be assigned by selecting what type of squad you wish to run. Btw, the normal squads I run, someone recording one of the matches.
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    In here you will find wallpapers, banner, avatars and more! Iron Armada Wallpaper #1 (1920x1080)
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    Evan it isn't discontinued per say. We still host the server for the download client, we wouldn't be hosting that if we didn't intend to revitalize the project at some point. Currently we just have too many things to finish up first (one of which was finishing this forum) before we can begin supporting BF1942 again. However I have no reason to not do that again. If anyone ever wants to start hosting for it themselves, we still have all the required files to allow that. Including the Mumble configurations.
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    Im pretty sure the fact we're a PC based community is because that's... the point? I understand where you're coming from but console games arent really the focus of this community.
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    Hey man =) I went ahead an added some more options for you <3 Unfortunately there is currently no "write in" option, and we would have to develop that ourselves We would gladly do it, but developing new commerce systems is a little more complex/sensitive than making things like video systems I don't want to write something that accidentally charges someone the wrong value, or can somehow be exploited haha so we take those upgrades/updates very slowly Until then we have a select box system, where I added most everything that I would expect people would be willing to pay =) Hopefully that works out for you! If you want to try again, it should be updated now =)
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    is this not you?
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    88Whatever, ie. Dearest Douchenozzle, Hello, this is your friendly neighborhood Flash. If you recall, I'm the admin who banned you, and pretending to not be on the ban list isn't going to make you *gasp* "not" on the ban list. My "ban spree" you are on about consisted of about 5 individuals who don't play by the server rules, and never wanted to, yourself included. The rest of them were only kicked, by the way, you were the only ban, and it felt good to do. Next time you're ingame (if you aren't banned everywhere else by now, could have fooled me from you coming on here trying to appeal), have a buddy of yours record you speaking and then have them play it back for you, and the amount of banging pots and pans in the background of your microphone will cause you to realize that whatever soup kitchen you're broadcasting from isn't suited to the standards of I.P. addresses we allow on our server. Please upgrade to at least a 4-star Michelin restaurant staffed by kittens and crying babies before attempting to appeal this ban any further. Sincerely Never Yours, Flash879 P.S.: I realize you only posted the appeal to gripe about the flagrant, "obvious" admin aboose (There's A Link For That) you feel has been incurred upon you, but let me remind you that military service is never an excuse to get out of things. Rather, it's supposed to be an honor upon your life and future, and for your fellow service-men and -women. You have failed them today by being the petty, whiny, little bitch that lower minded members of the U.S. Army (ie. your branch) make the U.S Air Force out to be, and you should feel gravely ashamed of yourself. Also buy a goddamned headset, they're $5 at a thrift store. Flash ouuuuwwwwt.
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    I have reviewed your appeal and it is not looking good for your innocence, mind explaining this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0fbAnL9fMI
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    this is some kind of heavy cannon [don't even say anything about the stupid looking shell that can easily be fixed I was just too lazy xD]
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    Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising OFDR Forums
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    No problem. As for recommendations, I would work on the grammar, primarily the sentence structure. Do not be afraid to put a period at the end of a short thought or sentence. It is fine and will make the piece flow better. It is generally good to place smaller simpler sentences in between the larger ones as it becomes hard to read huge long sentences that just keep on going and throwing tons of ideas your way without leaving you even the slightest room to think about what is being said in any way. You were good at doing this in the first and last paragraphs, but the middle background bit was a bit dense. There are some personal tastes as well. I am really picky about my techno mumble, but I feel oddly satisfied with what you wrote about, so good job on that front. The gum bit seems a bit too silly, kind of out of place, but I guess it is supposed to be that... I am also really picky about my politics... +1 about the underground economy of committee positions, made me smile; +2 for the boredom terrorists. Reminds me of Warhammer 40k Dark Eldar. For what it was worth, I enjoyed the story!
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    I know i myself am fairly swamped right now, but i have no problem downloading and playing with ya if you want!
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    Can you upload it to mega or somewhere that is actually good??
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    not working for me. "Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator."
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    Can we burn Disney down so we can fund and make this game.
