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  2. In-Game Name: Schwider Steam ID64: Date of Birth (Age): 13 May 1998 (19) Country: USA Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time UTC-08:00 Spoken Languages: English (Learning Russian) Time Playing Squad: 52 hours or so. Anything else? I am an 11B (Infantryman) in the US Army. I have also applied to become an instructor.
  3. Alright, if you aren't back on at any time tonight I will be around tomorrow.
  4. I will when I get released for the day!
  5. In-Game Name: Schwider Steam ID64: Date of Birth (Age): 13 May 1998 (19) Country: USA Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone UTC-08:00 Spoken Languages: English [Learning Russian] Time Playing Squad: 52 Hours or so Anything else? I am an 11B (Infantryman) in the US Army, and have been learning my job through training of battle drills and feel as though I have some knowledge to share when it comes to infantry tactics. I specialize in mounted urban ops using primarily strykers, or any wheeled ICV/ ICV variant.
  6. I just sent this to YouTube. Hopefully this does something, even as little as enlighten them on an issue that is all over YouTube. ====================================================================================================================== So, I wanted to talk about an issue that seems to be becoming ever more prevalent in the YouTube of today. IMPROPER TAGGING OF VIDEOS. I follow a streamer/developer known as his alias Bluedrake42 (Connor Hill). I have noticed that the people here at YouTube have many of his videos labeled and tagged as, "War Documentaries," which in fact they are not. He is a gamer and a musician, not a documentarian. I have also noticed that the subject aforementioned has been being demonetized for such improper labeling. Advertisers don't feel they will reach the proper audience being as they have not seen his videos, only that they know what they are labeled as. I implore you, whoever reads this, to please look into the videos that he creates and do (to the best of your ability) everything that you can to fix these falsities. The community that this man has fostered continues to grow and become all the more connected. I know not if anyone has sought to fix these underlying issues throughout other channels as well, but I suggest that as a service you help people earn what they have worked for. I appreciate you, whoever is reading this, taking your time to read this and hopefully even helping the issue stated. Thank you, Taishon Hallmark
  7. Honestly, I think that YouTube is slowly going to become an outdated and dead platform. Vid.Me is quite rapidly becoming a viable candidate for people like you @Bluedrake42. Depending on what route the Vid.Me folks choose to take I might suggest doing an entire change of service in a few years time. The fact that the advertisers and YouTube themselves are choosing to demonetize you without even TRYING to look at your videos and see the amount of people viewing your videos and the community you have fostered, and that you continue to build. If they could open their eyes for a second and do some research, rather than look at a tag and be biased off the get-go, then maybe they would realize that they have an ample opportunity for honest business. I am going to do some research and see what I can dig up on some advertisers and their target audiences. We can form some plans of action regarding this issue, and we WILL fix it. That's all I really have for this little ramble right now.
  8. I am Taishon (AKA Schwider/SchwiderMang). I live in JBLM, WA, USA. I am in the US Army, and am proud to be an 11B Infantryman. FOLLOW ME! I am proud to be able to help someone that fosters such a community of respect and fun. I am a caring person. So much so that I will talk to, and or help, anyone in need. I can't wait to see what fun this community truly holds. Text me or email me I don't care, just no weird stuff please. Cell: (612) 801-3499 Email: