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  1. Been a hot minute.

  2. Introduce Yo'self!

    To elaborate on my gaming life I started on the N64, I don't really remember the games I played but I had about a dozen games. I had the GameCube but didn't really like it, the original Xbox I liked, then the PS2 was great, the PS3 I didn't really feel it, then the 360 which I preferred and now X1. I started achievement hunting about two years ago and 100% cheevos for a bunch of games. I like to brag that I 100% every Souls game(from Demon Souls to Dark Souls 3 except Bloodborne), I consider myself an above average gamer since 90% of game that has leaderboards I tend to be somewhere on top although a lot except when its filled with hackers/modders. To elaborate on my musi lifestyle I started listening to electronic music when I was 11. Discovered Dubstep which I loved until I was 14. No I despise dubstep. I discovered House music and loved that. Then came Trap, Melbourne Bounce, Chill, Experimental House/Chill and all House sub-genres such as Deep House, Bass House, Future House etc which I still listen to to this day. At around 16 I started using FL Studio and didn't know what I was doing but over time I got to learn and I make mashups and such for myself and some friends but I don't produce any music as I can't find a unique style. I'm thinking of taking Deamau5's Masterclass to deepen my skill, knowledge and hopefully develop a style that makes me different than all the soundcloud whores that use sample presets and pirated programs. I got some connections in some labels and got contacts to some established DJ's/producers. I'd be happy to answer any questions
  3. Introduce Yo'self!

    I did this on the oldforum but looking back at it it's pretty cringy so hopefully this one will be better. So ya'll already know my name's Jay, my social security number is **-***-***, I play video games too much, I'm a console peasant, I play to win, I'm an achievement hunter, I know code, I attend College, I mix music(House, Future House, Trap, Electronic), I despise children. I have a dark humor and I tend to avoid people that have nothing in common in interests. I've been watching BD42 on YT for about 3 years now, been lurkin' on the website for awhile but I share my thoughts sometimes. See ya later fam.
  4. So I signed up for the GRW Closed Beta about 2 months ago and I didn't get a code yet. A friend of mine signed up for it 3 days ago and got a code today. I'm so salty rn...

    1. pvt chris

      pvt chris

      basically people or things hate u

  5. So I started uploading gay shit on my YouTube lol I'm on X1 and I use Upload Studio on there and it's pretty trash...Gives me something to do I suppose.

  6. My tiger was getting squeezed :( Changed my profile pic to some sort of ball...

  7. America's crying while I'm sitting in my Canadian house enjoying french toast with homemade maple syrup. Chill fam...
  8. My favs of the month(so far) ; Trap - Azad - Sweet(Prod. by Hucci) ; Future House - Ellis - Migraine(ft. Ana Yvette)
  9. "Positive Vibes"
  10. Hookin' up wiht my sisters friend brb
  11. HMU if you want some House or Trap. I'll get you the highest quality shit.
  12. Business as usual