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  1. Bluedrake42
    An update has been released for Warfare 1944 (v0.8.6.0).

    Projectiles/Hit Detection

    Projectiles have been completely reworked for an improved experience.
    First iteration of improved hit detection system for projectiles. Client shots should register a bit more consistently on the server.
    Optimized bandwidth usage and server replication performance of all live and newly-spawned projectiles.
    Further bandwidth usage and server replication performance optimizations for fast-moving/bullet-like projectiles.
    Improved synchronization between client and server projectile instances.
    Resolved issues with smoke fx/amount of smoke from an active smoke grenade being out of sync for clients that were not present in the area when the smoke grenade had initially activated.
    Reduced lifespan of smoke grenade projectiles that would remain active long after the smoke fx had finished.
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  2. Bluedrake42
    Hi everyone,

    Our next playtest for Warfare 1944 will be on Friday (9/11/2020) starting at 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) over in the DRK Community Discord[]. Playtests will run for however long people want to play (although eventually the developers will break off for our regularly scheduled internal development meetings).

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    -Goomes, Lead Community Manager

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    An update has been released for Warfare 1944 (v0.8.5.0).


    Fixed a VoIP-related server crash
    Fixed an issue where the character meshes of players already spawned into the world would sometimes be invisible for newly connected clients
    Increased starting ticket counts to 800 per team
    Added a few more open fields for more interesting gameplay
    Further foliage optimizations
    Slight lighting tweak
    Small rock material changed
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  4. Bluedrake42
    Hi everyone,

    Our next playtest for Warfare 1944 will be on Friday (9/4/2020) starting at 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) over in the DRK Community Discord[]. Playtests will run for however long people want to play (although eventually the developers will break off for our regularly scheduled internal development meetings).

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    -Goomes, Lead Community Manager

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  5. Bluedrake42
    An update has been released for Warfare 1944 (v0.8.4.0).

    Customizable Control Bindings (these can be found via the "Controls" section of the Options menu)
    Min Players To Capture indicator UI that displays when the player is within an area of capture to notify of nearby enemies and number of friendlies required to capture a CP.
    Potential fixes to some VoIP-related crashes
    Added ADS Idle animations for 30 Cal, MG42, Panzerfaust, and Bazooka
    Resolved some Team State replication issues that were denying players from deploying in different ways
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  6. Bluedrake42
    Hi everyone,

    Our next playtest for Warfare 1944 will be on Friday (8/28/2020) starting at 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) over in the DRK Community Discord[]. Playtests will run for however long people want to play (although eventually the developers will break off for our regularly scheduled internal development meetings).

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    -Goomes, Lead Community Manager

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  7. Bluedrake42
    An update has been released for Warfare 1944 (v0.8.3.0).

    New Additions MG42 Kit
    M1919 30cal Kit
    Exhaustible Equipment
    Configurable Map Rotation
    Map Cycling
    Performance Optimizations
    Animation Fixes
    VoIP Fixes
    Matches now only begin when there are players present on a server.
    Weapon Changes
    US and German Grenade Launcher Animation Fixes
    Panzerfaust Animation and Function Fixes
    BAR Fire Rate Increased
    Fixed an issue where an ADS-only weapon could dry fire while not in ADS mode.
    Foliage Optimizations
    Alligator Creek Polish
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  8. Bluedrake42
    Hello Drakelings!
    Welcome to the third devblog for Warfare 1944. The team has been hard at work adding in new features to the game, as well as adding an overall polishing pass on existing content. Soon, we will be wrapping up some last priority items for Warfare, and then shifting our focus towards Operation: Harsh Doorstop to get that up-to-date with the relevant improvements that have been made for Warfare. Once O:HD is brought up to speed, we will begin conducting more regular playtests for that as well, so keep an eye out for when we will be announcing them (make sure you are subscribed to Bluedrake42 on YouTube, are a member of the DRK Discord[], and you are watching the Steam page to stay on top of our playtest schedules).

    For those wondering, keep in mind that just because we are going to be diverting our attention towards O:HD doesn’t mean Warfare will not still see improvements in the coming weeks and months. This is the beauty of developing the OHDCore framework that both games are built upon—work that will be completed for O:HD to advance the framework will become immediately available for Warfare to take advantage of and vice versa, so both games will essentially improve alongside each other.

    Now let's get into the work that has been completed for Warfare 1944 during the month of July:

    P.S. There is a full game key for Warfare hidden somewhere in this devblog—if you find it let us know in the comments! Feel free to give it to a friend if you already have a copy.

    The level design team has been hard at work the past month working on our new Pacific Theater map, Guadalcanal. Last devblog we shared a very early landscape heightmap blockout for it, and now we are already at our first release version of it, which you can find featured below:


    Guadalcanal’s land mass is approx. 3x2km in size (which is of course scaled down from the real world size for gameplay purposes; the entire map including water is roughly 4x4km), and features dense jungle environments, which is going to make for some crazy firefights and combat scenarios. Players are going to have to mix up and revisit the tactics that they have learned to implement on other maps like Utah or Carentan in order to adapt, and we can’t wait to see how people play on it.

    We have also created brand new tree, foliage, and rock assets for use on Guadalcanal and our future Pacific Theater maps:

    Wake Island, Utah Beach, and Carentan

    We have nothing new to share for these maps this month, so here is a pretty photo of Wake Island with one of the completed ship models. All 3 maps simply underwent optimization work and more detail passes, but there is not much more to show off with them at the moment.

