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  1. I just liked the fact it seemed (in some scenarios...not sure if ALL) to require a crew. Captain, helmsman, spotters, repair....the more the better off you are was the takeaway I got anyhow. As soon as I can grab it I will and then touch base with anyone else that does.
  2. I saw the home page and video on this and...holy shit, man. The raw possibilities. Any chance some of the really good ideas I have heard/seen can be transferred onto this engine/platform (mods for PR and ARMA PR such as the FARP etc) and then simply keep adding to it? This has the potential, from what I have seen, to be the one development project to rule them all....would be big as fuck though.
  3. I am definitely down with some Squad action. I have only seen it reviewed/demo'd etc. LOOKS amazing. Have yet to play. I heard someone describe it as a good game for pure operator mentality. Slow and methodical. Proper Call Outs, etc. That actually made my ears perk up a bit. From what I am seeing in streams (not really BD's except when he is saddled with first time dumbasses who are panicky) people are running around with no situational awareness and just getting everyone killed. Blue and his boys seem to have it together. For me, proper call outs and tactics are important...I guess it's RPing but I wouldn't know any other way to play, nor would I want to. I am in for Squad and I'll friend you in STEAM. My user ID is Tophiate btw. Have to take a look at my gaming budget for this week. Wanted to grab ARMA 3 but it's fucking $ it may have to wait for a sale. What is OR?
  4. Also, in case I did not mention it anywhere....that mod kicks for reals. It is well thought out and executed. Nice work.
  5. will the time it takes for one of these FARPs to fully level up naturally limit the amount of FARPs we can produce or is there a static limit to how many can be created? I saw there was the option to have one of the 5 nodes spawn another truck so I assume more than one is plausible...can more than one truck be spawned at a time. You see where I am going with this...*blankets the battlefield with FARPs*
  6. bah nm..missed the "3" in there...
  7. Anyone interested in or already playing this one? Pretty sure it is a required team effort...looks like it could be hella fun with the right crew.
  8. not sure if this falls under the honest and trustworthy...but there is a guy named "Sausage Fingers" that reviews Hellion and is funny as shit. he is not a clown like so many others, he just just hilarious (I think unintentionally sometimes). His commentary while trying to learn to dock and just learn to play Hellion is priceless. He seems genuine enough for me.
  9. that's still a free DL, right Aidan?
  10. Hey gang. I go by Topher, TopherZ420 or 'Uncle Topher' in the beta testing guild I co-founded many moons ago, called 'Elder Moot'. What started as a single game guild blew apart into a multi-versed playing, testing and general gathering guild for old, salty basterds. I actually JUST caught a stream of BlueDrake playing Hellion and...I was blown the fuck away. I NEVER watch streaming gaming and I got glued to watching BD try and deal with airlocks and connecting modules and ships in Hellion for like 2 hours, which is, again, unheard of, for me anyway. So great fucking job on THAT, BD. I'm in. I have had extensive experience with Alpha and Beta testing before STEAM and Early Access took all objectivity and exclusivity away from those endeavors. Now I just try and sift thru the detritus of EA games and find the hidden gems, blogging about them in my WordPress blog "Polish Wisdom". I just dig the vibe BD puts out and this community at large, so I wanted to be a part of it.