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  1. Heres my idea: Aliens vs humans mode: One team cant build and instead has to use premade ships which spawn in waves, or board the "human" ships in swarms. Every wave the "alien" ships get bigger. Humans win if they survive 10 minutes without losing their mothership. They have to mine resources and build a fleet in order to survive.
  2. Wishing I was still a supporter right now : /

  3. Since Bluedrake seems to be in love with brick rigs recently, I thought he might appreciate a little page for people to display some of the cooler things they found/made in Brick Rigs. Here's a video showing off a hyper-realistic gun someone made Boy, graphics are getting pretty good nowadays huh
  4. New forum is definitely more intuitive and has a nicer appearance. However, it does look awfully a lot like a social media site now... lol Also this account got deleted very recently, so maybe some newer users got deleted?
  5. Back again after account was mysteriously deleted recently...

    (Ruffian plz no warnings its just a pun)