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  1. Hello, I was about to purchase the Supporter Rank VI when I noticed that it was a monthly payed subscription. So if I cancel my monthly payment or don't renew it, do I also lose my rank and benefits as well when it ends?
  2. Updated the download, the blaster and laser should shoot Red instead of blue. Also add the some glass and a bit more floor tile to fill up the empty space for the pilot seat. Also added Halo Red and Blue flags, but are currently not enabled in the current build. So if they reenable them they should look like them.
  3. I'm going to mod you the fuck out of you when I can.
  4. So I deiced to mod the game by changing some art assets. Why? I didn't like something looked. I most likely will mod more in the future and I know this is still early in dev. Any ways I will show you what I did. Link to the Album Download So all you have to do is extract the folder over the main game. I also included an icon if you want to make a shortcut look better. The icon is located in the bin folder.