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  1. and to all those who asks system requirements. its a little step up from shadow of chernobyl. but as long as you have updated drivers, decent mid end pcs, or even an entry level computer/laptop, u can run it. this standalone mod's settings menu is HUGE and allows all sorts of experimentations at a microscopic level with effects and graphics, textures etc. i'd play it on 1280x720 if i had a low end pc, this shit is rlly good and something to dig.
  2. @1Starertrust me. the ai of enemies and different factions is really mindblowing. it rlly makes up for it. just give it a go dude, u won't regret it. i do believe the modders are capable enough to include coop but according to demographics most won't like it. stalker 2 has coop as they say so lets see how the fans react to stalker 2's coop in 2022.
  3. @BigKado most likely ur antivirus quarantined some certain files, disable ur av, redownload it, and then try it, it works well. and a side note for u. when you run it for the first time loading screen on a new game is relatively atrocious, 1-5 mins. but then in 30-45 seconds the "press any key to continue" appears. have fun homie
  4. @Scn_nateu can try running it with vine. it runs pretty much all types of windows executables.
    can i get some sort of payment vector? btc or monero wallet or paypal? i wanna donate to the creator of this thing.
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