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  1. Don't really mean to imply the "PC Master Race" type of deal-io here but in regards to games that are on the PC they are superior in every way shape or form. Unless they are merely bad ports from their original console versions. In reality there are not many "Console Reality" type of video games unless you count WarThunder as one which once more is on the PC, games such as Destiny or Halo don't really offer the realism to a person that would play Arma or Insurgency for instance. Not to mention the limiting factor of the consoles in actually creating a GOOD realism type of game on the console, physics, GPU power, CPU power and overall power of the console are the limiting factor to those games or at least one would assume. Short words: Console need to offer realism games for there to actually be a realism game. P.S. Feel free to correct me and plop down some games that are realistic.
  2. I saw this mod when I was a kid, roaming around searching for Crysis Mods but never actually grasped at it fully. Now that BlueDrake blew it up in the air a little bit I might give it an actual whirl, will attempt to download it during the weekend. Hope to see folks in-game soon!