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  1. Island Paradise

    AKA "I haven't found shit but I don't want other people to look" I understand
  2. Island Paradise

    ... you realize this is a game right, its not in the picture.
  3. Island Paradise

    Version 1.0.0


    A simple island paradise level, created by Anil Isbilir. An example of the large environments Unreal Engine 4 is able to support by default.


  4. Grapple Hook

    Version 1.0.0


    A fun grapple hook creation by Kelint, reminiscent of Spiderman and World's Adrift! This project is not replicated, and is singleplayer only. However, the project is still fun and the source code is available through the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace. Drakeling Labs purchased a license and packaged a build for our users to enjoy!


  5. Voxel Sandbox

    Version 1.0.0


    A voxel sandbox simulation written by CodeSpartan. This project includes procedural terrain and environments... showing the capability of the Unreal Engine when combined with voxel technology. The source code is available on the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace, for anyone to use in their own projects. Drakeling Labs owns a license to the source project, and is investigating the flexibility of its application. The system could potentially be used to power advanced destruction mechanics in first person shooters, or also power limited destruction mechanics for specific entities (such as houses, or walls.) This project has been packaged by Drakeling Labs, and provided for free to our users. Our hopes is that our users will experiment and create with this program, and provide feedback on their experience! This technology may eventually be applied to in-game map editors, which could allow players to create new content for games without needing any Unreal Engine experience.


  6. Vehicle Sandbox

    Version 1.0


    A vehicle sandbox created by EA3D. This vehicle system is an excellent example of what the Unreal Engine 4 open development community is capable of. The source code for this project is available to anyone who owns a license purchased through the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace. Drakeling Labs purchased a license to EA3D's work, and packaged a sandbox demonstration for our users to enjoy. This prototype is not networked or replicated, and we are currently researching how to properly adapt EA3D's work to a replicated multiplayer environment. However, the primary vehicle currently features fully simulated suspension, fully modeled interiors, animated doors, animated lights, functional weapons, and a basic destruction model. While we continue expanding this framework within our own projects, we hope you enjoy this basic sandbox showcasing the system's capabilities.


  7. Play a Game: Planned Battle on the offical IA server View the full article
  8. Join the community for a battle event on the official IA server Fri, 19 Jan 2018 19:00 UTC View the full article
  9. Important meeting: Hello everyone! Today we are having our tri-weekly development meeting, that is open to the public! We have these on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week at 4PM EST! Everyone is allowed to join, however only active developers are allowed to speak. However everyone else is still free to type in chat, and we will be taking questions (and feedback/suggestions) from the community! You can join here: Cheers! View the full article
  10. Hotfix Patch 3.3.0 We just released patch 3.3.0 which fixes a few critical bugs, and also does some backend work to help us with future development! If you want to know the specifics, make sure you check our commit log here![] The primary changelog highlights for this patch are: Fixed crash when respawning on non-existant core Rebuilt underlying systems to be more organized for future development Fixed issue with selected servers not highlighting properly For those of you who like to follow along with development, we also had our weekly review meeting on Discord today. You can view the meeting notes here. If you would like to keep up with community meetings, event tests, and our daily changelog... you can join our Discord server by visiting the link below! Links for our community portals: Cheers! ~ Bluedrake42 Drakeling LabsView the full article
  11. Iron Armada ► Developer Meetings

    Hello everyone! Today I wanted to go over our development meeting schedule, that is completely open to the public, so you can stay up to date (and even have an influence on) our weekly development cycle! Meeting Schedule For those of you who are interested in being a part of Iron Armada's development cycle, you can attend our weekly meeting sessions that we hold publicly in our Discord! Our current meeting schedule is: Monday - at 4PM EST Wednesday - at 4PM EST Friday - at 4PM EST You can join our public meeting channel here[] where we hold our weekly meetings! Currently only developers (or lead testers) are allowed to talk during the meetings, however everyone is still allowed to type in our public text channels... and of course listen in! We also keep public recordings of all our meetings in the past, so you can feel free to check our archives to catch up... so you never miss anything! Here is the archive of our last meeting: We also keep a general topic and notes overview of the meeting in text form on Google documents! So you can also quickly check the summary of what we covered that day! Here are the general notes of our last meeting on Google documents. We'll continue to post follow up announcements for our future meetings! Hopefully (if you're interested in contributing to Iron Armada's future) you'll be able to attend! Anyone who is interested in helping report bugs, discuss gameplay ideas, organize events, make roadmap suggestions, and also generally test the game are more than encouraged to join! Thanks so much for attending the last meeting everyone, and we hope to see you all at the next one! Links for our community portals: Cheers! ~ Bluedrake42 Drakeling LabsView the full article
  12. Oxygen and airlocks Last development blog you all voted on which of the three upcoming features we should implement first! Oxygen & airlocks won by a huge margin! Now today, we're here to talk about how we're going to implement it! How will pressure will be implemented? Many people forget what Iron Armada looked like two years ago! For those of you who forgot... here is a little reminder (this is actually relevant =P) When we first started working on the Iron Armada engine framework... many things you take for granted now... weren't in the game at all (remember that Iron Armada isn't built on an engine like Unity! It is built from its entirely own custom codebase in Java... kindof like Minecraft) Every little detail of the game (bullets, destruction, player death, animations, moving, building, walking, and more!) had to be built from scratch. So... for example, when you used to break a ship in half (in older Iron Armada builds) it wouldn't break in half. This was because the computer literally didn't understand the concept of things "breaking apart" and we had to develop that concept from the ground up. When you think about it... even the seemingly simple concept of "breaking" is a little more complex when teaching it to a computer. So to keep processor usage low, but still simulate convincing "breaks" for ships in Iron Armada... we devised the following mechanism: Every time a ship tile is changed, or removed... the computer does a manual "flood fill" of the ship, originating from the point of the change. If the computer can still fill every tile of the ship during the flood fill, then it does nothing. However... if not, then the computer marks the isolated tiles and deletes them. Then at the exact same second, the computer re-spawns the isolated tiles as a completely new ship... in the exact same position they were when they were deleted. This results in two separate physical objects... creating the effective illusion of a ship "break." That is currently how the destruction system still works today! Why is this important? Because that flood fill system (the one we developed years ago) is exactly the same mechanic we're going to use to simulate atmospheric pressure! Every tile in Iron Armada currently has a parameter for "I have oxygen" or "I am a vacuum." For instance... this is why you recharge oxygen on a ship corridor tile, but lose oxygen while standing on an asteroid (try it yourself!) However this is also why (in the current version of Iron Armada) you can recharge oxygen on a floor tile... that is floating in the vacuum of space. However now... In order to detect that oxygen is in a sealed environment... the "ship split" mechanic will be copied and re-purposed. Now, instead of finding "breaks" in a ship... the system will look for "holes" in a room. Every time a ship tile is changed or removed, the same flood fill mechanic will originate from the offending tile. From here... the system will flood fill the ship, and decide if any "floor" tile (or otherwise non-pressurized tile) is touching a "vacuum" (or empty) tile. If it is... then that entire tileset is then set to vacuum. Simple... clean... and hopefully also very network efficient ship pressurization! Which is what we've been hoping for all along =) When is this patch coming out!? Hopefully soon! We're still working on a few bugs and critical fixes in the mean time, but we'll be releasing a feature patch (with oxygen) hopefully shortly after! If you all want to follow up with development, remember YOU CAN WATCH US DEVELOPING THE GAME IN REAL TIME ON GITLAB! You can also follow our development blogs and posts on our Discord, and our forums! We really value your input, feedback, and most importantly bug reports! So if you want to help us get these great features in faster... please stick around there! Outside of that... thank you everyone who has purchased the game, and supported development so far. We know we're still in an early state of development, but your support has already made a huge difference for us... and we are humbled by it. We hope you all will visit us on our Discord, and stick around for our community events! We're excited to work on our next feature after oxygen... which will include a singleplayer update! This way... many of you nightowls can continue playing the game, after the rest of the community is fast asleep =) Until then... I hope to see you on the space battlefield soon! Links for our community portals: Cheers! ~ Bluedrake42 Drakeling LabsView the full article
  13. Iron Armada ► FAQ on Pricing

