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  1. Ban Appeal

    Your ban was removed. Please read the server rules and don't take matter in your own hands next time, just report them to an admin . Have a great day !
  2. Ban Appeal

    I will review your ban please allow me 24-48 hours to review and check with senior admins.
  3. hey.

    f6Ninja pleade DM me or contact me on NP discord.. don't worry slammed I know this weirdo..
  4. KilroyKid Admin Application

    Im sorry I got no idea how to edit it and I don't want to delay this. Here is my steam ID : STEAM_0:0:78035245
  5. KilroyKid Admin Application

    In-Game Name: KilroyKid Steam ID64: Date of Birth (Age): 01/03/1999 (18) Country:Romania (Center Europe) Time Zone:GMT +2 (PRT +2) Spoken Languages:Romanian ,English Time Playing Squad: 60-ish Hours Why do you want to be a part of the admin team (100 word Min): The single reason I want to join the admin team is because I often see people on the FCV server that are asking for an admin and no one is around. I do not state that I will be on the server 24/7 but, if it so happens that I'm in the servers, and someone needs help or I see someone braking the rules, I want to be able to help or intervene. I do understand that if I am on duty I have to fulfil them even if I have to leave my position or abandon the squad and not pay attention to them for a while. Why should we accept you (125 word min.): You shouldn't. In case I didn't spooked you..I think that you should accept my application for a few reasons. First of all I might not have to many hours in Squad but I've been playing PR for almost 3 years now. I know, not the same game, yet still it evolves around the same premises . During my playtime in PR i've closely watched the admins work and I even considered trying to apply once. Sadly the game died now so I will try to apply what I've learned from there in Squad. Second of all I think, and I hope I am not mistaken , that there are not a lot of admins from my timezone. I will not state that I will be on 24/7 , but I hope that working together with the other admins we can create a time table that can cover as much of that "24/7" as possible . I am not a narcisist person and I don't like to brag about things. I will say however that I can work with a team, I can follow rules and I am careful when dealing with a person that brakes them. In conclusion.. i just wanna help out guys don't be to harsh on me Why this server over others: what other servers? Other admins you have played with: half the task force slammed..or burns..whoever reads this.. Anything else? Wicca sucks. but..I still love the guy