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  1. To begin, please CLICK HERE to sign our standard non-disclosure agreement. Yes Are you currently over 18, and capable of signing legal documents? Yes Do you have any development experience? Not in any professional sense, I have worked on creating csgo maps and taking feed back by other players over certain issues of things like cover, lay outs, and over all game play balance. but while i did spend hours moving and creating small details and major changes, it was still a small project. Do you have any game testing experience? I have involved my self in many early betas of game, such as foxhole and a few other developing games, but only rarely posted on forms, instead mostly just focusing on the playing the game and acting as a general community member. Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab? No Are you familiar with managing Github/Gitlab issue tickets? No Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab code repositories? No Do you currently have Git management software installed and configured? No