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  1. Doesn't work for me either... maybe I banned myself too 0.o
  2. So unfortunately we're probably going to have to deny this application. Obviously honesty and integrity are pretty important, and we've had issues with people who haven't taken projects seriously in the past (or even attempted to sabotage projects, or otherwise do dishonest things) so little things like this send up red flags for us. Appreciate the interest though, and obviously the game will be out for everyone when it is completed... so you'll still be able to play it then, or possibly contribute when we implement workshop support. Cheers!
  3. Also we won't be moving Warfare 1944 to Unreal Engine. We have another game in Unreal Engine that we haven't announced yet. It would make more sense to just release both games, than to try and recreate either game in another engine. Both Unity and Unreal have their pros and cons, and technically neither engine is "better" than the other... since ideally being an engine, you can theoretically do whatever you want with it (including making great netcode.) However there are lot's of opportunities, software, and other solutions available to each engine separately... and we like working in both on different projects just to explore all the cool things each development community has to offer. We'd like to push Warfare 1944 to the brink, to see what it is capable of... and we'd also like to push Unreal to the brink with our other projects. We have no expectations, and we intend to make the best game out of whatever either engine is capable of. We've seen reasonable evidence that Unity is capable of powering 100+ player games, as well as Unreal Engine 4. We'll be testing both, and seeing how far we can push both of them. No matter what happens, you can rest assured that each year both engines are expanding and changing. For all we know, Unity might outpace Unreal in terms of networking over the upcoming months... or maybe not. We'll just have to see!
  4. Pretty massive misunderstanding here. That isn't "Unity allows you to make a 20 CCU player game if you own this license" that is "Unity will supply cloud servers and networking support for 20 CCU player game if you own this license." I'm not sure if you are aware, but Unity has their own multiplayer cloud hosting infrastructure that can power multiplayer games entirely. If you decide to make a multiplayer game using another networking solution that you create yourself, or implement something such as community hosted dedicated servers, then there is no virtual limit to the number of players your game can host. Hopefully that clears things up. Unity isn't saying you're not allowed to make games over 20 players if you don't own their premium versions of Unity. They're saying they'll supply the multiplayer servers to cover 20 CCU. Which FYI is pretty astronomically small. That isn't 20 CCU per server, that's 20 CCU total... that tier is literally only meant for development teams to test their games before migrating to another networking solution (or upgrading to Unity's higher tier networking solution.)
  5. If you could, go ahead and private message me so we can verify your identity. Some flags on DocuSign authentication came up that suggest you may not be who you say you are, so we just need to verify. Thanks!
  6. Will be released soon =P I never put out release dates for anything, because as always we say it'll be released when it is ready. I think the first version is very close to being done though! If you are over 18 you can go sign up as a beta tester and be involved =) but otherwise, it should hopefully be out within the next 30-60 days... HOPEFULLY!
  7. Hey, your friend AmBanan reminded me to process this application. You need to send me your full name and email, and also your parent/guardian's full name and email. Then I will send out the contract for underage users.
  8. That... looks... perfect. Keep polishing that up and then I will work on getting that in-game ASAP.
  9. Welcome everyone to the Warfare 1944 April development blog! Drakeling Labs in 2018 Welcome to our first official development blog of 2018! Hopefully this will mark a regular increase of development blogs following into the year. The past eight months have been a crash course in improving our infrastructure, expanding our network, and generally improving our understanding of how best to build and maintain a successful development community. Improved community systems, functions, and infrastructure. We're excited to have ever improving development infrastructure. Since last year, we've spent considerable time expanding our development, community, and legal platforms. Now we're happy to have automated applications, improved development issue tracking, and expanded legal infrastructure. For those of you who have followed us for years, you'll know how important this is to us... and how much security, peace of mind, and time these improvements will save our development teams. If you wish to follow the project, try to stay active in our primary development channels. Introducing Warfare 1944 For our first major development blog of 2018, and after months of work, we're incredibly excited to reveal our Warfare 1944 project! Warfare 1944, being built on Unity, is the perfect project to round out our development résumé. Our community now has active projects in every major concurrently popular development platform, including Unity (Warfare 1944,) Unreal Engine 4 (Harsh Doorstop,) and Java/LibGDX (Iron Armada.) This gives us the golden opportunity to explore (and connect with) each respective development community we work in, finding new talent, ideas, and opportunities everywhere we go! Screenshots from our first multiplayer event in Warfare 1944. Version One, Roadmap As with all our projects, we like to keep our first playable humble and our long-term ambitions high. However this means that, as always, our first prototype will be simple... and will serve as a baseline build for us to modify into the full game we all want to play. Version one is currently planned to include: 12 Weapons Currently we plan on implementing the M1 Garand, Karabiner 98k, M1 Thompson, Maschinenpistole 40, Sturmgewehr 44, Browning Automatic Rifle, M1 Bazooka, Panzerfaust, Luger, M1911, Stielhandgranate, and MK2 hand grenade. 