    Objects, Models, and Textures
    In the past month, a lot of work has gone into texturing models/assets that were made in the months prior. Any new models that have been made have been in contribution to the upcoming Japanese and Russian factions, as well as new weapon assets.

    Naval Ships

    The USS Saratoga and Japanese Hiryu aircraft carriers that we showed off last devblog have now been fully textured, and are undergoing optimization passes.

    Ground Vehicles

    The US Jeep and German Kubelwagen have now received a new set of textures that coincide with the improved textures we have been making to old placeholder ones.

    Japanese Faction

    Japanese soldier model, Type 89 Grenade Launcher, Bayonet, Fragmentation Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Entrenching Tool, Type 38 Bolt Action Rifle, Type 100 LMG, Type 96 SMG, Nambu Pistol, Radio, Binoculars

    The Japanese faction is finally almost ready to be released! All models have now been made and textured, and are awaiting animations. Once animations are complete and hooked up, it is just a matter of the programmers finishing off the multi-faction system and they will be ready to implement (more on that below).

    Russian Faction

    Russian soldier model, Mosin Nagant, PPSH41, DP-27, PTRD-41, TT-33 Pistol, Dyakonov Grenade Launcher, Anti-Tank Projectile, Fragmentation Projectile, F1 Fragmentation Grenade, RDG-2 Smoke Grenade, Radio, FN-40 Bayonet, Entrenching Tool

    Work continues on the Russian faction—most models and textures are now complete and, just like the Japanese faction, are awaiting animations and the multi-faction system. We also likely will not be implementing the Russians until we have a proper Eastern front map to implement them on, but once we have that ready they should be good to go and ready for testing.


    MG34, MG42, .30 Cal Machine Gun, Bazooka Launcher, Kar98 w/ Rifle Mounted Grenades, M1 Garand w/ Rifle Mounted Grenade, Panzerfaust Launcher

    Some of the largest changes made to Warfare in July came to the weapons. We now have functioning grenadier kits with rifle mounted grenades, launchers, and machine guns. Firefights are now much more interesting and dynamic with the ability to utilize a variety of explosives other than thrown grenades, and the implementation of machine guns is going to change up how teams control different areas of the maps. Please keep in mind, as with most other aspects of the game, all of these new weapons are a work in progress and will be improved/refined over time.

    Existing Weapon Retextures: Thompson, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, BAR, M1911, Mk2 Fragmentation Grenade, M18 Smoke Grenade, Kar98, MP40, STG44, G43, Luger Pistol, BONUS FG42 (yes we heard your requests!), Stielhandgranate, Nebelhandgranate

    In addition to the new weapons, we have also completely retextured all of the existing weapons in our new pixel art style, as well as the first person arms so there is more consistency throughout. Everything in Warfare should start looking/feeling more consistent and polished compared to what we had available at launch—if you played with the old textures let us know in the comments what you think about the new ones!

    Static Guns, Emplacements, and Other Weapons

    MA1 Cannon, Saratoga AA Cannon, US Torpedo, Depth Charge Rail, Depth Charge, US Mortar, German Mortar

    Several of the static guns and emplacements that we showed off in the last devblog have now received textures. Some of the depth charges and torpedo models that will be used in naval combat have also received textures. Lastly, US and German factions now have mortar models textured and ready for animations and integration.

    User Interface (UI)

    Our first implementation of server wide text chat and VOIP indication are now in, so now it should be a lot easier to tell who around you is speaking, and communicate with the rest of the server via text. These systems will of course be expanded upon and further improved/refined, but now the base functionality is in which was our biggest hurdle. We will continue to share more on improvements we plan on making down the road to these systems.

    In addition to the text chat and VOIP indicators, we have also done some updates to the map UI, including adjustments to flags, and player and map icons.

    Upcoming and WIP Features
    The following features and content are what are on our immediate priority list to get done:

    Multi-Faction SystemIn the current version of Warfare, it is only possible to have the US and German factions active in the game (which is one of the main reasons you will find Germans on the Wake Island and Guadalcanal maps right now). However, very soon we will have the multi-faction system implemented, which will allow us to have a variety of factions that we can swap in and out of all of the maps to fit whatever is most appropriate. This system is a prerequisite for bringing in the Japanese and Russian factions. This will also be an important feature for us when it comes to scaling up the amount of available factions for you all to play as (such as the British military, and others).

    Server Admin ToolsThe basic features server owners/admins will need in order to run their servers are now in, including but not limited to RCON functionality, kicking and banning, map changing and cycling, and team auto-balancing (which should now only occur to players that are dead—no more getting team switched while you are alive). Systems we still need to implement for server owners include whitelisting, the ability to block VAC banned players from joining your server, and the option to turn on vote kicking. Reminder that you can reference our server setup guide for more information on how to setup and run a server.

    Old images of the rally point, med bag, and ammo bag that we showed in the first devblog—these will likely receive a retexture like most other objects in the game

    Deployables are a core feature that we have not covered since the first devblog where we showed off the images above. The programmers are now going to begin shifting focus towards getting these systems implemented, so pretty soon squad leaders will be able to setup rally points for their squads to spawn on (which means you will no longer be able to spawn on the forward-most flag), medics will be able to utilize med bags to heal teammates (which means auto-regenerating health will be going away), and riflemen will be able to drop ammo bags to resupply their teammates (which means total magazine/clip amounts that each class spawns with will be reduced). This will be a pretty major change to the way the game is currently played, as players will be incentivized to play their classes, and teamwork and tactics will become a lot more important to take into consideration when attempting to advance or hold the front line—we look forward to seeing how everyone adapts.

