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  1. @Wicca ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
  2. Moderator application

  3. Moderator application

    Not going to lie I fucked up I put 19 but I’m 17 really sorry I don’t mind if you deny me really sorry
  4. Moderator application

    Or previous but this weekend
  5. Moderator application

    Sorry I missed it got really busy in the army so my life can do that but there is spare time I’m in England so you just name a date but has to be in afternoon like from 4 that’s when I’m usually free then is that ok with you
  6. Moderator application

    @=DRK= D_Glazed
  7. Moderator application

    Saturday or Sunday from 12-3:30
  8. ww2 online application

    nick: pvt chris game: getting if I am accepted or as soon as possible country:uk time zone:utc I am not a supporter will be when I get the game.
  9. Moderator application

    ok around this time on Monday or I can give a time tomorrow for the weekend ill have to check what is best for you guys. @=DRK= D_Glazed
  10. Moderator application

    Nick pvt chris age 19 country United Kingdom Experience own several small servers also administered on several stream sites how can this application be improved by adding time zones, qualities,previous admin roles, and so on
  11. Pvt chris. Getting today yes will as soon as I get the game
  12. Operation: Black Lotus ► World War II Online