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    Hi, my name is Meandia and i am an amateur game developer from Greece. I came here after stumbling upon one of DRK's videos, i found the things he talked about really interesting. Now , i want to talk about my latest project, Casus Belli (a game name i thought about a year before battlefield devs did). Casus Belli is my own twist of an army survival milsim. What i am looking to do is develop my game either in Unreal or Unity (i started in unreal but deleted my project halfway through because i started it as a battle royale and could not adapt it to the style i believe fits it best), using spatialOS this could be one of the first BIG scale multiplayer games. What my idea is, is making a simple first/third person mild RPG. I'd love for people to tell me their opinions and suggest anything that could help, i am currently stuck on some multiplayer aspects. For some more information about my project you can visit the bellum.studio website or simply PM me. I'm happy to be a member of this community, looking forward to contributing more!
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    =DRK= official Squad server event. Where: Free Candy Van When: Sunday, November 12th
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    Do we have any idea of a time? also people attending should probably respond to this thread in the forums
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    I love the idea of having a completely open community for everyone that plays milsim games. I'm still on vacation right now, but I'm super excited to start playing squad with you guys once I get home. - deadlyseal
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    Crewman Training Crewman V. Is individual based and will focus on all the vehicles and how to operate them. Shooting and driving. Crewman VI. Is group based and will focus on how to use vehicles in a group or coordination with other vehicles, infantry or assets. Ticket value: Vehicles in squad are valued at a certain number of tickets, and if destroyed in the field will incur a ticket loss in the same way when an infantryman gets incapacitated and killed. Respawn timer: When destroyed, a new replacement vehicle will spawn after a certain amount of time has elapsed that is different for each vehicle. If a vehicle flips over, it will catch on fire to get it off the map. This will take a while, and your team will be without an asset for a while. Pay attention to where you drive. Other Stuff To enter or exit a vehicle, press F. In order to drive a vehicle, you have to first claim the vehicle and then start the engine. To be able to start the engine, make sure you have assigned a keyboard key to the vehicle control "Vehicle toggle engine" in the settings menu (default E). If you are a gunner you can normaly zoom-in by pressing the default key Q . Russian Vehicles FIRE SUPPORT BTR-80 KPVT APC BTR-82A IFV MT-LBM APC W/ NSVT MT-LBM 6MB IFV US Army Vehicles FIRE SUPPORT M1151 HMMVW M1151 HMMVW CROWS IAV Stryker M-ATV MRAP Insurgents FIRE SUPPORT Armed Technical Rocket Artillery Technical Recoilless Gun Technical BRDM-2 MT-LB Irregular Militia FIRE SUPPORT Armed Technical Rocket Artillery Technical Recoilless Gun Technical BRDM-2 MT-LB MT-LBM BTR-80 Tactics Armor and infantry work best by taking advantage of each other's strengths and combining to minimise the weaknesses. In many conflicts, it was usual to see infantry riding on the back of tanks, ready to jump off and provide support when necessary. The APC should simply transport the infantry to the objective, and then stay away from it to do its own thing. Providing overwatch, denying the enemy a counter attack by facing a certain area, or work with other assets in the area. Find good spots where only the turret of the vehicle is exposed to the target, or maintaining a large distance from any target to make it impossible to hit the apc with anti tank weapons. Always use infantry to support the APC as any armored attack that is committed without infantry support is destined to lose. Armored Assault Focus on Destroying Anti-Tank Units The enemy Anti-Tank force is of great concern to armor, make sure they focus on listening in on the teams’ comms for any information regarding it, or be on look out for it. Punch Through Their Lines When you can, use armor as a way to punch through places where the infantry could not, by pounding their hard points, and taking out key enemy bunkers and machine gun nests. Find Enemy FOBs Being able to move a lot of firepower quickly allows armor to move through the enemy’s lines and take out their reinforcement points. Never miss an opportunity to do so. Keep the vehicles togheter when they fight, and always rely on intel before charging into any area. APCs should never move into flags.
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    There is a new gamemode being announced soon
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    Create a new thread in this forum, and title it "Instructor application". Fill out the following information: In-Game Name: Steam ID64: Date of Birth (Age): Country: Time Zone: Spoken Languages: Time Playing Squad: Anything else? Thank you Wicca
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    You could of at least let us finish the round lol.
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    NEVER! Just kidding, but the server has been scary stable lately
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    Youtube would have to care enough to let something like that matter. This isn't a legal issue, its simply the fact that Youtube has control of their platform and can do whatever they want. I'm getting demonetized simply because the system is inaccurate, and Youtube doesn't care enough to fix it for channels like mine.
