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  1. Definitely something we've thought of doing, but just need to do it the right way. In fact we're thinking about overhauling the mining system entirely, where instead of credits... you have rock pieces inside your inventory, that you then have to go process by "selling" to a factory.
  2. Reuploading the multiplayer mod at the request of a few others. In order to host a server that others can see, make sure you open ports 9100-9105 for UDP on your local router firewall. Our community has hosted a new master server for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Unzip these two files into your root Dragon Rising directory, and browse other player servers in the LAN browse section in multiplayer. If you like this modification, please consider making a donation, or becoming a supporter here. We need to pay monthly bills to keep the master server active, and your support helps us do that. IMPORTANT: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising's servers are NOT dedicated. Every server you see is hosted by a PLAYER. This means that if you connect to games from Australia, and you're in Canada... you're going to have a bad time. The dedicated server files were never released for this game... in fact some of us think they were never made at all. This means you should try to play on servers within your local area... with low ping. If you don't, you might just ruin the experience of both yourself... and everyone else in the game. Private matches will probably help avoid this. If you have any issues, make sure you report them HERE. Keep in mind Dragon Rising is no longer supported... which means we cannot always guarantee a fix. However we will try our best, and hopefully others with experience in the game will watch these forums. Dragon Revival with
  3. Let me file a report with our contact, and I'll follow up. Sorry about this. You'll notice we don't carry the game on our store anymore... Rockstar Club's shitty customer service like this is why. Worst case scenario I'll have you refunded <3 sorry for the trouble man, we'll get it taken care of.
  4. We have had no issue with payment, nor have we requested that they disable your key. Can you have them contact us? We have seen this before, and previously we were able to get the key re-instated. We have had multiple problems with Rockstar, and this is why we stopped carrying their products.
  5. Hey man =) I went ahead an added some more options for you <3 Unfortunately there is currently no "write in" option, and we would have to develop that ourselves We would gladly do it, but developing new commerce systems is a little more complex/sensitive than making things like video systems I don't want to write something that accidentally charges someone the wrong value, or can somehow be exploited haha so we take those upgrades/updates very slowly Until then we have a select box system, where I added most everything that I would expect people would be willing to pay =) Hopefully that works out for you! If you want to try again, it should be updated now =)
  6. =DRK= official Squad server event. Where: Free Candy Van When: Sunday, November 12th
  7. The first =DRK= allied offensive in World War II: Online. Operations begin at 3PM EST
  8. Good to have you deadly =) as soon as you get home just check our community servers page and all the information you need to get started is there <3
  9. We're actually working on this right now. We already have the blueprint system in place, now we're just discussing how to implement the editor.
  10. There is a new gamemode being announced soon
  11. Known bug, hopefully will be fixed in next patch. Thank you for the report!
  12. Could this still be this?
  13. If you have 500 ping then yes, the game will be unplayable. That is rather standard for all multiplayer games, and we cannot fix this. The only solution will be for you to wait until European servers are available for you.
  14. Full Changelog Multi-size ship blocks implemented New blocks implemented Capital ship engine Rocket engine Maneuvering thruster Flak turret Autocannon Gatling autoturret Railgun Small cockpit Large cockpit Large reactor Equipment bay Small armor Small panel Existing Blocks Changed Normal thruster changed to be larger Artwork updated for almost all existing blocks New gameplay mechanics Build restrictions for turrets, engines, and cockpits now implemented. You may no longer build either in front of or behind (or in rare cases both) for restricted blocks. This forces weapons, cockpits, and engines to stay on the outside of the ship, and fixes many previously exploitable designs. The ability to capture enemy ships has now been implemented. If you enter any cockpit on an enemy ship, and the enemy ship has no other enemy crew currently occupying any cockpit on the ship... then that ship turns to your faction. This works for all ships except for core-ships. Crew can now equip their weapons and become marines only at constructed equipment stations. Press "E" while standing over a equipment station to equip a marine loadout. Marines cannot build, repair, crew ships, or crew weapons. Weapon handling for infantry has now been overhauled. Your weapon will be forced to lower into a "low ready" state if your muzzle passes through a wall. This means that longer barreled weapons are less effective in claustrophobic corridors. Marines also now have burst fire instead of fully automatic fire rates. Many blocks (including weapons and engines) now stop functioning when excessively damaged. They need to be repaired to function again. Killing players now grants the killer 50% of that player's resources. This is only a temporary measure to prevent the "tear down and suicide" exploit and will be further changed in the future. Players now have oxygen tanks that slowly expire when in space. Marines have larger oxygen tanks. You can replenish oxygen by walking over any tile that has oxygen, which is currently any ship-tile. This is a pre-requisite for the ship pressurization system we are currently building for the next update. Turrets now rotate smoothly and follow player cursors. Turrets have a maximum deviation, will not traverse through blocks that impede their movement, and will also not fire if a block from the ship it is mounted on impedes its line-of-sight. When a turret cannot follow a player's crosshair, it becomes comatose and awaits for another player's cursor to slave to. Only one single player can now operate a single cockpit at a time. Radar is now implemented for all ships, players must be in a cockpit to use it. Construction is now sorted by categories, press the category you want in order to cycle through blocks of that category. Left click to open the build menu, right click to close the build menu. Repairing is now restricted to your immediate vicinity. A small repair icon will appear on your cursor if you are able to repair. Left click repairs blocks, and right click deconstructs them. New effects Muzzle flashes for almost all weapons Firing animations for almost all weapons Impact animations for bullets impacting blocks Players in space now face the direction they are jetpacking towards Player corpses now appear when players are killed, these quickly fade away New environment artwork Internal and external sprites for entering cockpits and turrets. Now players can go "inside" things. This is a pre-requisite for full interior/exterior support for ships. In the future you will not be able to see inside ships unless you are actively aboard it. Positional sound engine implemented New sound effects for almost all blocks Sound is positional and will decrease in volume the further you are to it Sound is 3D and will be heard from the direction it is originating from A pre-requisite for in-game positional VOIP, bridge-to-bridge hailing, and crew radios
