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  1. Pay what you want Video Access

    Hey @Valiant Thor Yeah, it is "pay what you want" to an extent, and you're right there is no $5 option! The section we have is here: I shall pass that on to the team/Blue though, so thank you for the hint! Cheers.
  2. Bluedrake Audio Recording?

    There you go
  3. Where's BD42?

    Fuck. How did you know.
  4. Kurzak

    Feel free to join us on discord and talk to us there too, it's where most of the devs hang out
  5. Bluedrake42

  6. comments and ratings

    There was nothing wrong with any of the comments. We have been in the YouTube/Community game for long enough to just laugh at any "nasty" comments.. I've personally been involved here for the past 4 years. It really doesn't bother me. You have to remember, at the end of the day, this is a business that has to pay for people to live and eat. Disabling comments and moving over to our platform is how we are managing to succeed and live off what other creators are shying away from. YouTube is no longer a successful business proposition for mid to large size channels. We have 230k subs, yet we're making pittance per view. There is nothing but respect and love for our fans. We're on here constantly, we're proactive in our interaction in games and through discord. Heck, we're making multiple projects with the community and developing a game suited for them too. I personally manage the social media and discord side of things, as well as some of the YouTube 'back end'. I find that point rather offensive, to be honest. As for your last point, if you don't like Twitch, cool. Not forcing that on you. Many of our community are fine with it, some have been asking for it, and we have been on twitch for a few years now, so really, nothing has actually changed - there is just a lesser focus on YouTube's diabolical add revenue.
  7. Why are all YT comments and likes disabled now?

    Hey man, this should explain it for you:
  8. comments and ratings

    Our twitch community is growing and will be the same sort of thing as our YouTube community. You always have here talk with other people too, especially since we added the video comment sections:
  9. Where's BD42?

    Yes, we will have a lot more content out, regularly and faster - both new and old games for you to enjoy, with an emphasised focus on our community servers and events. It will be in the next week or two that we start getting back into the rhythm and talking about what is going to be happening!
  10. comments and ratings

    Basically we're moving over to Twitch! Unfortunately we'd change the comments to long term subs only, but youtube just doesn't want to play ball.. So we're using no comments! Sorry!
  11. Where's BD42?

    We have a lot of stuff coming soon! Don't worry! You'll see what we have set up and coming up, as soon as we're ready to release info! <3
  12. I think youtube just dug their own grave today.

    I have literally no idea what you are on about 0.o what have I missed?
  13. How long have you played Squad?

    9th of May was the first time I recorded to upload: However I had access prior to that for testing and such, but I have no evidence So Go by that^^
  14. Sam's art (Yeah me too)

    Love it all! The first Quarék Is amazing. He looks so horrified! I want to run around looking like that
  15. Squad on the store?

    It's certainly a possibility