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  1. You can sign this agreement
  2. Yo Slammed just got a rig to allow me to play squad been a DRK clan fan for many years. any info on server events for squad for the DRK clan?


  3. Hi there, Your time frame is not accurate with your date of ban.... please be truthful and I will review your ban appropriately
  4. Hey there, Hows it going? SLammed here first off what games do you own that we are actively in at the moment ? Squad? Arma? PR? etc....
  5. until

    With free weekend we may have to change the dates servers will be slammed we will have to push the event back new date will be posted soon when I get my schedule
  6. approved allow me 24 hours to set up perms
  7. Slammed


    Ummmm what? Use the ban appeal template and you need to pick what server your talking about i am not sure what squad pr is please be more detailed if having issues please reach us on voice on our discord
  8. until
    November 12, 2017 RIFLEMAN BASIC/ADVANCE TRAINING Overview: The goal of this training is to give the new and veteran players of Squad a better understanding of the typical rifleman/ infantry unit. We will be focusing on basic rifleman skills, movements (not formations), accuracy, and Close Quarter Battle (CQB). With this training we hope to set you up for success and on the road to be a top shooter in Squad. Game Settings: · Graphics (Tournament settings) smooth FPS rather than high FPS · Game settings (POV) · Audio (Hardware, Software) US infantry: RED DOT: Make infantry run till stamina is out (shows shot accuracy is worse after losing stamina. · Weapon sway shots 25yds · Weapon sway shots 50yds · Weapon sway shots 100yds Distance shooting: This will allow infantry to practice stationary and moving targets to better assist with shooting at distance 1 mag a person rotation. Depending on size of training we will balance out people on the firing line and people running back and forth · 100 yds · 200 yds · 300 yds · 50 yards one bullet · 25 yards (single shot, 2 Second timer) Close Quarters Battle: 4v4 on CQB arena this will show how auto-fire can be successful · Sight- single shot rounds · No sight- auto · Hip Fire Time course for fun: For fun complete time course see who has the top time.
  9. You have been unbanned just be-careful and have fun see you on the server
  10. I have reviewed your ban appeal please review our rules After reading the rules please acknowledge. Your ban will be lifted after that.
  11. I will review your ban pleaser allow me 24-48 hours to review this appeal
  12. You have been unbanned please review our rules anymore issues will result in a perma ban....thank you.