    Keybind and Control CustomizationWe recently brought on a new programmer to the team that is tasked with bringing in the custom keybinds/control system. This one has been a long time coming, and we know a lot of you have been asking for it, so fortunately it will be a reality here very soon!

    Flag Capture Interface

    We showed off the new flag capture concept interface in the last devblog, so this is just a repost of the same image, but we are sharing again because this should be coming in the near future.

    Operation: Harsh Doorstop

    As I mentioned in the beginning of the devblog, the team is starting to shift focus towards bringing Operation: Harsh Doorstop up to speed with the improvements that have been made to Warfare, as well as getting started on new content to bring into the game. Once the game has started to receive these changes, we are going to start holding playtests again since there will actually be things we need to test and get feedback on, and/or want to show off.

    Our first proper devblog for O:HD will be coming next month. We initially planned to have one ready for this month, but next month we will have a lot more to share with you all so we figured it would be best to just wait till then since the team is still slowly shifting to it from Warfare. Until then, enjoy some images of one of the in progress maps, Khafji, and a shot of the PKM model which Bluedrake recently showed off on his YouTube channel.

    Thank you to everyone that took the time to read the devblog. We are hosting a big playtest for Warfare on Friday, August 21 at 2:00PM EST where we will be playing on the new map and testing out the new rifle mounted grenades, launchers, and machine guns in dense jungle combat.

    If you would like to get in touch with us, use the links down below, otherwise we look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!

    -Goomes, Lead Community Manager


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  9. Bluedrake42
    Hi everyone,

    Our next playtest for Warfare 1944 will be on Friday (8/21/2020) starting at 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) over in the DRK Community Discord[]. Playtests will run for however long people want to play (although eventually the developers will break off for our regularly scheduled internal development meetings).

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    -Goomes, Lead Community Manager

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    An update has been released for Warfare 1944 (v0.8.2.0).

    New Additions New Map GUADALCANAL
    US Grenade Launcher
    US Bazooka
    German Grenade Launcher
    German Panzerfaust
    New Weapon Firing Sounds
    New Classes
    Text Chat and VoIP
    New PBR Texture Workflow
    Performance Optimizations
    Audio Improvements
    Setup Steam Beta App for Testing
    Weapon Changes
    Decreased the Firing Rate of the BAR
    Adjusted Animation Blending for Weapons
    Comms System
    Setup UI for Text Chat
    Setup UI for VoIP
    Basic Functionality for Text Chat and VoIP
    Added all new textures to Player Characters
    Added all new textures to Weapons and Equipment
    Utilizes PBR Workflow
    Reworked all Weapon Fire Sounds
    Added New Foley Sounds
    Added Mid and Far Explosion Sounds to all Explosives
    Updated Mid and Far Firing Sounds
    New Static Buildings
    Created New Foliage Models
    Utilizes New Textures with Color Variation
    Heavily Optimized the play area
    Reduced Tri-Count and Drawcalls for Performance
    Swapped out old trenches with new models
    Adjusted LOD distances for all Foliage
    Created New Terrain LODs
    Added Landing Craft Statics
    Heavily Optimized the City of Carentan
    Adjusted LOD Distances for all Foliage
    Wake Island
    Optimized for Performance
    Added Ocean Wave audio to beaches
    Added Ambient Wind audio to environment
    Added Textured Destroyers and F4U Corsairs
    Added Newly Textured Landing craft from US/Japanese Factions
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  11. Bluedrake42
    Hi everyone,

    Our next playtest for Warfare 1944 will be on Friday (8/14/2020) starting at 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) over in the DRK Community Discord[]. Playtests will run for however long people want to play (although eventually the developers will break off for our regularly scheduled internal development meetings).

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    -Goomes, Lead Community Manager

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  12. Bluedrake42
    Hi everyone,

    Our next playtest for Warfare 1944 will be on Friday (8/7/2020) starting at 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) over in the DRK Community Discord[]. Playtests will run for however long people want to play (although eventually the developers will break off for our regularly scheduled internal development meetings).

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    -Goomes, Lead Community Manager

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    Hello Drakelings!
    Welcome back, this will be our second devblog covering the work done for Warfare 1944 in the month of June, 2020. If you missed our last devblog, you can find it here.

    To get started, we would like to recap the results of Warfare’s launch, which took place on July 7, 2020. Launch day went fine, although the issues during the beginning that caused the game to not show up or be downloadable (which were due to certain factors that were out of our control and had to be corrected by Valve) unfortunately set us back a few hours as we worked to get it corrected.

    Issues aside, launch day was about as we expected otherwise: we are releasing the game in quite an early state, and we are fully aware that the game is not yet in a place where it is going to attract a lot of attention or retain player’s interest for extended periods of time. For us, Warfare is only in its introductory phase, meaning it is likely to mainly attract early adopters (i.e. those that want to get in early and are not just interested in the game but also how the development evolves over time). Because of this, we are not attempting to generate a lot of traffic or hype outside of our own local networks to advertise the launch, as we don’t believe right now is the appropriate time to do this with so much work that still needs to be done. There will be a time and a place to do this (a growth phase), and once the game hits that point, we have a lot of plans for that. Until then, we are just focusing on developing the game and getting the remaining core features/systems in, and continuing to build the core community, which is one of the most important and vital priorities for us and our vision.

    With that being said, roughly one week later we have sold over 900 copies, which continues to increase each day, and we have been holding around a 90% positive review rating with over 60 reviews—for the project being at the stage that it is in, we certainly see this as a success, and we are excited to grow the projects alongside the community and see where it takes us. Thank you to everybody that has purchased a copy so far (and a big thank you to those that went and left reviews on the game), it is certainly a tremendous help to the team, and is helping us reach our goals faster!