  15. Welcome everyone to the Iron Armada June roadmap update! Iron Armada Pre-Alpha v0.2.0 Welcome to Iron Armada's first major update! In this article we'll cover what new features and changes have been added to the game, what has been released to the public, and what we are next looking to complete! Iron Armada is a completely original game, written from scratch in Java by our community developers. If you want to be more involved with project development, make sure you follow the development channels below! If you wish to follow the project, try to stay active in our primary development channels. Iron Armada: Update Trailer & Development Vlog After a long period of radio silence... it is finally time to show you what we have been building! Version 0.2 brings a huge list of improvements and expansions into Iron Armada. This is the first major update we believe begins to illustrate Iron Armada's ultimate vision, and is also a strong preview of what to come. Our Iron Armada v0.2 Release Trailer New Major Features Version v0.2 is the first major expansion of Iron Armada that shows the power of our engine, and what is possible within the scope of our game. New features include complex ship construction, manned weapon systems, animation overhauls, sound effects, new gameplay mechanics, and fully upholstered artwork. New major features. Upcoming Features & Updates The current feature list is still only scratching the surface of what we have planned for Iron Armada. In this section I will give you a brief preview of our work-in-progress development on features we are expecting to release in future versions of the game. These features are not currently in the game, but are actively being developed. In addition to the above, a new default gamemode is currently being developed named "Armada" which will serve as the foundation for our Steam release. We will release more details on this mode as we near our official release on the Steam store, however the mode should allow players to much more quickly enter the action... without sacrificing the deep strategic gameplay that Iron Armada currently offers. Steam Release Checklist We are inching closer to our first official release on the Steam store each day... however there are still a few critical things we need to complete before this is possible. Server Browser & Steam Integration. Most importantly, we first need to finish our in-game server browser and Steam client integration. We already have the initial framework for this completed, however we are forcing ourselves to triple-check this integration to ensure that it will be as reliable as possible upon release. User Interface. Our user interface is currently placeholder programmer art while we perfect our backend and solidify our layout. However before our official release, we would like to have our entire user interface completely polished with the custom typefaces and aesthetics we have designed for it. We think this is critical to a good first impression. Gamemode "Armada." We want the first moments of gameplay for each new Iron Armada player to simultaneously be enjoyable and smooth, but also fully showcase the best of what Iron Armada has to offer. We think our new upcoming gamemode will be the best combination of strategy, construction, and teamwork, to properly show off Iron Armada in the best light. Once these three things are done, we will finally be ready to release on Steam! We are expecting these features to only take a few more weeks, but as always we can only promise that it will be done "when it is done!" That is everything to update you with for this month! If you have any questions about the project, be sure to visit the forums and Discord... and if you wish to become a supporter and pre-order the game, please do so below! Thanks so much for your support everyone, and we all look forward to seeing you on the Iron Armada testing servers! See you soon! - The Iron Armada Team
  16. Scenario Sundays. We discontinued those events a long time ago.
  17. Youtube would have to care enough to let something like that matter. This isn't a legal issue, its simply the fact that Youtube has control of their platform and can do whatever they want. I'm getting demonetized simply because the system is inaccurate, and Youtube doesn't care enough to fix it for channels like mine.
  18. I've been assessing all my options, I think I'll be ready to make a committed decision in the coming days
  19. Trust me, we've done sponsored server deals before... they do not pan out well. Usually the servers are either pulled when the company goes bankrupt (has happened to us 4 times back when we used to do that) or you are required to plug their services to the point where we could just plug our own site the same amount and pay for the servers that way (and have them be up more reliably.)
  20. The game edition is clearly stated on the store page, and was clarified many times on the livestream. Alpha access is currently over one hundred dollars, and you still have the option to upgrade to that on their website (however it was too expensive for me to confidently sell on this site, especially since the alpha will be closing soon.) The edition of the game couldn't really be clarified anymore than it already is on the page. Please make sure you read the details before purchasing, thanks!
  21. Bluedrake42

    Ban Appeal

    Epic you've got some real nerve to show your face around here again I don't think you understand that the shitty decisions you've made in the past will be permanently held to you. This isn't a place where you can fuck around all you want, and not endure the consequences for your actions. Everyone on this list is permanently banned from the community, without appeal. I'm not sure if you believed me when I first told you this a year ago, but if there's one thing you hopefully have learned about me... is that I don't forget, and that I don't bluff. You were given multiple chances to mature in this community, and you destroyed every single opportunity you had. We are aware when anyone from this list joins the server, as I have their accounts marked and set to alert me when connected. We also track tags, forum activity, and associated players if you attempt to change your name or connect under an alias. Our ban lists automatically fail from time to time, but I can assure you if you are able to join the server... it is because of a technical fault, and not because you are welcome there. Cheers.
  22. Additionally this means if you want to use it with mods... its very very simple. This gamemode is built for mods, but its up to the community to create new modded versions for those =)