2 Maps Our first two maps will include a traditional "Normandy" beachhead style map, and a "Carrier Assault" style map using our newly developed aircraft carrier. Naval vessels will not be command-able in our first playable build, however we think our "Carrier Assault" map will give players an idea of what naval combat can look like in future builds. Advance & Secure Naturally our community is rooted in Project Reality, and we have no intention of releasing a tactical shooter without our beloved Advance & Secure gamemode. The first version of Warfare 1944 will include a simple version of this gamemode, that is balanced for infantry. All planned weapons for Warfare 1944, version one. Long-Term Roadmap The current feature list is still only scratching the surface of what we have planned for Warfare 1944. However more importantly, we build all our games to function like a platform... just as much as a game. So our long-term features plan to incorporate systems for user creation, workshop support, and beyond... just as much as we plan to incorporate new content and mechanics. Assets currently being rigged, animated, and developed into fully functional pawns. Plans for drive-able vehicles, command-able naval vessels, one hundred player servers, and more are all on our roadmap. We already have a significant amount of experience developing similar systems for our other games in the past (for instance Iron Armada's multi-crew ship system) so while difficult... we expect over time (and with the community's support) all these things (and more) will slowly make their way into our game. Beyond our currently published long-term roadmap, we plan to keep our more unique plans for the game discreet. Copying other games nowadays is easier than ever before! So we want to make sure the ideas we are most proud of, we keep confidential until release. However... for anyone interested in participating, make sure you file a beta tester application here. How To Participate Obviously the only limiting factor on how much we can create, is largely dependent on the help we receive from the community! If you are interested in helping with development... make sure you file an application in the following forum! Beyond this, if you are interested in being a part of the upcoming public beta... keep an eye on our official channels! Our public beta will be released through our website when finally available. So if you don't already have an account, make one as soon as possible! Otherwise... thank you so much everyone to your ongoing support, especially our monthly supporters who keep our community lights on. I hope many of you are proud of the work that we have done, and how far we've come from a simple server community. If you want to continue following our progress, and our story... make sure you follow these official development blogs by signing up for our direct notifications and you will always stay informed! Until then, I hope to see you on the battlefield! See you soon! - Everyone at Drakeling Labs
  10. Looks incredible. I definitely think we should keep in mind that the class, squad, and spawn menu are all closely liked. I'm not sure if it may be better to have them somehow all be consolidated into a single main menu. We could also potentially just use Battlefield 2's layout verbatim. I have no problem adhering to previously established layouts for our first versions, and then perhaps slowly evolving into something more unique to ourselves over time.
  11. The issue board, although it needs to be updated.
  12. Yup. That looks perfect. Don't forget the spawn selection map =P Also do you need the 2D weapon profiles? If you do, here they are!
  13. I am actually thinking about still having Squads (Project Reality style) for this game. Maybe make a few concepts of Squad screens?
  14. Post suggestions for Harsh Doorstop's Tuesday meeting agenda. Top voted topics will be discussed.
  15. Post suggestions for Warfare 1944's Monday meeting agenda. Top voted topics will be discussed.
  16. Post suggestions for Iron Armada's Monday meeting agenda. Top voted topics will be discussed.
  17. Fuck that looks slick, incredible job man. Have you filed a developer application?
  18. Hey man, do you have a parent or guardian that would be okay with signing for you?
  19. That would be great man =) feel free to post anything you make here! Would love to see it!
  20. We have no intention of distributing under the MIT license. The idea was to make the project open source, so people could modify and play with it... not so they can use it for their own commercial purposes. Also Github only has a 1GB repository limit, which makes it impossible to host a project of any real fortitude. Currently we simply just have a private repository, that we make open to anyone who is interested in development and who signs our non-disclosure agreement (which allows us to bypass Unreal Engine 4's distribution limitations, since technically only members of our "team" are granted access to Epic materials.)
  21. Hey man, thanks for your application but you'll need to sign the NDA. If you check the first question of the application, there should be a link to sign there.