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  1. There have been some issues with the automatic ban system. There will be some changes made to it soon, so I would just be patient until then. Once the changes happen, all bans will be reset. Additionally automatic bans will only last for twenty-four hours. Only administrator bans will be permanent, and naturally automatic bans will be reviewed... and possibly upgraded to permanent bans if the reason is deemed suspicious enough.

    Unfortunately as you possibly know... cheating in FiveM is a massive systemic issue. Most servers are rendered unplayable because of it. Our anti-cheat system simply scans for player behavior that is deemed "impossible" (such as spawning in items, regenerating health, or other things that are not possible any other way than through cheating.) While most of the time it is likely automatic bans are correct... the automatic system has been known to improperly ban users from time to time. However this is why we will be changing the system here soon.

    In general... we would rather have a few innocent players be banned, than a few guilty players not be banned... since it only takes one cheater to ruin the server.

    So TLDR... we'll reset you and your friend's ban here soon enough. Just be patient. Additionally the ban system will be updated shortly after to only ban users for twenty four hours. If you want to help us improve the ban system, then sending us your log files (as well as recapping what happened when you were banned in detail) will be immensely helpful.


  2. Testing our new integration with Discord. We should now be able to see all new forum posts made here in our Drakeling Labs server. This will be useful in the future if we want to start allowing suggestion, bug report, or other game-specific forums where getting a centralized flow of notifications is ideal. Currently we're using Zapier for this, but I'd like to find a self-hosted solution to replace Zapier as soon as possible. However this will work just fine until we find a solid alternative, just will be slightly more expensive.

  3. image.png.306816580864d492447ab7b1bead6795.png


    So unfortunately we're probably going to have to deny this application. Obviously honesty and integrity are pretty important, and we've had issues with people who haven't taken projects seriously in the past (or even attempted to sabotage projects, or otherwise do dishonest things) so little things like this send up red flags for us. Appreciate the interest though, and obviously the game will be out for everyone when it is completed... so you'll still be able to play it then, or possibly contribute when we implement workshop support.


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  4. Also we won't be moving Warfare 1944 to Unreal Engine. We have another game in Unreal Engine that we haven't announced yet. It would make more sense to just release both games, than to try and recreate either game in another engine. Both Unity and Unreal have their pros and cons, and technically neither engine is "better" than the other... since ideally being an engine, you can theoretically do whatever you want with it (including making great netcode.)

    However there are lot's of opportunities, software, and other solutions available to each engine separately... and we like working in both on different projects just to explore all the cool things each development community has to offer. We'd like to push Warfare 1944 to the brink, to see what it is capable of... and we'd also like to push Unreal to the brink with our other projects. We have no expectations, and we intend to make the best game out of whatever either engine is capable of.

    We've seen reasonable evidence that Unity is capable of powering 100+ player games, as well as Unreal Engine 4. We'll be testing both, and seeing how far we can push both of them. No matter what happens, you can rest assured that each year both engines are expanding and changing. For all we know, Unity might outpace Unreal in terms of networking over the upcoming months... or maybe not. We'll just have to see!

  5. On 4/1/2018 at 3:32 AM, furiousTaher said:

    Unity free edition only allows 20 concurrent multiplayer players, right? Can you legally make 150 player multiplayer ww2 game in unity with free edition? I thought you need to make sure every person in your community is using unity paid edition (even if the game is free). I am not an expert, seems like we need to consult an expert.

    Pretty massive misunderstanding here. That isn't "Unity allows you to make a 20 CCU player game if you own this license" that is "Unity will supply cloud servers and networking support for 20 CCU player game if you own this license." I'm not sure if you are aware, but Unity has their own multiplayer cloud hosting infrastructure that can power multiplayer games entirely. If you decide to make a multiplayer game using another networking solution that you create yourself, or implement something such as community hosted dedicated servers, then there is no virtual limit to the number of players your game can host.

    Hopefully that clears things up. Unity isn't saying you're not allowed to make games over 20 players if you don't own their premium versions of Unity. They're saying they'll supply the multiplayer servers to cover 20 CCU. Which FYI is pretty astronomically small. That isn't 20 CCU per server, that's 20 CCU total... that tier is literally only meant for development teams to test their games before migrating to another networking solution (or upgrading to Unity's higher tier networking solution.)

  6. Will be released soon =P I never put out release dates for anything, because as always we say it'll be released when it is ready. I think the first version is very close to being done though! If you are over 18 you can go sign up as a beta tester and be involved =) but otherwise, it should hopefully be out within the next 30-60 days... HOPEFULLY!

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