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  1. Stereotypes/Funny Stories of Squad

    A player who ask way too many questions to SL.
  2. I think youtube just dug their own grave today.

    I will give, ummm about 2 years before every single major YouTuber leave YouTube.
  3. Ban Appeal

    Sorry for unnecessary bump but I'm still banned and I thought this place might be the fastest way to get me play on your server again.
  4. Random BANNED

    Just wait, slammed will help you.
  5. Ban Appeal

    @Wicca Got it.
  6. Ban Appeal

    Wait,should I talk to them via Discord or Here?
  7. Ban Appeal

    In-Game Name: Dennisz125 CD Hash (Identifier): 005f12851dac2a1b8ce5d322014ad745 Date of Appeal: 4/16/17 Date of Infraction:? Administrator on Duty (if Applicable): ? I decided to play PR today, load up and receive this message and I don't remember Mass TK I made, If you have evidence why I'm banned, let me know, if not, then let me know, thank you for sending your time reading this message.