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  1. Daftmonk

    Daftmonk application for Beta Tester

    unfucked myself, nda signed and sent.
  2. To begin, please CLICK HERE to sign our standard non-disclosure agreement. Yes Are you currently over 18, and capable of signing legal documents? Yes Do you have any development experience? No. Do you have any game testing experience? No. Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab? No Are you familiar with managing Github/Gitlab issue tickets? No Are you familiar with Github/Gitlab code repositories? No Do you currently have Git management software installed and configured? No
  3. Daftmonk

    Day of Infamy Game Night

    Aight just posting this to gauge interest in having a day of infamy gamenight before christmas. This weekend is probably optimal since everyone will be busy around christmas. Please reply with times your open. ~Tarzan of the Drapes
  4. Daftmonk Tarzan of the Drapes yeah yeah yeah
  5. Daftmonk

    Barotrauma (Game)

    I'd be down to give this a try.
  6. Daftmonk

    Introduce Yo'self!

    Hey guys, I go by Tarzan of the Drapes in discord and pretty much everywhere else. I live in the southwest part of the US. I enjoy reading, listening to music, playing games, and pretending to be operator af in tacticool games (which ends badly most of the time). I play mostly strategy, fps, and team based games, tho I suck at pretty much all of them . Still working on the vital part of communication within games, but I'll get there... eventually.... someday.... in the future.... maybe. see you on the battlefield
  7. Just downloaded PR. now reading the 40+ page manual. this is gonna be a long night.
    1. Dr.Pestilence


      Well I hope you are done with it, cause I'm about to start. *starts reading furiously excited*