    Now let’s get into the good stuff:
    Most of the work that went into maps in June was in the form of general polish and optimization, and making detail passes to fill them out more. The level design team has also already gotten started on the next Pacific theater map: Guadalcanal.

    We only have the landscape heightmap blockout done so far (the image above), and there is still a lot more work to go before it will become ready for playtesting, but we wanted to share with you our plans for the next expected map to be released. As usual, we do not typically provide dates, but it shouldn’t be too long before we will have the first versions ready for a playtest.
    Utah Beach


    Wake Island

    Objects and Models
    In the month of June, there was mainly a lot of wrap up work on finishing models, as well as some texturing work to models that we showed off last month.
    Naval Ships The USS Saratoga and the Japanese Hiryu aircraft carrier models have been completed, and are now waiting for textures, custom collision, and the mannable static gun emplacements to be placed and set up. Needless to say, there is still a lot more work to go before this and the other ships will be playable, however we are well on our way. The Daihatsu landing craft is also now fully textured and has collision, however it is not yet driveable.

    Daihatsu Landing Craft, USS Saratoga, Hiryu Aircraft Carrier
    Aircraft The Corsair F4U and A6M Zero that were shown last month have now been textured. No more to report for aircraft right now—these are still a ways away, and these models will be used in our first testing grounds for implementing flying mechanics.

    Corsair F4U, A6M Zero
    Character Models We have begun getting a couple new variations of the US faction created: the Marine Corps and the Army Airborne 101st/82nd paratroopers.

    The Japanese models have been textured and just need to be rigged, then they will be ready to play.

    The German soldiers are also getting a retexture soon:

    Weapons Work has continued on Russian and Japanese weapons. Mostly new models have been made, and the Japanese bayonet has received a texture:

    PPSh-41, F1 Grenade, Entrenching Tool, DP-27, FN-40 Bayonet, Japanese Bayonet
    Static Guns and Emplacements We got a bunch more static guns and weapon emplacements modeled and ready for textures. One of the 5” US battery guns has received textures, which you will find featured in-game on the Wake Island map.

    5 Inch Battery, Type 86, M2 Browning, Saratoga AA Gun , US Torpedo Launcher, US Depth Charges, Patterson Battery, Type 96
    Misc. Props Just a couple more miscellaneous props: a Belgian Gates model, and a US radar trailer prop has received its final textures.

    User Interface (UI)
    Soon we will have an update to the overall UI experience: text chat and VOIP indicators.
    Text Chat and VOIP Indicators Pretty straightforward quality of life features—now you will be able to utilize text chat to communicate with other players in your match (complete with filters for squad/team/global of course). In addition, now you will know when you and others are talking, with indication for whether or not you are talking in local/squad/command nets (availability of nets may vary later on in the game once we start bringing in rally points, radio bags, etc.—we are discussing internally a number of ideas for various radio/communication systems that we will share later).

    Flag Capture Soon you will be able to better understand the capping mechanics when you are on a flag. This setting is subject to change based on how the server owner may tweak this parameter, but by default flags in Warfare require a minimum of 3 players to cap (unless there are less than that many players on a team). This is done to reduce frequent back capping—if you can coordinate it with 3 or more players, we feel you should be able to recap a point, but if you are a lone wolf sneaking behind enemy lines to recapture a point when nobody is looking, we feel that this is largely disruptive and counter intuitive to the team-based gameplay we would like to encourage.
    Upcoming and WIP Features
    The following features and content are what are on our immediate priority list to get done:
    Server Admin Tools Warfare launched with dedicated server files, which are available for anybody to download and set up a server whenever they want. If you are interested in starting a server, please refer to our server setup guide. Warfare servers are RCON compatible, which has functionality for basic commands and parameters for server owners and admins to get started with moderating.

    Proper admin tools are extremely important to us, and are a top priority right now—if server owners don’t have the bare minimum tools they need to take care of griefers, cheaters, rule breakers, etc., what good are any of the new content and game features that we are working to include? With that said, here is our plan and approach to server moderation and giving server owners the options to run their servers and communities as they please:
    Server owners will have the option to enable a "VAC Block" which will not allow any VAC banned players to join the server. This is a passive alternative to enabling "VAC Secured" which is an active anti-cheat measure that will come in future updates. Server owners will have the option to enable "Vote Kick" feature which will allow community members to self-moderate. We know that a feature like this can be prone to abuse, which is why we're planning on giving server owners the option to use it... with the following twists. VAC Banned (or game banned) players will not be able to participate in or start votes. Administrators can permanently revoke any player's voting privileges at any time. Players who are kicked a first time will be kicked for an hour; a second time will be for a day; a third time will be a permanent ban until an administrator reviews the case. Players who initiate votes that are lost will lose all voting privileges for an hour on the first loss, a day for a second loss, and a week for a third loss. Players will be able to view a server's ban list from the server information panel. You will be able to review all players who have been banned, when they were banned, and the reason why. Players will be able to view how many administrators are active on a server from the server information panel. Server owners will have the option to enable a whitelist system, and only allow whitelisted players to join a server. This will be useful for private events, or exclusive community servers (think SquadOps). Players will be able to see which players are administrators by viewing the player list. Additionally, any administrator who has used any command will be visible through the player information panel. If an administrator is actively using any administration tool (such as spectate) this will also be shown next to their name in the player list. As always, these ideas are subject to change, and we will continue updating and experimenting with additional ideas regarding community self-management and anti-cheat measures based on the community’s suggestions.
    Keybind and Control Customization A much requested feature, keybindings and control customization will be coming soon.
    Server Map Cycling In the current server files, map switching can only take place when a server owner or admin inputs a command to switch to another map. Soon, maps will be put on a rotation and will cycle upon the end of a round (the order of which will be defined by the server owner).
    Japanese Faction The Japanese faction will be added into the game soon. All of the work needed to make them playable is basically done, meaning implementation is very close. Now we will finally be able to run a proper Wake Island match!
    SDK Version 1.0 I don’t have much information to share with everyone on the SDK just yet, but it is now on our priority list to release a first version of it to the public so the community can begin altering things, creating mods, etc. There will be more to come on this later.
    Bots We are also working on our first pass/iteration of bots. At first, they will be very primitive and basic, and won’t do anything too impressive—this will be the first step of many towards implementing full fledged bot support that will be capable of being used in not only singleplayer, but also coop and multiplayer game modes.

