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  1. Kokan: Cas vs ..Friendly

    doesn't look it.. I played on server last night lol may have been an auto kick thing or a kick from the admin who had recently arrived mid match. either way.. i'll keep my eyes open in the future
  2. Kokan: Cas vs ..Friendly

    Map: Kokan Date: 16 Feb 2017 Time: 0300 on the aussie clock Enemies Killed: 16 Choppers Lost: 1 Teamkills: Unconfirmed, awaiting official post battle report So this is kind of ironic.. definitely not the first map I've reported other players for team killing ..but certainly a first for reporting players team killing, ....and then ramming 14 Kiowa rockets into upwards of 8 teammates moments later.. I'm fairly religious with the use of my map and am not sure why for those last crucial seconds, didn't check it.. I will wear the loss of those fine soldiers on my shoulders for many days to come and wish their sleeping siblings my sincere apologies as I'm sure they would have been awoken with a loud and sudden ''WhAt ThE FuCk cAs?!?!' My bad team - Safety_Off