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  1. Crash after playing for a while (with report)

    This issue is known and i am fairly sure that it is fixed in the Dev build. You should run in windowed mode which eliminates the alt-tab crash bug (You can hit Alt-enter to enter windowed mode)

    I will look out for him thanks for the vid , Can you ping me or a mod in discord if this happens again should be able to deal with this much quicker.
  3. IA Discord link

  4. (brief) Game Manual + Key Bindings (v3)

    Nice work Ged Just a couple things i would add *Holding down spacebar while pressing A or D will let you strafe if you have side thrust * R will mirror Gatling turrets and help out the OCD peeps *Don't use F2 it sometimes crashes the client and is a known bug *From a Bridge or Cockpit you can toggle ship tiles power by hovering your cursor over the tile and hitting T *The miner class requires you to hit right click to ready the mining tool then left click to mine
  5. "Free"

    I know
  6. "Free"

    They are free for the first week or two , if you want to watch older vids there is a $1 a month sub option that will let you watch all of them.
  7. Moderator application

    It's just that we don't need many mods right now , but i will keep you in mind, And please be honest when filling out applications.
  8. Ban appeal

    Ban removed , Squad responsibly sir .
  9. Ban Appeal

    In-Game Name: STEAM 64 (Identifier): Date of Appeal: Date of Infraction: Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): Additional Information IF POST IS NOT COMPLETED WITH THIS TEMPLATE IT WILL NOT BE REVIEWED!
  10. Moderator application

    All good we will catch up sometime
  11. Moderator application

    Ok i will try and get in contact with you then
  12. Moderator application

    We will have to set up a good time for an interview on discord
  13. Moderator Application Form

    We will organise an interview soon
  14. FCV Application - Pvt. Max

    We will need to set up a time for an interview on discord when you are free , Talk soon
  15. Iron Aramada Lore

    Nice thinking of writing something of my own