    To start, we are thinking about bringing them in with a basic wave based survival mode in the shooting range, where they simply charge and attack you (they won’t be good for much more at this point), and you can fight them for as long as you can survive. This will also be a good way for players to practice with all of the various weapons in the game. Let us know what you think about this idea in the comments section.
    Operation: Harsh Doorstop
    We began conducting O:HD playtests in June, although the game is still currently “out-of-date” (i.e. it has not been brought up to speed with a lot of the improvements and updates that have been made to the OHDCore framework with Warfare). While Warfare is receiving most of our attention right now, there is still work going on behind the scenes with O:HD, and I figured we should share some teasers here for those that read to the end since there is no dedicated O:HD devblog yet.

    Right now, there is work going into a total of 3 maps: Khafji, Muttrah, and Fallujah. You will find an image of a blockout for Khafji below, as well as some material samples and grass that will go into the world environments:

    We will likely have our first official O:HD devblog next month with much more to share, so keep an eye out for that!

    That’s all for now, thank you to everyone that took the time to check out our progress updates for the month of June. As always, be sure to keep an eye on all of our other platforms (linked below) to stay up-to-date on Warfare 1944 and our other projects!

    -Goomes, Lead Community Manager


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  14. Bluedrake42
    Hi everyone,

    We are beginning a new playtesting schedule for Warfare 1944. We will be holding regular weekly playtests on Friday's starting at 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) over in the DRK Community Discord[]. Playtests will run for however long people want to play (although eventually the developers will break off for our regularly scheduled internal development meetings).

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    -Goomes, Lead Community Manager
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  15. Bluedrake42
    An update has been released for Warfare 1944 (v0.8.1.0).

    Team Auto-Balance feature now moves players based on time spent on their current team by default rather than moving players arbitrarily (favors least time when choosing). Removed some CVars that players could modify to allow for an unfair advantage.
    Server Administration
    Added "ForceTeam" and "ForceTeamId" console commands for admins to use for switching individual players between teams manually.
    Added new Mid and Far Gunshot Audio. Added Mid and Far Grenade Explosion Audio.
    Adjusted Culling Distances for all assets to accommodate for Low Quality Settings. Optimized Terrain Tile Level Bounds for performance. Moved Water Blueprints from Main sublevel to the level they reside on. Increased LOD distances for foliage. Removed normals from all Terrain LODs. Reduced all Terrain LOD Texture sizes for performance. Optimized Terrain LOD Materials. Assigned Terrain tiles to a smaller streaming distance for performance. Fixed several floating props and foliage. Fixed floating hedgerows and mounds. Fixed floating fences.
    Adjusted Culling Distances to accommodate for Low Quality Settings.
    Wake Island
    Adjusted Culling Distances for better performance.
    Firing Range
    Adjusted Culling Distances on all assets to accommodate for Low Quality Settings.  
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  16. Bluedrake42
    Hello Drakelings!
    Welcome to the first development blog for Warfare 1944! A lot of hard work has been put into the game during the first month of production after Bluedrake’s reveal (give the first 10 minutes of this video a watch if you haven’t already), and we are excited to recap our progress for the month of May, as well as showcase new content and features that will be coming soon. In May, not only were our games revealed, but we also began a massive onboarding process where we have received over 400 applications from the community to help with development from programming, 3d modeling, animations, level design, beta testing, and more. A huge thank you to everyone that applied and wants to support these projects!

    Please keep in mind, Warfare 1944 is still in its’ pre-alpha stages, and you will see a mix of early assets, designs, and systems that are subject to change and be improved over time—our goal is to be as transparent as possible and let the community get a glimpse of what goes in to game development at all stages of the process.

    Warfare 1944 will be available to purchase here on Steam on July 7, 2020 for the price of $9.99! You can still get your hands on a key to Warfare right now through our Patreon[], where your support can also get you keys to various other Drakeling Labs projects right now, such as Operation: Harsh Doorstop and Iron Armada, and various other perks and benefits.
    What is Drakeling Labs?
    Before we begin we feel that it is important to outline the goals/objectives of Drakeling Labs, give a brief rundown of all of our projects and the core framework that they are built upon (OHDCore), and explain where Warfare 1944 fits into the picture and why it is our primary focus right now. Here to do this is the owner and studio lead himself, Bluedrake42:
    Utah Beach

    As it stands, Utah beach is largely complete as far as layout and design goes, and most of the work that went into the map in May was building out the countryside and more inland regions beyond the beach, as well as bringing in new assets such as modular building pieces, and new trees and foliage assets. Now that the overall blockouts and positioning are more or less finished, the level designers are currently focusing on filling out these later stages of the map with more detail (towns, villages, and general countryside where the US forces will advance after taking the beach, further pushing into Normandy). Enjoy some development screenshots and timelapse footage of one of our level designers laying the groundwork for some of the various towns/villages and countryside of Normandy:


    Carentan received much of the same treatment that Utah did during May—blocking out and expanding into the regions surrounding the city, making detail passes, bringing in new assets, and of course optimization work. Currently, the majority of detail is in the city itself, which players will find complete with enterable buildings (every building can be entered), propaganda posters, backyards and alleyways, and more.