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    lmao yall have so much hours in game hahah im at fucking 23 hours
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    Space zombies!?... "Ya know Lloyd, just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!!!" This is a great idea Melon, I would like to help in any way I possibly can!
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    Sorry for the confussion, my bad, i take it on me. But we will unban you in shortly!
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    Hey all. Names Rodney. Failing YouTuber, a wannabe voice actor, I just got laid off from my job and may have to go on disability for a bad heart, BUT, what I am hoping to achieve is that someone might help me make some friends, learn as much as I can if possible and help this community in some way. I am a blank slate just waiting for someone to start writing. Lol! I want to see this community get bigger than YouTube and if I can help (obviously not financially because I'm a scrub) I will do so.
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    (ive copied your guidebook and will take a look threw it on my next joint smoke) thanks love the game more then anything totally avid player came from a long time battling in CS GO but PR was a way way different learning curve for me it was not the same close quarters battle operations i was use too getting help can be hard as well as i can clearly hear players degrading others over the radio for the way they play or if they unaware of how the game mechanics work that really needs to stop its sad hopefully after some long hours on this game i can go around and mentor other players and teach them some of the basics sorry for not filling out the appeal form properly new to your page and new to the game i came to appeal because i enjoy playing with people close to my country(canada) and the server always has guys from the US playing so its a good fit for me thanks again for looking at my appeal slammed and have a good day buddie In-Game Name:*SGT.B.R.* CD Hash (Identifier):7e7da46dcb38ae2e858dfcaacb65a534 Date of Appeal:3/29/2017 Date of Infraction:3/28/2017 Administrator on Duty (if Applicable):N/A Additional Information:was banned for what i believe was me crashing the helicopter? or possibly returning fire on a teammate using me as target practice? or maybe even my mic?
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    @cody_laws1 The mod is all server side, it's been stated since the beginning of development that the goal is to use vanilla assets to create something truly unique and special. This potentially allows more players to access the mod without the need to download any extra files.
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    Awesome. Just a question tough: Are there any plans on implementing an Insurgency mode like in PR with FIA/Syndikat forces?
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    Hello everyone, I'm Zdenko aka SandwichSimple or short [SS] *wink, wink*. I'm from a smaller country in Eastern Europe, called Croatia from the Balkan region. (wiki linked for you lazy asses who want to know more about it) I used to play some PR and Swat 4 before, then i got a job and worked a lot, got tired, didn't play for a while, hell didn't even turn on my pc for like a month, now i'm back in da gamee baby... also, now that I got some money of that work, I finally managed to buy Arma 3, just so I can play with all the great members of this community, I love playing military oriented games, simulator games, especially games based on teamwork. I'm a pretty fast learner and like to learn new stuff, either in general, or gaming related, love to work with technology and stuff PC related in general, always open for critics and suggestions. I'm so happy to become a member of this community, also can't wait to start gaming again, as soon as my Arma 3 is downloaded, will see you guys on the battlefield Please be my friend!
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    We're sorry, but this game takes place in the future. Only SM0REs (Space Meals 0cal Ready to Eat) and Soylent Green allowed. The only food source true members of an Iron Armada need is the vacuum dried blood of the enemy. Not to mention that the sacrilegion caused by any representation of His Noodly Appendages would be too offensive to me to put in the game. I'm sorry, this has gone too far.
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    Forum is really cool, what're your guys' opinion on it? I like it better than the Xenforo one, IPS is by far one of my favorite forum softwares. It transferred the old titles from Xenforo, haven't figured out how to change it, maybe I need an Administrator, if you guys know, please share, : )
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    I saw this mod when I was a kid, roaming around searching for Crysis Mods but never actually grasped at it fully. Now that BlueDrake blew it up in the air a little bit I might give it an actual whirl, will attempt to download it during the weekend. Hope to see folks in-game soon!
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    New forum is definitely more intuitive and has a nicer appearance. However, it does look awfully a lot like a social media site now... lol Also this account got deleted very recently, so maybe some newer users got deleted?
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    Sorry deivez beta tester applications have been closed for now , we hope to have something for you to test soon.
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    Visit our Discord channel @Kurzak https://discord.gg/pVj4nqM