    Hello everyone! Today I wanted to do an exclusive development blog about pricing (and the future versions of Iron Armada) answering many questions the community has asked. Keep in mind, before anything else, that Iron Armada is currently an early access game. I cannot stress enough... that if you do not enjoy Iron Armada in its current form, you are not obligated to purchase it what-so-ever. We totally support anyone watching and waiting, to wait until the game meets their expectations before they buy =) If you truly believe in our game... and you really want to help us succeed, then your purchase will go directly towards helping this game develop. Drakeling Labs never did any Kickstarter, or any other crowdfunding project for this title... because we believe in letting players choose to support a game, based off of its current build... not off of vague promises of a better game. So with that said... please remember. If you would like to support development, you can purchase the currently available Pioneer's Edition of the game... and participate in our early alpha builds (and receive the full game at launch.) However if you would otherwise like to wait... until the game is further along in development, before you commit your money... then we entirely encourage you to do so! With that out of the way, let's answer some questions =) Question #1 - What will Iron Armada cost on release? We thought we had our price nailed down to 15$... but then after thinking more (and also finally having access to Steam's storefront API) we realized that there are so many other ways we could price Iron Armada to better suit our community. For instance... I would love to have a free version of the game available at launch. Games like Unturned have done INCREDIBLY well by allowing their players to optionally purchase the game, and support development... but still allow everyone (regardless of purchase) to still play. I would love to have something like that for Iron Armada. However we're not currently entirely sure HOW we would implement something like this. Steam has a limited number of ways to manage your game's pricing, and some of these methods require Valve's approval (or complicated technical requirements that need to be completed before you are able.) Because of this... we're taking our time during early access to better understand Steam's storefront API, and what pricing options we're given during release (and what effects each option will have down the road.) In the mean-time, we have a founder's early access edition of Iron Armada available to anyone who wants to immediately access the game... and support development. However if anyone feels they would like to wait until the game is more completed until purchasing, then we entirely encourage you to do so! To reiterate, if you would like to purchase the game now... we feel you should either already enjoy the game in its current format, or you feel generous enough to support development during our alpha! Otherwise, we have no grudge against you if you would like to wait =) Question #2 - What is currently in Iron Armada? Everything advertised on the store page is already in the game! We do not advertise any feature, or any aspect of Iron Armada... that isn't already included in the current version. Currently in Iron Armada there are: Fighters, frigates, and capital ships that each player can build themselves. Resource mining, destructible asteroids, and capture-able planets (that we want to expand upon soon!) A structured team vs team gamemode, where two sides compete to capture planets, destroy enemy ships, and harvest greater resources. Cooperative ship features, including player manned turrets, boarding other ships, salvaging derelict vessels, and capturing enemy craft. Currently there is only one gamemode in the game, but each server has the ability to create its own new maps, starting ships, and gamemode layouts! However by default, we have included three ship designs and three default maps for new servers! Question #2 - When is the release date for Iron Armada? Iron Armada took about two years of development to reach Steam Greenlight, and then one year of development to reach Steam Early Access. Overall, as we gain more support (and can afford to feed ourselves!) development is progressing faster! This means I expect Iron Armada to reach a full release much sooner than we expected... but there is also considerably more work to do than our cycle leading up to Steam Greenlight! So ultimately... I can only say, as long as the game needs! We want to continuously update Iron Armada regularly, so that our community can see and feel the progress we are making... however I definitely don't want to release the game too early! Many games (like Rimworld) took the time they needed during early access to really refine their game into something special, something that exploded when they finally decided to launch. I would love to follow in those same footsteps... and take the time we need to make this game great, and use Steam's Early Access platform to its full purpose. As a place to grow our game right, to connect with our community, and to deeply incorporate all our early supporters into the development (and decision making) process of the game <3 Hopefully that is something everyone from our community can fully understand and support! We're here to make something great... and to put our money where our mouth is. If you don't like the game in its current form, and don't want to buy it... we completely endorse that. However if you want to come on this journey with us, and support our game that you believe in... we humbly accept your support, and we look forward to making this game together with you =) Thanks everyone who has been a part of our game so far, and to everyone else watching and waiting... we hope we get to meet your expectations soon =) Links for our community portals: Cheers! ~ Bluedrake42 Drakeling LabsView the full article