    Wake Island

    Wake Island is a brand new map that was just started in May. It marks the beginning of our work on the Pacific Theater, and it will be our testing grounds for features like naval and air combat (when ships and planes are ready to be deployed—see below for some WIP images of both), as well as swimming.

    Our level design team made quick work of this map in just a few short weeks following the reveal announcement, creating new foliage and tree assets, new modular building pieces/sets, new bunker assets, new lighting work, and more. There is still a lot more work to be done with this map, however basic functionality is there and the map is fully playable and coming together nicely (although at the moment we are testing with US vs Germans since we are still working on the Japanese faction! More WIP images of this can be found below, we hope to have the proper faction in very soon).

    Shooting Range

    We also created a basic shooting range space that is available for players to play in a singleplayer environment in order to experiment with the various weapons and mechanics, as well as a sample of the vehicles in their current state (vehicles are only available in singleplayer right now, as they need more work to be networked properly and added into a multiplayer environment, however we wanted players to at least be able to experience them in their current state—you will find that we are still working out some kinks with the physics, and there are certain things you can do with the vehicles that we feel could be exploitable in a multiplayer environment).

    Our goal is to have all three of these maps as complete as possible by launch, however, if there are some unfinished areas we will still leave them open for players to explore, but will be sure to keep the map capture point layouts consistent with what is more finished and ideal for gameplay. All maps will continue to be worked on and polished throughout development.
    Objects and Models  
    Naval Ships One of our most anticipated features for Warfare 1944 is naval combat. We still have a long way to go before we will be able to bring these ships in, however, our 3d modeling team is already laying the groundwork for this to happen by creating a series of ships from landing craft, to destroyers and aircraft carriers, and even submarines. Below you will find images of our current WIP ship models:

    Kamikaze-class destroyer, Paterson-class destroyer, USS Intrepid, German U-Boat 505, USS Aaron Ward, US APA-159 Landing Craft, Daihatsu Landing Craft
    Aircraft We currently have several airplanes being modeled and prepared for when we start implementing air combat into the game. Just like ships, there is still a long way to go before planes are added, but we are still taking steps early to have some assets ready to go for when we begin bringing this feature in. Some more WIP images of our airplane models:

    US Corsair, Mitsubishi A6M Zero
    Armor and Other Land Vehicles We already have a fairly wide variety of armor pieces and ground vehicles modeled and being prepared to be brought into the game. Right now, the US jeep and the German kübelwagen are the most complete/functional, and when the underlying systems for vehicles are more polished and complete, players can expect to see a wide range of options to play with. More WIP images:

    US Army Jeep, US Sherman Tank, US Army G-506, US T17, German Wehrmacht Kübelwagen, Wehrmacht Panzer IV, Wehrmacht Schwerer Panzerspähwagen, Wehrmacht Opel Blitz, Japanese Type 3
    Japanese and Russian Factions A lot of work has been done in May to start preparing for the introduction of the Japanese and Russian factions. We will likely see the Japanese faction coming in first, but once again we are already getting started on creating assets for the Russian faction so that we will have a solid base for moving forward with creating maps to fit the Western, Eastern, and Pacific theaters of war. We have compiled a list of our current completed and WIP models for both:

    Arisaka Type 38, Type 4 Rocket Launcher, Type 100, Typ 96, TT Pistol, Ppsh-41
    Static Guns and Emplacements Some more WIP images of static guns and emplacements to be used on land, on the deck of a ship, etc.:

    5-51 Cannon, M45 Quad-mount Turret
    Animations Our animation team has been hard at work pumping out animations for many of the weapons and tools that we shared above. We have compiled a list of them for you to check out:

    We couldn't upload all of the animations due to the larger file sizes, you can see the other animations here[]!
    Upcoming and WIP Features
    In addition to all of the maps, models, and animations, our programming team has been working on some of the core systems and features that will be implemented soon. These include, but are not limited to:
    Grenades The first iteration of grenades has been recently added into the game. Right now, the US and German factions have their own lethal and smoke grenade variants with basic functionality—players can equip and throw each grenade, and all grenades have basic physics that allow them to bounce, be banked off of walls, etc. (this will be further polished and refined over time). Here are some images of the models and in-game use:

    Stielhandgranate 24, Nebelhandgranate 39, Mk2 Grenade, AM-M8 Smoke Grenade, Smoke effect in full bloom, Explosion Effect
    Rally Points Soon the squad leader roles will be able to deploy rally points, which will allow their team to respawn outside of the captured flag points. At the moment, players can respawn on the forward most captured point, however, once rally points are added, players will no longer be able to spawn right on the front line—instead, they will be able to spawn one capture point back, or on a squad leader’s deployed rally point (similar system to how other games with rally points.

    Ammo and Med Bags The ammo and med bags are more or less completed, they just need to be programmed in. Right now, all available player classes and kits have increased ammo, and health regenerates over time—these are placeholder measures that we have in place until the ammo and med bags come in. These tools will be incorporated into the Rifleman and Medic classes when they are ready.

