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  1. not as good at wordpooping to make it interesting but.... hope you like it ideas off what they run from and how i can improve my wrighting would be more then appreciated! (part from the dyslextic part ;D)
  2. Chapter II Adam was this kind off guy who never was afraid off anything. He used to think he was invincible as a kid. Climbing rocks and trees whenever his parents looked away. I did too, but I knew that fall would likely break my arm or leg. If i was lucky. he always tried to compete with me to get up to the topp. He never loosed. I was actually afraid off the hights, keep thinking that I might overcome the fear one day. That day never came. I thought I did overcome it once. I was in the lead, I was almost to the topp when I looked down to see where Adam was. Now that was a misstake. I suddenly feelt a feeling creeping up in my stomach and felt a cold breeze on my neck, expanding down my fingertips. It all went black. I woke up on the ground with the taste off metal in my mouth. My arm was completely destroyed and I hit my leg pretty bad in the downfall. I was lucky. " I will never climb a tree again" I said in pain. Even tho it hurted like hell we both bursted into a laugh and couldn't stop. I was worried. I had never seen Adam this scared since the day I fell down that tree. Just this time there was no laughter. I tried not to think about it. "neckless!" I bursted out. Adam jumped by fear off my sudden scream. "I need to get her neckless!" I bursted out again. "There is no time" Adam said with a fear in his voice. We were almost by the Ordenado. It was Our ship we bought about a year ago. the name was mostly a joke. Ordenado in spanish ment good-looking, wich clearly was not what she were. But she was still ours. "hold up" Adam said with his hand against my chest pushing me to the wall. there was three too four men running past in one off the corridors giving out commands. "why is there military on the ship?" i whispered loudly in confusion. " theres no time to talk he said as he sneaked out round the corner against the docks. A loud bang echoed through the big metalship. "oh boy, i think we lost traction" I said humorous. They blowed up the gravity generator as me and Adam started to float away from the floor. "gladly i was to drunk to take off my shoes before my beauty nap" I said looking at Adam in worrying face. hes gaze was on the roof waiting for a chance to boost himself back on the ground. I did the same. *Click* . Our magnet boots touched the surface as we keept running to the docks.. now this time it was not as easy not to get heard due to magnet boots not beeing so good in beeing quiet. "hold there!" a voice said behind us. "go back to your cabins and stay there!" "we are on our way to the cabins, don't worry officer" Adam replied in a somewhat calm voice Then there was a loud sound of metal beeing bent and the marine behind us screamed in pain. "Run Alex! run!" Adam screamed. I looked back for a quarter of a second and saw blood float around in bubbles peacefully. "What the fuck was that?" I screamed as I almost lost traction off the surface. "Don't look back!" Adam screamed back.
  3. Chapter I It was long ago, when the path of our existance paved down the same road. I remember that road. It was full off flowers in the ditches, full off life. There was a little stream running through the ditch, racing itself down the slight steep. A soft and beautiful sound off birds singing in the distance togheter with the wild running stream made it feel so unreal. I havent been on earth for years. I forgot how warm the sun was against your neck. How it was to step outside and just breath in the air. But what i remember the most was your warming smile. It was like we were gonna last forever. That didn't happen. You had to leave me for something bigger. Sacrifice your life for the unknown. Yet to be what would change this whole solar system. What would bring this war to utterly chaos. The road were we used to go down were later filled with factories to build space fighters. The posters always said something in the lines off "for the future off earth!". All i saw was just destruction and chaos. Earth was dying. And our government decided to finnish it off once and for all. Sacrifice nature for space fighters.That died likes flies up in space. The atmosphere was harder to breath in then ever before. "still day dreaming about earth huh?" I shaked my head to get rid off the thoughts and stared down at my glas. "better cheer up!" Adam said as he tapped me on my shoulder and went home for the night. I was the only one left at the bar, sitting there with my half empthy glass. I drank up what was left and went back to my cabin. i woke up in sweat and tears, and feelt how my heart tried to jump out off my chest. I was terrified. I hated space. Made me so sick. I closed my eyes as i took a few deep breaths. "Don't worry honey, everything is gonna be fine!" she said . "I know but.. you know i hate space" I said as i held my arm covering my eyes. Julia took her soft hand and rubbed it against my chin. Then suddenly she suddenly slapped me. I woke up with the coffe machine to my face. As the red lights was spinning around in the room exposing all the dirt that was hiding in my cabin. It was the emergency lights. "Probably pirates again" i thought loudly putting my pillow over my head. "I just want to sleep damit!" I heard the door open and feelt a cold sweaty hand grab my arm in a hurry. "Come on! we got to go!, they are going to vent this whole ship!" Adam said with the little air he had left in his lungs after running over half the ship just to grab me. "Vent the whole shi.. what are you talking about Adam?" I said confusedly "why would they do that? It's not like the pirates don't have spacesuits?" I added ironically ,"It's not pirates!" he said even more frustrated "then what is it?" I said as i stopped for a moment to get my head around what was going on. "Just hurry!" Adam said as he grasped my arm again in a hurry heading down the hallway...
  4. Sorry for the confussion, my bad, i take it on me. But we will unban you in shortly!
  5. Should ther be space nodles in this game? OFC!