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  1. I went to the place you marked, and still couldn't find it. FeelsBadMan
  2. If I die with the chat open, it will stop working (cant send msg any more). If I die while piloting, can't move after revive. 3.0.0r1-INTERNAL-snapshot+171117.204723
  3. Objetive: destroy enemy core(s) Capture planets to earn faster money/time Mine asteroids and scrap to get extra money Interact with core to change class (to miner/soldier/pilot) If pilot interact with core to buy parts to improve the ship or build a new one. Key Bindings: WASD: Basic movement Space: use it to fly outside the ship (you have limited oxygen outisde) Q: Rotate item E: Interact Scroll mouse: Zoom (if in cockpit you can zoom out to full-screen mini-map) Left mouse: Main action (shot/repair/mine) Right mouse: Free view in cockpit J: Chat K: Team Chat P: Teams/Score T: Unplug energy (you will be shown as scrap in radar) M: Mini-map orientation lock X: change position of weapon when soldier F3/Tab: Hide HUD Ctrl+F1: Fps and other Stats Ctrl+F2: more Stats Ctrl+F3: Hide Crosshair