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  1. Hey, sorry SomeGuy we were editing some server backend and it reset development project applications. The forum is still a little new, so we're still fixing things up and learning how to use everything, so things like that might happen just for this first week. Could you resubmit it for me?
  2. No you don't understand, I'm not talking about GTAV I'm talking about GTAV Network. Have you not seen it?
  3. Will process after xmas =P merry christmas! Also btw... have you thought about doing this for GTAV:N? We already have developer access to the release, it might be good to get established there instead of SAMP. SAMP is established but I think GTAVN could be the next generation
  4. Yeah, that's weird. Following doesn't seem to be working properly, but everything else is.
  5. Hopefully this sends you an email notification.
  6. I need to stop working on the forum and stream probably...
    1. Arevex


      that would be good xd
    2. Armalit.44thSD


      If you have the time you have to play Project reality, please visit the server Russian reality PROS
    3. pvt chris

      pvt chris

      that would be very good