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  1. Yeah I noticed he releases the source code after the version is stable on moddb.Good things for SWAT 4.
  2. That sucks that they don't really want to work with you. I really enjoy their AI enhancements. If you're still working on things all I have to say is realism beats all for this game. Right now your mod is not fun and realistic. The friendly AI are too stupid and then enemy AI classes are too unrealistic. The hospital mission as an example. The default bad guys will mow down my entire squad in a door way after a flash and clear. If you can make you flashy looks paired with excellent SWAT and enemy AI then you'll be the winner. The only reason I feel they are winning is because of the AI enhancements that are awesome. That is what made me enjoy the Sheriff Special Forces mod. It had great AI too but there were some limitations.
  3. http://www.moddb.com/mods/swat-elite-force http://www.moddb.com/mods/swat-4-special-edition Elite Force: A content mod Remake: The one that this topic is about is content but also graphics. I just played Elite Force and it wins hands down for the better AI, better mechanics, and less frustrating experience. Remake Mod wins for the graphic enhancements, textures, models, and anything 'pretty' to look at. If these two devs decided to work together and truly made a compatible mod it would be great. Elite force has the right direction for the mechanics. Let remake mod do the visual overhaul. It would be a dream come true. For now I'll be playing Elite Force from now on. So I hope they can merge. Elite force also focuses HEAVY on realism and penalties for doing the wrong thing. Flashbangs, pointblank beanbag round shots, tazers on old people, all are things that can hurt and even kill in extreme circumstances.
  4. This reminded me of it and got me to redownload it. Been playing. Oh the nostalgia. I played when originally released and played the 2.5 assist version that is out now. Just do it. So worth it. Since the community has become smaller and smaller you're not required to do all the training anymore. But back in the day this game was great. The gameplay still stands up today and the graphics aren't so bad you can't stand it. 25 people on bridge crossing today was great. Usually 50 people online at any given point and it comes with its own launcher. You don't have to do anything to make it work.
  5. Yeah it is still alive and kicking. The community has slowly lowered over the years. The training requirements that use to be have been lifted to because everyone plays SF maps. and SF training was hell. I loved bridge crossing!
  6. All new maps are buggy, I hate the SWAT style enemy units, i hate the deadly accurate ones that can shoot down my whole squad in a second. All swat uniforms say LEAD on them in yellow letters. Would be nice if pistols were in the primary category in case you wanted to arm your units like that. All new maps are too buggy to use with AI.
  7. I played some and I'm impressed except the screaming of the hostages and bad guys gets annoying at times. I've never had a moment where they shut up. Its just constant noise.
  8. Always used the Sheriff's Special Forces mod for my SWAT 4. I'm interested to try this out and see how it changes. Read the changelog but didn't see anything detailing SWAT officer AI changes. That was the biggest killer of vanilla. Dumb officers doing dumb things and getting killed. SSF mod fixed some of that.