    Suppression Mechanics We are also currently working on our suppression systems, which will be coming to the game soon. We do not have any WIP screenshots of this to share yet, but the goal that we would like to accomplish for suppression is making it so that players vision becomes obstructed when shot at, but in a way that allows them to still react and return fire. In line with suppression, we will also be adding in a tracer effect to give players more feedback about what direction they are getting shot from, since this is currently an issue due to a lack of these systems. We will share more later on when we have something to show.
    Player Classes and Kits The current kits and classes that are available are Non Commissioned Officer (i.e. Squad Leader), Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, and Medic. Planned/WIP classes that will be added later are as follows: Grenadier, Anti-Tank Rifleman, and Specialist. You can also see some of the new UI work that has been done for them here:

    Audio Work on audio continues. Right now a lot of the audio in game is a mixture of final and placeholder sounds, and there is a lot of work to do to bring in better, more complete sounds, ambient noises, adjust volume levels, make further adjustments/tweaks to distant sounds, and so on.
    Tools for Server Owners At launch, server owners can expect some basic tools and amenities for moderation and running their communities, such as: RCON and admin tools, text chat, and map cycling. Giving server owners the tools they need is very important to us, as we feel this is often overlooked with many modern/recent games—we fully intend on adding onto this list and building an impressive suite of admin tools as development progresses.
    Operation: Harsh Doorstop
    And now to move on to a bit of news about Operation: Harsh Doorstop. We will be conducting playtesting for O:HD soon, we just have some preliminary work that needs to be done to bring the game up to speed with a lot of the backend work that has gone into Warfare 1944. We will make announcements when playtests begin over in the DRK Community Discord[], or Bluedrake’s YouTube channel so be sure to stay tuned there for more information! Once we have more to share, we will be creating another devblog similar to this that is catered towards O:HD, so be on the lookout for that.
    May was the first month that our Patreon was started, and so far things have been going very well—in the month of May we had a total of [# of supporters], which has been a tremendous help in allowing us to make these games. Our Patreon is a great way to support our projects, and get access to the various games that Drakeling Labs is developing, as well as check out our prototypes and tech demos that we work on behind the scenes to learn about new technologies and development tools that could find their way into OHDCore and our games.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, we could not do this without you! If you believe in our projects and are interested in helping out, please check out our Patreon and consider supporting: We are constantly looking for ways to bring more value to our Patreon tiers, so be sure to keep checking in to see what we have to offer over time.

    That wraps up our devblog for May! There was a ton of information to share, and we hope that you found this informative and have a better understanding of what our goals and objectives are. We look forward to sharing more with you later—be sure to check out the links below to stay connected!

    -Goomes, Lead Community Manager


    Click here to view this development blog post on Steam.
  17. Bluedrake42
    We're still here. Working every day since our last development blog, the Iron Armada development team has been toiling away working towards the ultimate release of our game. This newly released version is the pre-release for our first non-early access release of the game. There will still be some bugs, and a chunk of more work to be done... but with your help, we are now nearing the first completed version of Iron Armada.

    If you would like to read more, you can visit our website to read the full development blog.[]

    What is included in this new version of the game?

    Single-player missions and autonomous drones. Players can now construct and fight against autonomous drones in offline single-player modes. These drones also work in multiplayer matches, meaning that cooperative and PVPVE modes are also entirely possible.

    Pressurization and airlock mechanics. Players now need to ensure that ships are airtight. Ships can be damaged and entire decks can be depressurized. Players can survive off of emergency oxygen reserves for limited amounts of time... but managing a ship's hull integrity is now of new importance.

    Advanced logistics and docking mechanics. Players can now store resources in tanker ships, and transfer resources to other ships using docking bays. Docking bays can also be used to tow other ships, or even house fighters when the fighters are not being piloted.

    Torpedoes and advanced weapon mechanics. Players can now construct torpedo bombers, and fire slow (but powerful) physics-driven rocket weaponry. Additionally new explosive, armor penetration, and weapon deviation mechanics will continue to make combat even more interesting.

    Voice communications, squad mechanics, shipyards, and more. This update includes a significant number of additional features not listed here. To read more make sure to visit our website development blog!

    Remember that this is the beta release for our upcoming full release of Iron Armada. Issues are still expected, and bug reports are much appreciated. However we hope that you will enjoy the new features that we have worked hard on, and once Iron Armada is fully completed... we hope you will appreciate the time we've put into building this game.

    Hopefully I will see you on the battlefield again soon.

    - Bluedrake42
    Click here to view this development blog post on Steam.
  18. Bluedrake42
    Welcome everyone, to the first full release of the Los Santos Muertos modification. After two years of development work, Los Santos Muertos is now finally moving beyond the beta phase. This does not mean that we are ceasing development... however this version of Los Santos Muertos is the most stable, feature complete, and expansive version of the modification that we have released.
    Welcome to Los Santos Muertos

