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  1. Anyone every heard of the game Space Station 13? Its a 2D game with a sort of similar look to iron armada. The game is on a shitty engine called Byond. Its an extremely in depth space game that has been built and coded completely by the community. Each server has its own set of coders making each server unique. This link has lots of info on the gameplay and what to expect. The community is extremely toxic but the coders and community has somehow been able to create in depth atmospheric, medical, and power systems that are far more advanced than any other games Ive played. I'm not a veteran member of this community but it seems like this game could be something that this community would enjoy. The goal of the game is to keep a space station running. Its a multiplayer game where each player has a job. The jobs range from Captain to janitor but each role is essential to the station. A round of the game takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the server you choose. Each round a few players are chosen to be antagonists who are given tasks. Some range from blowing up the station while others involve assassinations. I'd urge you guys to at least take a look at the game because its something you'll never find anywhere else. The game has been around for a long time but the server coders add features constantly. This guy gives a good summary of everything I just said.