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  1. I saw the Total Rant about honest youtubers and all that and thought a thread with suggestions about which youtubers are good, honest, serious, and loyal about their reviews. If I understood correctly, and BD42 actually wants to know who is credible. I have a suggestion. (Kind of why I started this thread, and because I couldn't find one already even though I looked for 10 seconds): SideStrafe - This is a guy I really like. Because I find him very detailed and focused on the small stuff when he checks out a game. I don't know for a fact that he isn't pushed around by studios, but he is honest and points out the negatives. Sometimes bluntly and straight forward, really direct if something isn't up to code and needs tuning or work. He is a guy I would trust if I was looking for a review on a game. Again, I don't know if BD42 really actually asked for youtubers to check out, but if he was SideStrafe is worth checking out. PS: You should add BD42, Bluedrake and Bluedrake42 to this dictionary - Mvh Mike
  2. Hello. I joined a couple of months ago, but this is really the first time I'm inside. I'll go by Tab (like the key, not the soda. Because I'm key ) here although I have like 5 or 6 aliases(?), but my name is Mikael to anyone who, for no matter how retarded reason, wanted to know. And I have zero warnings I really want to be a part of this somehow and I'm looking for a way to contribute, but haven't quite found my strength yet. Feel free to ask me a question. I love answering questions, especially about sports and gaming. I can even go for a guess if I don't know the answer (which is most likely)