    Let's talk about the newest version of Los Santos Muertos. In Los Santos Muertos you can play as six distinct factions, or as a renegade survivor unaffiliated with anyone. You can purchase a wide variety of vehicles from faction vendors... or scavenge and repair vehicles from the wasteland. You can trade with vendors... or loot random supply caches discovered throughout the world. Bases allow players a place to save vehicles, save gear, and save their character. The Los Santos Muertos unique extraction system means players can't disconnect to avoid combat or to avoid losing their gear... so every engagement is high risk, but also high reward. Players who enjoy playing Escape from Tarkov, DayZ, or other multiplayer survival games will enjoy the unique blend of competitive and cooperative gameplay offered in Los Santos Muertos. The full list of changes will be listed below.
    Los Santos Muertos 1.0 Changes Added functionality to Radios. When a Radio is equipped... all friendly faction members who also have a radio equipped can see your location on the map. However... non-friendly players who have a radio equipped can also see your location (and your alignment) but only at short distances. This will be useful for linking up with other faction members, and also identifying what the alignment of other radio-equipped players are. This is essentially a basic IFF system... but is entirely optional, since the radio can be equipped and unequipped at will. Added finite ammunition to all vehicles for every ammunition type. Every vehicle now has limits to the number of rockets, bullets, grenades, shells, or other ammunition types that it can carry. Vehicles can be rearmed by purchasing each individual ammunition type at faction vehicle chop-shops. Most faction bases sell a selection of different vehicles, with more advanced vehicles being randomly available. This random advanced vehicle chance resets each real life day. Added a tutorial to the base game. We think this will help a lot of new players learn the game much more quickly. It can be easily opened, and explains most of the base mechanics of Los Santos Muertos. Expanded high-tier bases with more garages and more storage space. This should make high-tier factions worth the risk of joining. Currently high-tier factions are more strict about rules of engagement... however now these factions offer more facilities to members. This should make both low-tier and high-tier factions worth joining... depending on each individual player's play style. Countless bug fixes and balance changes. This includes everything from custom base borders (which fixes faction NPCs spawning way outside base perimeters... YAY NO MORE BANDIT HIGHWAY OF DEATH) to fixing the fact that keys were somehow able to open every single door. Obviously I'm sure there are still bugs that remain... but we feel confident that we have fixed most of the obvious and game-breaking ones. If you find any additional ones... make sure to report them on the forums!  
    Hopefully you all are enjoying our modification. If you are, consider making a donation to keep development going. You can donate on our DonorBox page here: We are currently working on a standalone project, and if enough support is garnered... we may be able to make our next survival project on a standalone game engine.

    However... until next time, I hope I see you in the wasteland. It has been an honor to work on this game, and see so many people enjoy it. I am hoping this is only the beginning... and if you stick with us, I'm hoping we will be able to take the game much further.
    Long live Los Santos Muertos


  19. Bluedrake42
    Welcome everyone, to the first beta release of Iron Armada. After four years of development, Iron Armada is now finally moving towards a full release. Developing Iron Armada has been a massive journey, that has given us valuable experience, and a lasting appreciation for our supportive community. If you would like to play the latest version of Iron Armada, consider downloading the game on Steam. The beta includes many new features, as well as a few work-in-progress features we are still improving before the final release.

    Introducing automaton units, single-player modes, and cooperative modes. For the first time ever, Iron Armada now has full single-player support. This is possible due to an overhaul to our server-side wrapper and the inclusion of new automaton units. Automatons are drones that work similar to normal ships, but include a special artificial intelligence core which can take control of any ship it is attached to.
    Introducing pressurization and airlock mechanics. You voted on this mechanic... alright maybe two years ago, but it is now finally done. After a considerable amount of work, we've finally created a highly performant (yet still very simple) system for ship pressurization. Ships now require airlocks to seal decks, and unsealed decks will be exposed to the vacuum of space. However, fear not! Your player is equipped with a suit that features emergency oxygen reserves... so you can still survive for limited amounts of time in unpressured environments. Just make sure you don't stay exposed to the elements for too long.
    Introducing advanced logistics, docking mechanics, and expanded resources. After a considerable amount of testing, we've finally settled on a new system for managing resources and building ship tiles. Resources can be mined from planets, salvaged from debris fields, and stored in containers. These containers connect to any manufacturing facilities and allow for the construction of new tiles (or new ships, if you are using a shipyard.) Resources can now also be transferred between ships using the new docking mechanics, which can allow for new advanced gameplay mechanics (like tanker vessels.) Additionally new systems (such as salvage lasers) have been added, so that specialized ships can mine resources without requiring players to leave the safety of their ship.
    Introducing voice communications and squad mechanics. A new entirely optional feature is the inclusion of wings and voice communications. Players can now create wings that other players can join, and use voice communication between either other wing members... or with other faction members. We feel that this will help advanced players communicate with other teammates better, and hopefully also organize better strategies (if they choose to.)
    Introducing torpedoes and expanded weapon functionality. A major inclusion in the newest build of Iron Armada has been torpedoes and new weapon mechanics. Torpedoes are weapons with an explosive area of effect, but are much slower than conventional weapons... and can be easily shot down. Additionally new mechanics like weapon deviation, flak fire, armor penetration, and explosive damage will make combat much less predictable than before.
    Introducing the shipyard and ship blueprint management systems. No longer are you required to build ships from scratch. If you have saved blueprints on your computer, you can now request them from shipyards (provided you have the resources.) Shipyards also allow players to manage their existing blueprints, or generate new ones by scanning any ships that are docked to the shipyard installation.
    Introducing a simple in-game tutorial. Lastly, to help with new players... we have created a simple in-game tutorial to help explain the basic mechanics of Iron Armada. This is something we hope will help players learn Iron Armada more quickly, and make multiplayer matches more focused on gameplay... than on training up newbies.
    In closing. Thank you so much for your support over the years. Creating Iron Armada has been an incredibly worth while experience, and we've enjoyed every moment we've put into building this game. This beta release is still a little rough, and naturally we're hoping with your feedback we'll be able to get our game over the finish line. However this version of Iron Armada is the most feature complete version of the game we've released to-date. With your help, we'll be able to finally release the version of Iron Armada we all originally envisioned!
    Thank you so much, and hopefully I will see you on the battlefield soon.