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  1. To begin, please CLICK HERE to sign our standard non-disclosure agreement. Yes Are you currently over 18, and capable of signing legal documents? Yes What are your current disciplines? Java Programming (Iron Armada) Gameplay Design Gameplay Programming Engine Programming Do you have a current resume or portfolio? Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab? Yes Are you familiar with managing Github/Gitlab issue tickets? Yes Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab code repositories? Yes Do you currently have Git management software installed and configured? Yes Do you have examples of work?
  2. This is feasible and honestly not too bad of an idea. However, I think this is miniscule; there is something else to blame for the apparent aiming innacuracy. Bullets are always fired at the angle directly facing the target, but they also aquire the velocity of the ship which shot them, so they often end up flying off the path a bit. I have attempted to make aiming of each turret correct for that, but I have not had success with that yet.
  3. We've got some good work underway. I do not think we will need to do actions as radical as suggested above, but you never know. At least the time between releases will make the game feel new at each patch, with many things changed, as opposed to more constant releases stagnating the game a bit. So the fact we are taking so long is a good thing!
  4. We are planning to implement invisible interiors similar to the way Airships does it, where you can only see the interiors if the ship is allied to you or if an ally has boarded the ship.
  5. No problem. As for recommendations, I would work on the grammar, primarily the sentence structure. Do not be afraid to put a period at the end of a short thought or sentence. It is fine and will make the piece flow better. It is generally good to place smaller simpler sentences in between the larger ones as it becomes hard to read huge long sentences that just keep on going and throwing tons of ideas your way without leaving you even the slightest room to think about what is being said in any way. You were good at doing this in the first and last paragraphs, but the middle background bit was a bit dense. There are some personal tastes as well. I am really picky about my techno mumble, but I feel oddly satisfied with what you wrote about, so good job on that front. The gum bit seems a bit too silly, kind of out of place, but I guess it is supposed to be that... I am also really picky about my politics... +1 about the underground economy of committee positions, made me smile; +2 for the boredom terrorists. Reminds me of Warhammer 40k Dark Eldar. For what it was worth, I enjoyed the story!
  6. U rly wanna go m9? Ima hak and ddos ur site if I get as much as a papercut from u. Not so brave now huh?
  7. I have already telepathically discussed all of this with all of the other programmers, but I guess you can write it all out if that helps you plebeians keep track of everything...
  8. We're sorry, but this game takes place in the future. Only SM0REs (Space Meals 0cal Ready to Eat) and Soylent Green allowed. The only food source true members of an Iron Armada need is the vacuum dried blood of the enemy. Not to mention that the sacrilegion caused by any representation of His Noodly Appendages would be too offensive to me to put in the game. I'm sorry, this has gone too far.
  9. Currently, we have no ban appeals process. All bans are practically permanent for the time being. This is an early experimental test version of the game, meaning many anti-griefing systems are not in place yet. There are a some mechanics in the game which, in their present state, allow one misbehaving player to ruin the fun of everyone on the server, which could amount to dozens of players. We don't have the moderators on hand to warn, evaluate, and offer fair punishment for players, nor the systems in place to automatically dish them out. To receive a ban, you had most likely done something bad enough for several players to complain to us, wasting our development time as we manually banned you. For this, you will have to wait some time before we will let you back on again. We realize many of these bans are unfair so you will all get unbanned eventually. We do not yet know when. This policy is also subject to change as we update the game. * BAN list was cleared on the 11/01/17 Anyone banned before and up to this date can now play again. If you are banned after this date read the above message.