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  1. @Exonical I'm not sure that this will be available on other servers... Yet... This isn't a mod in the sense that you must download it and then make a server with it. This is all edited in game and used on the server that we do have. It's specifically made for accessibility, everything is server side, no additional download required. Additionally, as Drake stated before that the game mode is built for mods, and if you would like to use a mod with this you would need to have somebody create it, or create it yourself. I'm just here to test and give feedback, but I do like the direction the "Mod" is going, and a lot of progress has been made.
  2. @cody_laws1 The mod is all server side, it's been stated since the beginning of development that the goal is to use vanilla assets to create something truly unique and special. This potentially allows more players to access the mod without the need to download any extra files.
  3. Really lookin forward to a playtest sometime I just hope I get the days off for it

    2 days late, no idea when it will arrive, and a new pc ready to go but without the ram Q_Q fml

  5. Building new PC, full build with pictures once everything arrives in the next few months!
  6. Further evidence to my inept system!
  7. Off to work... PR tonight, FCV join meh! 10pm est!