  14. Hello everyone! We're constantly updating and building Iron Armada, and we like to incorporate our community into that process! Every few weeks we like to poll our players on what feature they would like to see next! In addition to our regular updates of fixes and upgrades of course =P What would you like to see in the next major build of Iron Armada! Help us choose our research and development tree <3 Voite here: Singleplayer & Automated Ship Drones Currently Iron Armada is multiplayer only! However luckily for us... it is considerably easier to make a multiplayer game singleplayer, than a singleplayer game multiplayer! We've been working on systems that enable local singleplayer. Basically allowing the player to invisibly host and join their own private multiplayer session, without needing an internet connection! Of course it would be pretty boring to play by yourself without anything to shoot at... so we've also been developing a series of "drone core" blocks! These blocks act as artificial intelligence computers for the ships they are attached to! Meaning singleplayer matches could include waves of drone starships to fight, salvage, and capture! If you want singleplayer to be our next priority, vote here! Pressurized Ships & Airlocks "I want to see shoot at a ship, and suffocate all the crew!" So do we dear player... so do we. Currently Iron Armada has a basic oxygen supply system in place... players have their own oxygen tanks, which slowly deplete with off a ship! However that isn't as much fun as suffocating your opponants to death with a few well placed shots! This feature is actually much easier for us to implement than many players would believe! Our ship blocks already have support for "this block does or doesn't have oxygen" and flood fill mechanics, both of which are the primary pre-requisites for a proper oxygen system! If we implement this system... don't worry, player suits will still be a thing! However players without suits will be considerably less encumbered... allowing for greater ship-command capability! This will keep a smart balance between vulnerable non-suit players, and vacuum immune suited players! If you want oxygen and airlocks to be our next priorty, vote here! Armor Piercing Bullets & Explosives Sometimes blowing up a ship isn't fun enough... sometimes you need to blow up a ship in style. Currently Iron Armada has simple damage mechanics. You have a gun. Your enemy has a block. You shoot gun at block. Block takes damage. Done However... I'm not sure about the rest of you, but one of my favorite shows is The Expanse... and I can't get that one scene out of my head... you know, the one with the bullets tearing through their pressurized hull? We want our battles to feel like this when Iron Armada is done. We have already laid the ground work for an advanced ballistics and armor penetration system... allowing for a huge variety of weapon types, and ammunition combinations. Not just rounds that pierce through enemy armor... but rounds that explode after penetration. Bunker buster bombs. Rockets. High explosive anti tank rounds. Nuclear torpedoes... and more. To begin this, we'll need to polish up and implement our base armor piercing and area-of-effect damage functions. We already have a few prototypes completed... but we'll need to have a few focus sessions to finish implementing it into the game! If you want advanced weapon systems implemented next, vote here! Upcoming tech tree features! These first three features are only the current systems we're working on... but as development progresses, we're expecting to have votes on future roadmap features as we get closer to our full release! Some of the upcoming features we're working on are: In-game VOIP, including hailing other ships, and talking with other crewmembers using positional audio. Multiplayer campaigns, including a strategic meta-game, planets with buildable factories/shipyards/defenses, and player crew "squads." A complete power management overhaul, including new systems that influence ship power, require powerline connections, and reward dedicated power management "engineering" players. Expanded ammunition systems, that allow ships to dock and replenish ammunition stocks. Also allow for "targeted" attacks that can cause secondary internal explosions within ships. Ship fuel and fuel management functionality... requiring ships to mine, process, and maintain fuel stores. Also allowing the potential for "afterburner" thrusters that consume more fuel in exchange for additional speed. A complete user interface overhaul, making the entire game much more fluid, intuitive, and streamlined. Besides that, we're still working on fixing bugs, improving stability, and planning future features beyond our full release! Thank you to everyone who has purchased the game and supported development so far, and for those of you who have not yet purchased the game due to financial constraints... hold tight! We'll have something for you too soon! Until then, I'll see you on the! Links for our community portals: Cheers! ~ Bluedrake42 Drakeling LabsView the full article
  15. Here is a current log of current known issues, these will hopefully be fixed in the next patch! However we still think its important to let you know about them. Improper closedown Currently (if exited improperly, such as ALT+F4) the game will not properly close down... and will be left hanging in your processes. Since Iron Armada is a Steam game, sometimes this will be seen as Iron Armada "still running" when it isn't really. In order to fix this (on Windows) all you need to do is press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and (if you haven't already) press "more details." From there... simply find the process labeled "Iron Armada" and right click, then select "end task." This will be fixed in the next patch, when we include a secondary check to ensure the entire game is closed... even if exited improperly. Little things like this is why we like to test the game with our community, because we find little things like this that we would normally miss internally =P Crash when respawning in-between rounds, or on a non-existent core Currently when your player is killed, and you are waiting to respawn before the game has restarted... your game will crash (because your character is trying to respawn on a core that doesn't exist anymore!) This will be fixed with the next patch as well. Since we only need to put in a function that gives the game a fallback when the core you're trying to spawn on doesn't exist anymore. Hopefully an easy fix for 3.2.1! Server browser highlights wrong server Currently when using the server browser, it has trouble highlighting any other server other than the first one! Do not worry however, you can still join the server you're pointing at... its only the UI that is highlighting it improperly! Again, an easy fix for next patch! <3 Thanks so much everyone for your help so far! Finding these issues and fixing them is very important for us! If you have any questions, make sure you head to our Discord and forums to post there! After we spend some time bug-fixing, I'll be posting our next development update which will cover new features we're working on =) and also hopefully have a community vote on which feature we should include next! Links for our community portals: Cheers! ~ Bluedrake42 Drakeling LabsView the full article